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  1. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    I saw that there are single bosses and coop bosses and was wondering what was the difference between them, the both have the ask for help button?
  2. Angel

    Angel Member

    good question, I was wondering too oO
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    From the Help:

    Single Bosses

    Each location will have its own Single Boss. Once a fight is started with a Single Boss, you will have 2 days to defeat it. You are only allowed to have 1 Single Boss fight at a time but can be active in an unlimited number of your friend's Single Bosses. Each Single Boss a number of achievements associated with killing specific levels.

    Coop Bosses

    Coop bosses are tougher to kill. Each boss will have its own limit on how many friends can help. Once a battle is started with a Coop Boss you will have a battle time limit of 4 days. You are only allowed to have 1 Coop Boss battle at a time but can help your friends with their coop bosses.

    Other than that coop bosses will typically have better achievements associated with them as well as rewards. Single bosses are required to be defeated before the next location is unlocked. Single are designed/built to be defeated by single players with the option to involve friends, Coop bosses can be defeated by 1 player but because of their stats it would be easier to involve friends.
  4. Dang Ugly

    Dang Ugly New Member

    so what you say is: there is not much of a difference at all exept for the coop´s are stronger. wow. lol. ;-)
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Better rewards and ability to invite more friends to take out. This question has been asked quite a bit since the release of the first coop boss.

    I will try to get some changes in to make the differences a bit clearer.
  6. Lil' Ms.Mandy

    Lil' Ms.Mandy Member

    One thing you should take into consideration is that everyone is doing bosses of their own, so a lot won't waste stamina helping someone else. I have a hard time getting any help on my bosses except for the France one that drops a good weapon, then the people only single attack until they have enough grails for their squad then go back to regular fights where the XP is better or their own bosses and it takes forever, quite a few levels and sitting around doing nothing waiting for stam for me to finish it.
  7. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    For me at least, part of the confusion is your naming them "Coop" bosses. Technically all the bosses are "Coop" since you can cooperate with friends in fighting them. Coop makes me think there would be something mechanically different in the way the battle is fought but it sounds like it's still the same.

    If you were to keep the current naming scheme I would make it so the outbreak bosses could only be fought by the owner and coop bosses could be fought with friends.

    Another idea to make things a little different is to rename to "random" boss and have it randomly select a boss when you start the fight.
  8. jtvaughn

    jtvaughn New Member

    Yeah, When I First Started Playing, I Was Helping Everyone That Was In My Squad. But Nobody Returned The Favor So I've Been Defeating My Own Bosses Myself. It Would Be Better If They Would At Least Help Me To Unlock The Power Attacks, But I Don't See That Happening Anytime Soon. The Longest It'll Take Me Is A Day, So That's Not So Bad To Me.

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