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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Blazing Sadie, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Blazing Sadie

    Blazing Sadie New Member

    Someone else raised this issue in my other Shooter post and I have noticed it as well, The hourly "Shot Timer" only starts counting down when you go back into the Carnival.

    For example: I go away from the game for 3 hours expecting to have 3 shots, but instead, it says I have 0 shots. Then when I click "Play Again", it gives me 1 shot and my reload timer starts counting down from 59:59.

    However...when I logged in this morning after sleeping last night, I did have 8 shots. It seems there is an issue if you remain logged in, the reload counter does not work properly.
  2. Blazing Sadie

    Blazing Sadie New Member


    Ok, yes, the hourly timer did not start another 60 min countdown for a new bullet, yet the 24 hour timer kept ticking. Next hour I will log out of FB just before the timer runs out and see if the same thing happens.
  3. Blazing Sadie

    Blazing Sadie New Member

    Continued Experimentation

    I logged off about 15 min before my reload should have recharged and logged back in 10 min after. So, at that time I should have had 1 bullet and about 50 min left til the next reload. Again, when I brought up the outbreaks page, it said I had 0 shots. As soon as I hit play again, I was given 1 round and my reload timer started at 59:59, yet the 24 hour timer had run throughout the experiment. So logging off did not seem to resolve the issue.

    I did receive my achievement point lost earlier...thank you.
  4. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Good find Blazing Sadie. We had also noticed this and the game has been updated to correct these issues. Included in this update is:
    • The # of shots you have available is now accurate in the Outbreak list/map
    • Shot reload timer correctly updates the next reload time
    The issue with the reload timer was an oversight in that it tacked on 60 mins to time the reload occurred. This was inaccurate as it disregarded the time stamp when you last reloaded. Apologies for any confusion this caused, and thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

    I'll update the News and Updates post to reflect this as well.
  5. Blazing Sadie

    Blazing Sadie New Member

    Looks Good

    Thanks, Smack. Just went into the carnival and it looks good.

    Keep up the great work. I love the more and more as it evolves.
  6. Grimmiger

    Grimmiger New Member

    i will complain about this shooter... with friends help.. i got my shots... had 4 targets left.. 13 hrs on clock.. bought 4 rounds(16 credits),,shot 3 targets,, got ready shoot last target,, shot last target...instead of clear
    i get failed cause i ran out of time... but i had 13hrs left before i bought my last 4 shots,it did not take me 13 hrs to shoot 4 zombies
  7. Grimmiger

    Grimmiger New Member

    thank you for looking into it and fixing the issues earlier than when i posted it,, i came here from other forum without logging into game to see issue was fixed... thank you again

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