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  1. steal toes

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    Are you new to the game and wondering how you will ever compete with the rest of us??

    Well listen up, this isn't rocket science here.. :D

    Starting out in the fast lane..............

    First thing you need to get is 100 stamina. The game will refill 50 stamina at every level up. You will lose turns if you don't have at least 50 stamina.. So build up at least 50 stamina ASAP. The game will issue you skill point bonus once you reach 100 stamina.

    Early on in the game you need to attack and attack a lot to climb up the ranks and level up so don't be afraid, start fighting.

    Please pay close attention to the ambush feature. The ambush will be your best friend against the more powerful and aggressive players within the game. Use the ambush feature wisely and it can rocket you up the ranks and earn you some EASY KILLS too.

    Note; for most players you will want enough stamina to bank your turns while you are at work or can't be online.. Depending on your mobster type the game hands out 30 stamina per hour, one every 2 minutes.
    If you play twice per day, every 12 hours, you should have at least 360 stamina. If you play once per day you should have at least 720 stamina.

    There are players in this game that have several thousand stamina so don't be afraid to add to the stamina. The more you fight, and win, the faster you will level up. ;)

    To put it simply.
    If your stamina is full when you log-in, you are losing turns, you need to add more stamina.

    Second thing is "Skill Points" and how to use them.
    The Best thing you can do with your skill points is to get hired hands from the God Father, 10 points = 2 hired hands.
    Two hired hands, outfitted with best in game 'weapon drops' are by far more powerful then anything else you can get with God Father points. The fancy looking weapons that the God Father offers you for 25 points are pretty much USELESS to you at this point. You should reach 1000 hired hands before you buy any of these weapons..

    Unless you plan on spending a lot of cash on the game, obtaining 1000 hired hands will take most players a long time. Many players will never achieve this task and for others it will take years..
    However if you have an extra $1,000.00 you want to part with you can instantly buy your way straight up the ranks, power wise, that is. Just buy God Farther points and get yourself a quick 1000 hired hands, Instant Mob at discount pricing. :)

    Third you need to grow your energy and mob size.
    Each and every day you should be adding at least 20 new friends to your mob and continue doing so until you reach 1000 friends. Your mod size total is 2000 members. You can have 1000 hired hands + 1000 Friends for a total of 2000 mobsters. There are many message bases and add-me groups that will help you accomplish the task of adding friends..

    Note.. Read the rules to the addme posts and or groups before you post in them!!! If you break the rules you will find your self making more enemies then friends and your name will be common place on the hitlist..

    Once you reach at least 100 stamina you need to build up at least 500 energy.. The game refills energy and will give you 500 free energy, at every level up, if you can hold that much.. You will most likely need to add a few health points along the way in between adding stamina and Energy.. If you notice you are dying in fights it is time to add some health.. In the end you want at least 5000 health, for the skill point bonus the game offers, but I believe it is far more important to fill stamina and Energy first.

    Forth is outfitting your mob and hired hands with the best weapons..
    The best 'free" weapons within the game can be found in the last 2 cities Shanghai and Tokyo. You earn these weapons in drops when you do the jobs found within the city.
    Get through all the cities and complete all jobs ASAP so you can earn all the skill point bonuses that the game offers. Once you complete, all jobs in all cities, then go back and do the jobs that offer you the best weapons for your playing style, defensive or offensive.

    About attack and defensive skill points.. Right now these points are pretty useless within the game but the Admins are talking about changing this fact..
    As it stands now you want no more then 100 points in each so you can earn the skill point bonus the game offers for obtaining that level. Only start filling attack and defense points, to the 100 point level, after you reach the amount stamina needed to bank your off line time, 500 Energy and 5000 health.

    ...........And remember, this is a fighting game!
    No crying if someone attacks you or everyone will attack you. :p
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  2. The Ice Queen

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    Nice one :) And very good advice!
  3. wtfrage360

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    Going over 100 attack doesn't give any benefit??
  4. The_Jay

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    Dmmit... Wish I woulda known that having att/def over 100 is usless a few days ago. Those bonus points came in the other day and I now have 200 attack and defense... just friggin great.
  5. The Whoorida

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    Supposedly A/D is not quite as useless now, that's why everyone got more points so they could readjust their stats.
  6. The_Jay

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    Well, I guess that makes sense. I have seen a few people attack and lose. Not many, but a few.
  7. i think they fixed the attack and defense they count for a great amount in battles now :D i started beating people i used to lose to after increasing my attack above 100 :)
  8. steal toes

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    Attack and Defense points and the value they bring to fights have been adjust and they aren't so useless anymore..

    Here is a rare look at a level 700+ mobster's Stats..

    Total Attack 1212
    Total Defense 600
    Health 6269 / 9400
    Energy 48 / 540
    Stamina 511 / 718
    Cash 899.492 trillion
    Bank 0
    Income 4.740 billion
    Upkeep 245,430,015
    Hitlist 30.560 billion
  9. Rusty Anderson

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    I read where the HIRED MOBSTERS come with the best weapons. What weapons are these. and why don't they display when I display my profile? thanks.
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  10. KaNO

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    Im curious to know where money plays a role. I have amased over 61.9 trillion and I see other players with a zero balance. If u have money and can buy property in lots of 10 +, does that have any affect...thanks for any info or thoughts.
  11. jon french

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    Their bank balance of 0 just means that they havent banked the money, they are likely sitting on a pile of $. You lose 5% everytime you bank money, which is way more than you will lose when attacked so banking your $ is a waste of time.

    Use it to buy property and increase your income. Higher your income the greater your Hitlist price.

    Spend your trillions dont sit on it.
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  12. Ace

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    This topic's very outdated since it was made over an year ago. But about the money, buying properties will raise your income and your hitlist cost. This prevents you from dying, and since you make more money, you can list people who are annoying more easily.
  13. Ahad

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    Talk about a necrobump... But isn't this LCN rather than ZombieS.?

    Anyway i like that idea about stopping at 100 atk/def

    Everybody should so do that!

    I die a LOT
    So i need more health
    And going for some of the big hitlisted players, i need even more health!

    [PTK] E V O L V dD E D Level 447 Insomniac

    [TABLE="class: cellpadding"]
    [TD] 11599 / 11690[/TD]
    [TD] 53 / 530[/TD]
    [TD] 144 / 430[/TD]
    [TD]Total Attack[/TD]
    [TD]Total Defense[/TD]

    Income 1.446 billion
    Hitlist 7.052 billion
  14. Ace

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    If you plan to attack tough people on the list, you'll need more than just 590 attack. Mine's over 1750 and I still die on some's defenses.
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  15. Vicki the Boss

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    As a newbee in May 2016, does this info still apply for building a strong mob?
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  16. Vicky Handshoe

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  17. Vicky Handshoe

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  18. theo dinis

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    pls give me info how i can grow grow up myself and what to do.for the time being i'm satisified but i want more
    thank u
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  19. Ldyhawk

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    I'm interested in how to get the extra skill points the one player mentioned getting?

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