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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Vicki the Boss, May 15, 2016.

  1. Vicki the Boss

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    As a new bee, level 270, I need some advice on building a strong mob and the best way to do it. I read Steel Toe's advice from 2011. Does his advice still apply? Here is what he said.
    Are you new to the game and wondering how you will ever compete with the rest of us??

    Well listen up, this isn't rocket science here.. :D

    Starting out in the fast lane..............

    First thing you need to get is 100 stamina. The game will refill 50 stamina at every level up. You will lose turns if you don't have at least 50 stamina.. So build up at least 50 stamina ASAP. The game will issue you skill point bonus once you reach 100 stamina.

    Early on in the game you need to attack and attack a lot to climb up the ranks and level up so don't be afraid, start fighting.

    Please pay close attention to the ambush feature. The ambush will be your best friend against the more powerful and aggressive players within the game. Use the ambush feature wisely and it can rocket you up the ranks and earn you some EASY KILLS too.

    Note; for most players you will want enough stamina to bank your turns while you are at work or can't be online.. Depending on your mobster type the game hands out 30 stamina per hour, one every 2 minutes.
    If you play twice per day, every 12 hours, you should have at least 360 stamina. If you play once per day you should have at least 720 stamina.

    There are players in this game that have several thousand stamina so don't be afraid to add to the stamina. The more you fight, and win, the faster you will level up. ;)

    To put it simply.
    If your stamina is full when you log-in, you are losing turns, you need to add more stamina.

    Second thing is "Skill Points" and how to use them.
    The Best thing you can do with your skill points is to get hired hands from the God Father, 10 points = 2 hired hands.
    Two hired hands, outfitted with best in game 'weapon drops' are by far more powerful then anything else you can get with God Father points. The fancy looking weapons that the God Father offers you for 25 points are pretty much USELESS to you at this point. You should reach 1000 hired hands before you buy any of these weapons..

    Unless you plan on spending a lot of cash on the game, obtaining 1000 hired hands will take most players a long time. Many players will never achieve this task and for others it will take years..
    However if you have an extra $1,000.00 you want to part with you can instantly buy your way straight up the ranks, power wise, that is. Just buy God Farther points and get yourself a quick 1000 hired hands, Instant Mob at discount pricing. :)

    Third you need to grow your energy and mob size.
    Each and every day you should be adding at least 20 new friends to your mob and continue doing so until you reach 1000 friends. Your mod size total is 2000 members. You can have 1000 hired hands + 1000 Friends for a total of 2000 mobsters. There are many message bases and add-me groups that will help you accomplish the task of adding friends..

    Note.. Read the rules to the addme posts and or groups before you post in them!!! If you break the rules you will find your self making more enemies then friends and your name will be common place on the hitlist..

    Once you reach at least 100 stamina you need to build up at least 500 energy.. The game refills energy and will give you 500 free energy, at every level up, if you can hold that much.. You will most likely need to add a few health points along the way in between adding stamina and Energy.. If you notice you are dying in fights it is time to add some health.. In the end you want at least 5000 health, for the skill point bonus the game offers, but I believe it is far more important to fill stamina and Energy first.

    Forth is outfitting your mob and hired hands with the best weapons..
    The best 'free" weapons within the game can be found in the last 2 cities Shanghai and Tokyo. You earn these weapons in drops when you do the jobs found within the city.
    Get through all the cities and complete all jobs ASAP so you can earn all the skill point bonuses that the game offers. Once you complete, all jobs in all cities, then go back and do the jobs that offer you the best weapons for your playing style, defensive or offensive.

    About attack and defensive skill points.. Right now these points are pretty useless within the game but the Admins are talking about changing this fact..
    As it stands now you want no more then 100 points in each so you can earn the skill point bonus the game offers for obtaining that level. Only start filling attack and defense points, to the 100 point level, after you reach the amount stamina needed to bank your off line time, 500 Energy and 5000 health.

    ...........And remember, this is a fighting game!
    No crying if someone attacks you or everyone will attack you. :p
  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Not actually suppose to have in-game names on forum, picture or not.
  3. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    I think you should be careful what you post @Quillaume Le Taciturne speciaaly when it comes to OWM and I dont see any purpose of uploading that particular screen shot here. not like you had any attacks from or against, even if you had I think forum does not want to see that particular person.
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    no you cannot be a member of two syndicates and posting players profiles, links or level is not allowed in the forum
  5. sorry guys I donot want to upset anybody,my screentests should only serve as explanation.but I get y point.
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  6. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    does the system ignore players that have joined but do not play? Should we delete these players and add ones that have continued to play?
  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    IMO if ya don't have full clan do not delete them , but if they don't play for 6 months, ( I think it is) the Game( godfather) will list them
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  8. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    TY I have been deleting them, but someone said the system ignores them, so don't spend the money. I have a full Mob, but I would love to have players that play :)
  9. they told me joined players count. playing or not.
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  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    That's exactly right. I delete them now when they show up on the hitlist, but that's because I have maxed out my 1k actual players. Until you have full mob, you should keep them, active, banned, or dormant.
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  11. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    to play and get stronger, theres some good advice above, but you need to use your skill points to build stamina up to at least 1000 points, best way to start out would be 2 points on stamina, 1 on health, 1 on attack, 1 on defense until you reach 300 levels. once you reach level 300, it would be best to change your skill points aound. also get energy up to 1000, after that you wont need energy that much until you level higher. so you should use getting into jobs, bosses and challenges as many as you can get into. you should use your fb points to build up your hired crew, get 1000 friends and 1000 hired mob. craft also what you can but remember to keep track of your fight strength list and whatever your using do not craft those items until you can no longer use them. same with elites and optimals, do not craft those until you can no longer use the originals on your fight strength list, cuz it will make you weaker. when you first start out, you can got o the stockpile and purchase weapons, armor, and vechieles. same with your purchase items, buy what you can until you no longer need them to craft with or on your fight strength list, once you no longer need them, you can sell them off. remember don't craft something as long as your using them on your fight strength list which you can find on your main profile page. if you need further help always come to the forum pages to find help or ask your questions
  12. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    you cannot get hired hands from skill points, you have to use face book points to get hired hands
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  13. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    reverse this, you will need more stamina then you will energy, energy isnt as important as your stamina except in raids and you will need more stamina there also then energy cuz the energy is replaced, every time you level. you cannot level if you don't have enough stamina to fight with. health attack stamina and defense is way more important than energy is
  14. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    I have no ideal why this person is telling you that attack and defense is useless. your defense is just as important as anything else in the game. you should add at least one point to each of these as you level. what I did when i first started was add 2 points t to stamina, 1 point to health, 1 to attack, 1 to defense for every five skill points. If I had more then five skill points, then I added more to defense, first, then attack, then health. your health should be at the very least ten percent higher than your attack and defense. more if you got the extra skill points, you want to add at least 10 percent every time you level. you get extra skill points for doing bosses, jobs, challenges as you level from those too. as to fighting, you get achievenments for punching and attacking those not mob with you, since your only beginning, you will only want to attack or punch those who are your level or lower until you get higher levels. your health adds also to your punch power.
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  15. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    if they have not played for several days or weeks then I would delete them. and if they don't play for along time, then the godfather puts them up for hitlists.
  16. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    they count only if you do not have a full mob yet. but be careful about deleting them tooo soon, you can make yourself weaker if you delete too many of them unless you have enough players to add to replace what you deleted.

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