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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Lacko, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Lacko

    Lacko New Member

    Pain, lots of pain :mad:

    Any other ideas instead these games? They just make me mad and they are really-really boring.
  2. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    There is always the carnival game!
  3. Lacko

    Lacko New Member

    This is not about the xp/$, a must for another achievement.. :rolleyes:
  4. alboainain

    alboainain New Member

    which card game are you playing?

    i think cityville would be nice i joined it sence the second day of it release :)

    or an online game yoville..

    or you can go to billiards...
    there are a total of gour games
    there are top 100... and much nice thing and a new version will be released soon, one knows when but we know it is so soon.. i think on the begining of 2011
    it is online game you can chat while playing,there are rooms for all countries,groups,, and i think the new version would be very exciting :)

    these games are not a card games.. :)

  5. Susan K

    Susan K Member

    I think they're boring, too. (pirate clan, zombie slayer, viking clan)
  6. rompicoglioni

    rompicoglioni New Member

    High Roller Card game is CRAP!

    This high roller stuff is crap. I have never been so disappointed as I am with this portion of the game. What does randomly guessing if a card is high or low have to do with a game called MobWars. Developers, if you want more money or more participation, find something that rewards attacks, hits, etc., not some stupid mindless card game.
  7. NoMau

    NoMau Member

    I like that the developers are trying to improve their games but these card games REALLY suck!
  8. Micaylah

    Micaylah Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I agree. YAWWWWNNNNN!
  9. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    +1 - why do we need this game in LCN? serves no real purpose IMO!
  10. NoMau

    NoMau Member

    I'm sure the developers have realized that nobody likes the card games by now, but how could they fix it? If they just remove the card games and achievements altogether, the people who already got the achievements and additional skill points will complain. If they remove the card games but let the players who got the achievements keep they skill points, others will complain.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  11. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    IDK.. I kinda like the high/low game.. It helps pass the time while waiting for refills, other timers or while waiting for others to decide a plan of attack.. lol.. I don't care for the time limit on the card game itself though. I'd like to continue playing even after my chips are gone..
  12. Lacko

    Lacko New Member

    You are mad :X.

    Either expand the card game with more cards, so it might become entertaining, or exchange with other idea, e.g. show plenty of tiny hidden picture blocks and you have to figure out which are the pairs, etc. There are so many logic games out in the wild.. :(
  13. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    There's so many different aspects of the apps now than even 6 months ago. If you truly don't like this one, then I guess as a player I'd have to say don't play the card game.Not every single little thing is going to please everyone 100%. I'm sure there are more things coming down the pipeline for all the apps including improvements to whats already been pushed out.

    Please remember to leave feedback that is constructive. The developers read the threads everyday and are listening to you. Changes take time. :)
  14. Give everyone all the points for the achievements, level playing field as if they never existed.

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