Bounty Price Adjustments (bullying)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Just a heads up we will be increasing the bounty cost for users that have been bountied recently (past 24-hrs), there has always been a increase but we will be increasing it further to deter bounty chaining on all players.

    We have been receiving many reports of lower level users being chained/bullied through the bounty system. We will look at adjusting the bounty trap cost as another mechanism for the lower levels to defend themselves against higher levels but this change will happen at a later point.

    On our list of things to do is to remove the Bounty Fatigue, we hope to get a change out shortly.
  2. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    Will post here also. This idea is good for when a random lower level is listed repeatedly. But I hope you guys change it and base the bounty increase on number of attacks like you did with counter attacks. Many of these lower levels like to provoke higher levels or are bothering a clanmate who can't afford to list or counter them.
  3. Don't list unless you don't mind getting listed yourself.

    Most lower levels that get listed repeatedly are actually the ones that started it.If I see clan get listed by any level,I will bounty the bountier in return.On one of the apps I'm really high up,but I still look after my low level clan as well.And I'm going to detour a little off topic but still related.For a level 15 being able to list someone and not be able to get listed themselves is just wrong.If you can list someone then you should be able to get listed yourself.
  4. self

    self Member

    All you have to do now is do it once a day. Still if a level 50 whacks me and their bounty is a measly Millioan or two, then I will bounty, they ake slap back, I bounty back..

    Simple enough. Don't whack a level 1,000+player if you want to be alive long
  5. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    This change is terrible

    Okay -- now this change will make me leave this game. This is just wrong.

    1) You already have in bright orange a message that says if you attack someone out of your range you open yourself to retaliation.

    2) You have in your help section a warning to low level players that going after high level bounties may cause retaliation.

    3) High level players, since we twiddle our thumbs a lot with there not being many people to fight with, watch our clan feed and help protect our low level clan mates.

    4) The game is called Pirate Clan. Pirates aren't nice, they plunder and kill..... give me a break!!!

    5) I believe you think some of the changes you have made will appease people to keep playing game, however, low levels aren't your problem. It's the attrition that happens on the higher levels that is the problem and that's because it is less and less interesting. No new adventures, no new rule, no no achievements...... so... stop looking at the bottom and start looking at the middle... that's where you are losing players!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Couldn't of said it better myself.
  7. BazTurner

    BazTurner New Member

    im about 1 ass hair from getting banned here..

    WTF ARE YOU DOING TO THIS GAME i know your not retarded because you designed it but as for keeping everyone happy you REALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR DOING!!!!

    i just sent this as a message to the so called developer however the developer must be a ROBOT because the same crappy automated response keeps coming back.

    dont bother with the automated response can someone actually talk to me after all im trying to make you money.

    the bounty and counter attacks prices are stupid and i mean really stupid. the barrier to protect the lower levels is stupid. if your at all bothered with this game then listen to what i say otherwise do everyone a favour and just close this place down so people can move on.

    it will not hurt you to change the following.

    1, bounty values should be the same as your hourly income.
    2, counter attack value should be twice the oppositions hourly income then slowly decline after each counter that is set. (Obviously for lower clans it will decline alot faster)
    3, counter attacks are not a form of attack but a form of defense if someone is stupid enough to attack you then thats there problem. (Everybody knows you changed this to suit Alec Taft, aka "hated by the idiots that dont like loosing" because he has purchased favors) so ignore him and give everybody 150 counters regardless of what level there on because he is killing this game and your helping him.
    4, leave the barrier in place but if a lower clan attacks a higher clan first then a 24hr window should be left open to attack freely.
    5, remove the bounty fatigue.

    those 5 things will bring people back and i dont understand why you changed them in the first place. but seriously you guys need to do this a.s.a.p beacuse people are leaving fast and telling there friends not to bother with this App.

    and what i dont understand is that you made Mob Wars and that place must have made you a fortune untill the hackers took over. People want wars, People might not like been bullied but its lots more fun than not been attacked at all. People will start to spend money making there clans stronger if theres a purpose behind it.

    im out of breath so read this then read this again infact read it one more time have a cuppa then read it again if you dont understand walk out to the street and ask a stranger to read it to you.
  8. Wayne's World

    Wayne's World New Member

    KENDALL ... you have done it backwards, COUNTERS were always meant for defence and BOUNTIES are definately offensive. YOU WILL HAVE LESS PROBLEMS IF YOU STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO SPEND CASH ON THE GAME BUT LISTEN TO THE ORDINARY EVERYDAY PLAYER, the ones who are involved with the intracacies of the game.

    The psychology of winning is my reference. If u listen to the PLAYERS over the deep pockets, the game will improve and greater amounts of money will always flow in & be there cuz the peeps with money will be havin fun. If you want to get your way all the time so you look important, the business will go down the tubes as so many have. Remember the .com disaster!
    Develop a "Player Poll" where u develop a cool program to SIMPLY poll the players on a question or idea SO YOU GET FEEDBACK FROM THE MASSES. I am coming here to have fun while passing time not to get abused, harassed, battered, bountied, and otherwise picked on. If you must implement your idea as above stipulated, PUT IN CONTROLS. (see my e mail).

    Now a quote I LOVE. "I'm out of breath so read this then read this again in fact read it one more time have a cuppa then read it again if you don't understand walk out to the street and ask a stranger to read it to you." "A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice." SO WELL SAID!! Hat's off to Baz Turner! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
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  9. you got an automated response? I've written 3 or 4 times and I got nothing, nada, zilch,zip...they must really like you!
  10. bigmike63

    bigmike63 New Member


    Please look into this they only get chain listed is because they do the chaining!!!!! They can attack and hit you but you cannot retaliate in kind. If they dont want to be attacked or listed by higher playas leave them alone!!!!! Some of these lower players have high attack strength or large mobs and take advantage of the game because they are protected
  11. only thing i find wrong is the bounty being same as your income.if that were the case then the lower levels or anyone with a low income would be screwed.i make close to 20 bill per hr and could list over and over if bounty was income.other than that i agree with everything else.
  12. Sniper0817

    Sniper0817 New Member

    OK, so here we are again, fighting for our rights as gamers! The bounty price as it is is wrong. It should be 10x your income minus your upkeep. That is the way it should be for every game. As in everyother MOB/WAR game on Facebook, the bounty increases with chronic listings.

    The counter attacks are in place for chainers. You need to be able to afford it. Deal with that price. I have paid quite a bit to counter people and work hard for my in game money as we all do!

    Increasing the bounty money is dumb to be blunt. It should be 10x the income and increase at a rate of 1 - 5% for each listing within a certain period of time.

    Devs, chill out with some of these changes. My question to you is this:

    WHY IS IT AFTER LEVEL 300 THERE ARE NO NEW WEAPONS OR JOBS? This is CRAP.... There should be an advantage to leveling hard and working your a@@ off. MAKE NEW WEAPONS and STOP putting new weapons for purchase through GF Points only.

    Alse, the BOSS option, cool, but the weapon drop BLOWS!

    I am almost level 600 and why on god's green earth would I need a "Briefcase Gun" with 7 attacka nd 17 def... or whatever it is. It's lame is what I know. We spend our stam to beat these bosses and the drops are horrible.

    Going back to HUNT now to claim bounties before changes are made :)


  13. Dread Lord

    Dread Lord New Member

    Ok i under stand changing it but how the h@ll can some one afford to bounty us high levels ... now 75% dont even have this to start with... not alone bounty me twice most likely will never happen .. thx to you this up date :{{{ now what good is my bounty if i cant give it to my clain mates any more ? here is my set up .. just to make a point,.. YOU NEED TO FIX BOUNTY BOARD double it .fine.. think we all can agree there.. but you people went way over board this time.. hate to say it...
    income 26.860 billion
    Upkeep 111,916,060
    Bounty 187.239 billion
  14. boring

    well more bounty price and no much bounty page working haha so more players think that is boring and go play other apps lol

    cut a cr@p and make game more open so more players say wow this is cool :)

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  15. Becoolman
    Level 442 Captain Jack Punisher 15,179,337,189 coins 5 minutes ago Attack
    skull faQ
    Level 578 Captain Jack Punisher 37,786,577,004 coins 6 minutes ago Attack
    Musket Gut Bee
    Level 603 Captain Jack Punisher 26,546,839,362 coins 1 minute ago

    Once your Bounty be posted, Jack Punisher be publicly listed for attack. The reward be given to whoever accomplishes the task. It costs 1 Stamina to place a landlubber on the bounties list.

    Confirm Cost: 471,730,422,080 coinscancel

    you've made the chainer too expensive to list cause of ridiculous increase in price.
  16. its a bit fun when u catch rivals after bounty price drooped down :D
  17. cuinan128

    cuinan128 Banned


    I actually really enjoy reading your blog. Glad you’re sticking around! And I must say, I absolutely love the title of your blog .
  18. please fix the bounty pricing strucure. When I list someone for 60 billion coins because they hit me 8x, they come right back and hit me 10 more times. Yet now I have to keep paying more and more to protect myself. Can't there be some code where if tyou get attacked more than a certain number of times in an hour or half hour that the bounty price goes down or stays the same?

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