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    Tavern / Lounge Rules:

    Available to players above level 300
    No hate speech (e.g. racism, ableism)
    No spam
    No threats or calls to violence that refer to real life
    No sharing private information such as full names, phone numbers, or addresses
    Zero tolerance of comments regarding child abuse, domestic abuse, or sexual abuse

    By joining Tavern chat you acknowledge that moderation on this channel is light by design, and messages/players will be removed/banned only in extreme cases as deemed so by Kano/Apps sole judgement.

    If you feel a comment breaks our rules, feel free to contact us at Everything reported will be investigated, but we use form responses so our time can be spent fixing issues directly. If you aren’t happy with conversations being had in Tavern / Lounge chat we recommend you opt out and head over to World Chat, or mute them.

    World Chat Rules and Guidelines:

    Please Do:

    Respect the chat, even if you don’t respect each other
    Mute players that make comments that bother you
    Respect each others’ privacy
    Take it to Tavern chat if things are getting heated

    Do Not:

    Abuse other members through offensive or hateful speech
    Accuse others of violating our ToU
    Make comments about out of the game, real life situations
    Have or make sexually explicit conversations
    Spam with nonsensical comments, symbols or repeated phrases
    Make comments or jokes about abuse or pedophilia

    World Chat is intended for our general player audience. We’d like this to be a friendly place to chat without the heat and trash talk of Lounge or Tavern Chat. Want to talk about your day, or share your fight tips? This is the place to do it. We've removed the ability to click player names as well. Our games are still geared towards an adult audience, so in World Chat we’ll be less involved than previously, and relying on our wonderful community to work together to maintain the positive, adult environment we all want to see.

    Important to remember: We have made these changes based on player feedback and with this release we are hoping to turn our attention away from chat and focus on other areas of the game. Our goal with World Chat, the addition of Tavern / Lounge Chat and our emphasis on the mute feature is to give players more options in tailoring your game experience. As we take a step back from chat moderation you should start to see other game improvements and suggestions coming to life, so please keep the ideas coming!
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