[FB] Bravo!! you pooched arena again

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by slave, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. slave

    slave Member

    I wonder how long people will continue to play your games when you pooch them every single time?

    its making me wonder....
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I agree....the new slide attack makes it go way to fast and promotes inactivity even more than the arena already did. If your a low level and active then u r dead in short order...only chance is to stay in D stance and ride it out. It was nice to try it out....but its obvious that its not optimal for the masses...time to revert it back or cut it to 2 attacks per
  3. DragTheWaters

    DragTheWaters Member

    I think I get it now. His slayer has no defense, so he gets capped in BA quickly. Sucks to have a slayer with no def....works in some parts of the game, but not all parts.
  4. DragTheWaters

    DragTheWaters Member

    Why is a naming convention a conspiracy to use a bot to gain an advantage? No one needs a bot. We already get 3 attacks per click, and I can click pretty damned quickly (unlike others, but quick enough to win twice now and top ten a number of times). The naming convention just allows people to easily identify a member of the same group that is playing together. Although using TinY is kind of weak, since it's so obvious. But, I wasn't there to make their naming rules for them.

    If you want to last in BA, you need to know people. And you need to play with others. That's the game. Many people, even of lower levels, can take out some pretty big players. That's the whole idea of BA, is that it evens the playing field a little bit, and there's no direct repercussion in game (unless you reveal your name). So, instead of being mad that you have a slayer with no defense that gets taken out quickly, learn to play within the rules, and maybe you'll last longer. This is a social game, that kind of requires that you play along with others. And the game is setup, in almost all facets, to ensure that friends are included in the game play. Battle Arena is another aspect that requires some of that teamwork...and better yet, doesn't even require that you do it within your faction or your squad. You can team up with people that aren't even a part of your normal game.

    One last thing...you don't have to play BA, if your slayer is not setup well for BA. Just skip that part of the game. Many people I play with all the time skip it...and it doesn't hurt their feelings at all.
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  5. DragTheWaters

    DragTheWaters Member

    Um...because he has a ton, compared to you.
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ DTW. Not sure who your responding to, looks as if youve been edited and/or some other posts deleted?

    In case you u were reponding to me...my slayer is balanced and by the looks of things easily could have been in the top 10 in the Kanoplay/MS arena had I chose to sit in Def. stance the whole time.

    I agree that a bot would be pretty senseless in the arena...it goes so fast now that a bot would probably slow someone down.

    I also agree that teamwork certainly can help in an arena and I recommend it especially for lesser levels....but it certainly isnt required to perform well depending on ones circumstances and style of play...or at least it wasnt required before the addition of the attack slider...but that too depends on each individuals definition of success.

    My opinion is that the addition of the attack slider has eliminated a lot of strategy simply by shortening the arena drastically. As a player who plays all the games and whos accounts range from low leveled to high Ive had the luxury of experience in terms of how this update has affected levels of all ranges. Personally With my lower level accounts winning an arena has never been a goal as its simply next to impossible....even ranking in the top 20 isnt a goal as the rewards are simply lacking and arent worth it to me....Ide much rather gain some levels. But even that has become extremely limited by the new speed of the arena...an active lower level player is a dead player and sitting in Def. stance means no levels. Sure, this is what we now have to deal with and players will have to choose and adjust accordingly. Im just saying that before the addition of the attack slider players had more options and a much better chance at achieving some form of what they considered moderate success .

    As I high level player the addition of the attack slider has been the greatest thing since sliced bread. I get the same results I did before the update but in a third of the time. Instead of playing for hours n hours im done in 2-3 hrs having gained multiple levels and my 75 FP and still have plenty of time to make it to the beach and sip on a cold one.

    This update was implemented at the request of the players....myself included, I applaud Kano for that but I think its just a lil to much for the current participation numbers (at least on Kanoplay/MS) at this time. My thoughts are that we should try a 2 attack slider or even revert back to 1 attack until participation numbers increase, perhaps have the number of attacks tied to the number of entries much like the rewards are suppose to be.
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  7. DragTheWaters

    DragTheWaters Member

    All of my posts look out of context now, because all of Domino's posts were removed. So, no, I wasn't responding to you.
  8. ben

    ben Active Member

    i beleave it should stay at 3...if people would work with other players as a team they would do a lot better in ba...i see a big lack of that in ba by players...i would still like to try it at 5 which we never had the chance to...
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    ahhh...i see. Yeah...that guy has an interesting take on things to say the least....lol
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Why is that? Are u disputing that the new arena eliminates a lot of strategy? How would 5 attacks be beneficial to players in the arena? Of course teamwork is always a good idea...but that is merely one aspect/strategy...are u saying that teamwork, high def. stance or being the most powerful should be the only way to go? All those things worked in the arena when it was only 1 attack per....why eliminate opportunity for others that dont employ that particular strategy or simply dont have the numbers?
  11. ben

    ben Active Member

    never no will we it has never been tride...if more people team up with each other and go after the higher levels that would give them a lot better chance you all ready no that one pimp...because even you have said that yourself in the past...and you no to there is groups that just dont do it...or lets say dont do it right...
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel about teamwork Ben and yes I believe it to be a perfectly legitimate strategy that I have used myself to great success on more than one occasion .....but I feel your either missing or avoiding my point. Like I asked previously...do u think the extremely shorter arena eliminates some strategy? It doesnt matter whether its a strategy that you would employ or not....but obviously the shorter the arena the less opportunity. Im also curious as to why you think a 5 attack option would be beneficial....to me it seems like that would even take away more opportunity from other players.

    I think its important to remember that not all players join the arena to win it, I think we can agree that a low level player will never win it unless its handed to them by a higher level player. Thats fine by me if someone wants to do that but it does nothing for the masses of lower level active players that just want to enter to have the opportunity to level. Take me for example...I couldnt care less if I ranked highly with my lower level accounts if it came at the expense of those accounts not leveling....a couple dozen cheap levels is way more valuable to me than 2-3 FP and I still have the chance of getting a lil lucky and ranking well.

    So if u would be so kind as to explain why u think shortening the arena is somehow beneficial to the majority of players I would greatly appreciate it. Please dont bother with the whole teamwork thing as i totally get that and its but one strategy.
  13. ben

    ben Active Member

    yes less players now so its a lot shorter and a lot better shot for low to mid levelers to make better ranking...thats if they are active...we still have alot of unactive player more than active really...off the top af my head i would say about 65% un active...thats group need to act on it and get more of there players playing it...

    so at that number can you really say it because of the slidebar...i dont think so...
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Correct me if wrong...Your saying because the arena is shorter it s better for active players? How is that? Every active player is dead quickly leaving only those that entered the arena in Def. stance(inactive). Unless the strategy is for half your team to sit in D stance the entire arena while the other half of the team clears out everyone......then your logic doesnt make sense. If that indeed is your strategy it does nothing but promote inactivity and still doesnt give anybody the opportunity to level except the largest of levels. Basically the highest of levels still win the arena and get a bunch of levels while everybody else gets to be inactive, get very few levels if any but they do get a decent rank which will garner them 2-3 FP...WOOOOHOOOO! your pulling my leg right? Obviously a much shorter arena limits the amount of strategy one can use. This is odd considering you have always been a proponent of more strategy.
  15. ben

    ben Active Member

    sorry to say this there was active players that was going in and out of d stance the whole time...even you was and your team as i remember and made a good rank i would say... so try again...
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    For starters I had no "team" other than one other player and even then we didnt tag team a single opponent or come to the aid of one another the entire time. Secondly....Were among the higher rated players in the game over there. Thirdly....Even if we had worked as a team and done well it would mean nothing for a couple of reasons 1) we normally work as a team 2) were always active. 3) i wouldnt consider my rank a "good rank" at all.

    Good job of avoiding all my questions though, apparently you have no answers...well no answers that make any sense anyhow. You can go in circles all day if ya want...Im gettin off this ridiculous ride. Shorter arenas limits diff types of strategy its as simple as that. Not everybody Plays to win ...many play to level....those days are over if this continues. As Higher rated players that are the only players to have won an arena in two diff games both JJ and I know that the shorter arena gives us a much bigger advantage than we ever had with or without a team. As lower level players in the other games we know that the ability to level like we had been has been eliminated and the entire game has changed to where are only real legitimate chance to do anything at all is to be forced to play the team strategy or sit in Def stance. for something we dont even care about which is rank.
  17. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    okay this got far off topic, I dont believe the OP was anything about the slider, as the ZS arena yesterday had atrocious attack speeds again. The only saving grace for the arena was the slider as the 3 stam attacks was making it move about the speed your 1 stam attacks are supposed to.

    but yeah, I gotta throw my 2 cents in on the slider

    I think its the best. if anything its added strategy, as its made the defensive strategy more effective. If you are set up to make 2 hours of defense time you can make it in the top 10 percent just starting in defensive stance, and if you do play, snag a handful of kills, and wait until your "next on the menu" to put in that 2 hours of defense, You can count yourself in the top 5 percent. I personally feel like it gives the lower levels a better chance as well as they are able to take down thier kills faster.

    Having been a lower level trying to make leaps and bounds in levels via Battle arena, that was my biggest struggle was sealing the deal and snaging the health reward. I can remember playing an arena and getting over 100k attacks and only getting 70 kills. about an average of about 1/3 of my kills being stolen from me because it took too long to take it down, giving people that where far stronger than an oportunity to steal, meanwhile. I never reached over half a billion health in that arena with 70 kills.

    so it seems now that a weaker player has a better chance to get thier kills, they would have a much better chance to keep leveling, because thier health would allow for it.

    then again, all thees opinions are coming from facebook zs Where we have 1200 entries and 50-70 active players that will get at least 1 kill.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The key to most of what you said was in your last comment and thats the number participants. I think I said it earlier in this thread but I know Ive said it elsewhere numerous times is that it would be different if participation numbers were greater. This last Kanoplay/MS PC arena had like 160 something players... all the active players were dead or forced into Def. stance in about an hour. So there was only one strategy.....Go into D stance immediately or as soon as someone finds u. Thats not strategy....thats whoever has the longest D stance does the best(excluding the top active players of course).....why bother having the arena other than to let the big boys n girls get there kill and attack stats? Basically overnight it went from something for everyone whether it be levels or a solid ranking.....now its just hurry up n wait for people to come out of defensive stannce so they can be picked off one by one.

    Thats why I also suggested the number attacks be directly linked to the number of participants....then everyone still gets a chance to do what they want and the arena doesnt last forever
  19. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    IMHO the kanoplay server is just rediculous. I abandoned myspace over a year ago, and moved my loyalty to facebook (without a bit of help) as I think you did as well if memory serves. The activity on myspace was crap back then, and its just gotten worse over time. Now that myspace purged the games, the player base is even smaller as anyone that would just pop thier head in once in a blue moon would never jump thru flaming hoops and deal with support tickets to get an account they didnt give a rats ass about in the first place back.

    it really angers me. It seems like with Myspace purging the games, Kano would actually do soemthing for thier loyal players and get them set up in an enviroment that is still alive.

    All hopes of me ever seeing the money I spent on myspace (that paid to develop all the same updates) refecting on my facebook account got flushed with that.

    and why? because nobody wants to let anyone else have a 1-1 transfer to their network as that is somehow unfair, even tho they where playing the EXACT same game, that came out at the Exact same time, and the loyalty players where paying for the exact same updates, althought it would mean a huge influx of players and activity to thier game. They might get knocked down on the leaderboard a notch, or that person who they've been picking on might suddenly be able to fight back. gee whilacres.

    so now we have 200 people playing a game that was desgned to have 10,000 plus. yipppie skippie.

    so anyway, I really wouldnt mind if there slider bar was removed from kano play, as I would never play the battle arena there as Im way too busy trying to compete on facebook. but it seems everything battle arena has been made to "one size fits all" and as the achivments where already skewed to better fit the lesser participant arenas, Im not casting a vote to remove the best thing that ever happend to facebook ZS arena for them.
  20. ben

    ben Active Member

    then dont say to remove it from kanoplay ms...if its on one then it should be on all...

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