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What should happen to the paid bounty cash when a player hits a trap/rigged ignition?

Poll closed Nov 12, 2011.
  1. No refund to payee

    44 vote(s)
  2. Refund minus the hitlist fee

    35 vote(s)
  3. Refund minus 50%

    1 vote(s)
  4. Other, explain below

    5 vote(s)

    should be....
    once you are on can just "ride" the means you couldn't find a booby trap cos YOU CAN'T HITLIST PEOPLE (as you can't take xp from fights on hitlist fights once you are listed)
    cos you are not "playing normally" but you are playing like a "target";

    so you must wait until you play "normally"-->(it means once you dead you are able to hitlist people, to have normal fights-taking xp from them- and so on..and also once you dead you can take all the boobie traps you want!!)
  2. Himself

    Himself New Member

    In the game are more than 10000 players, and you change something based on 40 votes? Get real, try to balance things, not to destroy the game forever!
    We have boss levelers, partner levelers, boss weapons drop hunters, bounty trap friendly kill, now also bounty trap controlled kill while listed, with no refund, where do you want to get with this game? Think about it!
  3. Himself

    Himself New Member

    Please read carefully what i said. BTing is a stupid behavior ONLY when a player try to bounty a friend (guild member, or just a friend) with the precise purpose to be dead while he goes offline!!!! He kills on purpose, or this is not the meaning of bounty trap/ bounty mechanism! For that, maybe KANO devs will implement a "chicken" button for suiciders (with one level penalty).
    Autohealing (with a small delay of course) ONLY for bounty trap is the best choice to improve the game. Think it over.
  4. So what

    So what Member

    theres a few..who like to cause hassel...promote themselfs to be big players..when in fact they ARENT..

    there disgruntled ..
    dropped for their chidish behaviour..
    and profess they play for free..
    hence they want to have the most say...they cant ..
    their skill allocation is crap..and they are tied to been spoongers on bosses to level...(and thats their style of play..fair enough)

    its the whining and whinging thats destroying the game...

    they too use the booby trap to die off a bounty ..WHEN and if they can...AND FAIR PLAY TO THEM ..


    simply listing anyone..without attacks ..should be looked at in the game...a possible way of avoiding it...
    is that you can only be listed if attacked..not this random..

    ILL LIST 15 OF US ARE ON ..ONE OF us should be able to catch....
    they dont 98% of the time...

    however..its not worth listing them back...I rarly do..
    as the cost to their level ..makes it out of reach FOR THEIR level...and thats there only purpose...

    so that they can harrass and multi list the small people..ive seen it..
    they are running the levels 500 - 900 out of the game...but then again they have shown ..they like playing with themselfs.....

    kano should address that aspect of the game...
  5. The payee should receive the money.In a real life situation,no one would receive the money if the listee committed suicide.It would stay with the person that placed the hit.To everyone that's saying no refund,you're basically saying if you placed a hit on someone in real life,and that person commits suicide,you would throw all that money in the trash?Who in their right mind would just throw the money in the trash?If someone actually kills the person,then they deserve the money.If the person commits suicide,then the money would stay with the lister.The fee being deducted is reasonable,but the money just vanishing is not.
  6. alka

    alka Banned

    I never was a big fan of upping yer bounty every time yer listed. At the same time I was never a fan of booby traps or ambushes. Those 3 options only protect the noobs who like to spoil other peoples enjoyment. If yer gonna up their bounty when they are listed why not reset it when they list someone, then lets see how smart they are...lmao
  7. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    it would only appear that those wanting this feature of returning the money back have alt accts

    BOTTOM LINE...when u put somebody up it is for them to die, correct? your job is complete whether someone else kills them or someone else kills them (trap) so what difference does it make if they kill themselves??? they were gonna take ur money either way it goes since u dont pay an individual to kill them (which is why u cant compare this "game" bounty to a real life bounty)

    so if u are going to cry about "losing" ur money bc they committed suicide, then the only logical change made should be that if the one listed kills themself they should not lose any xp since the one that listed doesnt lose their how stupid does this sound??? exactly, its just as stupid as having the money returned back to the lister
  8. Wow really??? Now your complaining because someone BT's themselves when they go offline..

    You must be one of those ones that is pissed off that somebody has 0 PUNCH KILLS too.

    People make sure they are dead before they go offline because one they dont want 20 people punching them, or they dont want to be listed.. 100s of people do it. I wouldnt say they are chicken, they simply want to do it.. Last i remembered

    THIS IS A GAME.........

    Now if im listed before i go to bed i'll just stay dead , no sense to take another 5k + xp loss while i sleep..

    This is getting off-topic about why the BT was to be changed..

    It was to be changed because of all the crybabies in this forum and their friends that dont like CERTAIN people making them lose their money during a Hitlist........ Its really simple..

    This game is becoming if you dont like this, or dont like that Cry enough and maybe Kano will change it..

    That was exactly what this fix was to be.. So that certain people that made others lose their money when they were Hitlisted couldnt BT themselves..

    Then someone wrote, well in Real life you would get your money back... Really In Real life you would be in a Jail Cell with Tyrone and he would probably be very happy to have you in his cell with him.

    This isnt real life, this is a game. A game that some people take wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to serious.. A game that some people continue to have their alts banned and they keep making more and getting away with it.. A game that people have cheated to get an advantage (healing,catching on the hitlist) ... A game that people made their energy mules strictly to being able to list people anytime they wanted because of how much money they were making..

    If you dont like the rules cry enough to have them changed.. This is exactly what this one is about. Just like those crying to being able to Redistribute their points..
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ok...I thought it over...YEP.....still a lousy idea.

    1. do we really want to have a "bot" feature of any kind?

    2. so by labeling any one strategy as "chicken" makes it so? Simply because u dont happen to like the strategy doesnt mean its a bad strategy or that it should be eliminated.

    3,."its the best choice to improve the game"? Wow think highly of your self much? You may want to reconsider since in your last post u said 40 votes shouldnt change a game yet u think your 1 idea should?

    4. what if someone just wants to bounty someone and runs into a trap and then decides it would be a good time to stop for the evening? Your idea wouldheal them automatically even if they didnt want to leaving them a tad bit vulnerable....NO?

    5. This is my game......i play it the way i like to play....I SURE AS HELL DONT WANT SOME BOT MAKING DECISIONS FOR ME.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well....I appreciate that u at least had the courtesy to post your reasonings. But heres the thing......THIS ISNT REAL LIFE! most aspects of these games are not anything like "real life". Way to many to list here...but Ill give u 1 example that hopefully makes my point. In real life...ONCE YOUR DEAD (regardless of the reason)U CANT HIT A HEAL BUTTON AND COME BACK TO LIFE! Could u imagine where we would be if they took that ability

    The reality of the situation (in game)is this...

    1.someone pays so that u will die...regardless of how u die...u r still dead and the player who died has lost the xp....the listers money served its intended purpose.

    This thread is full of negative things that will arise if the lister is given their money back...r u really willing to bring all that down upon everyone just to insure that some random player (possibly your biggest rival) gets the money ?
  11. Ace

    Ace Member

    People who die on BTs to go to sleep are dying on purpose to keep their punch deaths low. I don't like too much the strategy since I happen to survive sometimes when it's not too many of them punching me, but that's my way of thinking, since if they care about their record, it is a good thing to notice that I have over 150 punch deaths and the people who care about usually have less than 50.

    I'll insist with my idea of sending it to a lottery if it's not meant to be lost. Giving it back to the lister would make it easy to abuse for reasons already stated on this topic. Forget about reality and what happens to money IRL, there are no zombies IRL, and placing a hit on someone is illegal (at least in my country!)
  12. Craig KillZZ

    Craig KillZZ Member

    Why must voting always include wording that is confusing? I voted "Refund minus the hitlist fee" and for those of you that want the money RETURNED.. this should be your answer as well. why must voting be politically slanted? just state the fact and have 2 answers. For it or Against it. I have already heard from 2 people who got confused and said they wasted they vote on 'other' because they didn't understand the wording!! It seems Rigged from the beginning as only people that have more than a year are allowed to vote! I don't why Kanos must select the people who are allowed to vote? why not let everyone vote? Voting should be democratic, not selected people at the top of their list!! The only people who want 'no refund' are the very people who started this jump to a booby trap crap to begin with. and I am surprised that HeyUwereWTFpwn agrees with this crapola. Why cant EVERYONE vote on this?? This game will NO LONGER BE FUN, if people are allowed to skip out, when placed on the hit list.
  13. wil

    wil New Member

    hey cuzz are you at
  14. Some people are a bit afraid to post their ideas for fear or in game retaliation or on forum humiliation. If we try to carry on an adult fair debate and keep the flaming to a minimum then we may be able to brainstorm more effectively. On any issue we can not forsee the effect of a change and may change our minds about a subject after seeing what the real ingame effect is after said change. If we keep an open mind and think through these things maybe we can avoid having a change screw with our game. The guy who tried to justify getting the money back because of if you put out a hit on someone in real life and they committed suicide you would want your money back has a bit of logic. However this "game" has never been as real life. In real life your friends wouldn't be the one's putting the hit on you then having you kill yourself to get the money back just to bring you back to life and do it over and over to make the hit cost more.

    Anyways, I still feel a refund may not be the best solution but would love to hear as to why it is? I thought also about the idea of making it so if you are listed you can't do anything else. At first glance that sounded good but not fair to the ones that can acomplish this feat of riding the list and still go after folks. That HAS to be the funnest aspect of one's game that can do this. Just because I can't do this I can't in fairness say they shouldn't be able to.

    Suiciding has become a part of the game and maybe it should bear more of a cost to the one's doing it. But how on Earth can you establish whether or not it is in fact a suicide? Even though we may know it is.

    All that said the solutions above are not going to satisfy the masses. We have to find a middle ground. The game is fun for people in different ways. Take away one very fun aspect of a person's game and it can cause them to stop playing.

    The only argument I've seen for a refund is the simple and valid reasoning that one should get a refund if the clan listed suicides and the money vanishes. It sounds very solid and clear cut till you think about the abuse a few friends could do with this.
    I think I will be happy either way the Devs deem to solve this as it really doesn't effect my game style either way at this time.

    Someone please change my mind by posting a more valid reason for the refund that couln't be abused because in my heart I want a refund if I post someone and they suicide lol. Im still with the people who say that this issue is very small compaired to alot of other more needed changes but it supprises me to the action this issue has stirred up in this forum. Interesting indeed
  15. there should be a refund. Because not everyone has a million health to booby off the list. It's basically cheating, so I believe it should be refunded minus the hit taxes.
  16. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Good post. For this forum / community brainstorm to be effective, everyone needs to listen and respond but try to reserve harsh judgement and/or keep player to player attacks in game and out of this discussion.

    From discussion here, my mind is being changed on that a refund may not be the way to go. I do like the idea of using the cash lost from suicide going into some kind of bounty or being ejected into the bounty list somehow that could be open to everyone in the game. Would have to think on that a bit and would require some additional dev to pull off.
  17. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    Something that hasn't been mentioned in this topic yet (at least I don't think so) is don't the people who pay for booby traps as well pay to kill the person? Think of it this way person A hitlist persons B they pay for their death. Person C also wants person B dead so they pay for the booby trap. Person B hitlists C tripping the booby trap and are only charged for one death yet 2 people paid for them to die. Anyways I think either the money should be refunded OR the person tripping trap while on hitlist should be charged a double death tax since 2 people paid for them to die.
  18. Thats nothing but a bunch of BS right there.. The game is fun whether or not someone trips themself to die or what not..

    This Discussion about giving the money back to the Listee is all BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE MAD THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE DID IT

    Thats what it basically comes down to.

    Most of the ones here on this supporting to give the money back are all against ONE PERSON

    all i can say for that is WOW. Now the person that booby should be penalized on top with more experience loss..

    Alot of you know how to absolutely take a game and just destroy it with some stupid ideas.

    Okay i got a great solution, since we are seemingly wanting to make this game nothing but JUNK.

    Lets take away the fighting, the hitlisting, the ambushes, the booby traps

    Lets just go have conversations and hug one another and just do each others Death Deals, Bosses, Outbreaks and just have one helluva good time...


    i cant believe the stuff that im hearing here.. and i know for a fact i have some of you in my squad.. Thats even sadder.. I might have to fix that and start listing....

  19. And whose's fault is that?????? You put all yours towards attack and didnt want to put alot in Health... So that means they should be penalized???

    Whats cheating is all the idiots and losers that continue to make alts and get away with it...

    People that got banned for cheating using bots to take advantage of the Hitlist and Healing and then come back to the game with another account..

    People that have been PREVIOUSLY BANNED MULTIPLE TIMES and still have their MAIN Character to play and harrass others on a daily basis..

    Nobody put a gun to your face telling you that dont put your SKILL POINTS IN HEALTH and Put it all in ATTACK or ENERGY or STAMINA...

    Thats your own fault..

    Calling people CHEATERS for the ability to booby themselves out and cost the idiot listing them money... Pffft Thats weak.

    I made someone lose 80+ billion by blowing myself up on their own BOOBY TRAP that was chain listing me.......... So you calling me a cheater too?
  20. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    double death...thats the most interesting post in this thread, that gets my vote

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