Bosses in Vikings?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Vampryss, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Vampryss

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    Will this feature that is in Pirates be added to Vikings as well?
  2. self

    self Member

    Bosses in Pirates, I must have missed something
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Member



    Someone explain please because I only play Viking clan
  4. self

    self Member

    I just saw that it pirate..

    DEFINITLY A MUST DO! (did you hear me yelling?)
  5. MarkXero

    MarkXero New Member

    We've now got 'em :D. Well, when I say 'them', we've got one for now, but looks like more to follow.
  6. chronicus smokimus

    chronicus smokimus New Member

    finally a use for the previously unusable stamina :D totally sweet.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Haha I wish I had unusable stamina!
  8. Odinsdottir

    Odinsdottir New Member

    Yeah, well I'm not happy that stamina doesn't fully refill when you level up. That sucks raw eggs.

    JMO, however.
  9. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    If it always fully refilled, the lower levels would never have a chance of catching up. But it refills 50 stamina. But when you have 300-500 you can push some levels in(Depends on how far you are in the game)

    So imagine people with 1000 stamina always getting it refilled once they level, you would have no chance of ever catching up to them.
  10. Sigdrifa

    Sigdrifa New Member

    I really, really like this feature. After level 1000 the only really exciting things to do are see how hard you can axe slap people, and bounty hunt, so now there's something new to do in the game. Thanks so much, developers! :D
  11. All power attacks have been unlocked :D

    You successfully attacked the Serpent Sorceress causing 2786 damage.
    You Gained:
    292 XP
    569,567 coins
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  12. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    I killed that tart twice already. Not for the challenge, but I just dislike bosses. So bossy and all :p
  13. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Very nice njob on the bosses Dev's.... Does allow for stamina use and can see how it can be good for the lower levels... Good addition to the app.
  14. Fable

    Fable New Member

    how do i fight level 2 bosses? i can only fight against level 1.
  15. Hel

    Hel New Member

    Wait till the time elapses then kill them again. They become level 2.
  16. Sigdrifa

    Sigdrifa New Member

    Yep, and level 2 becomes level 3, and level 4, etc...
  17. GodOfThunder

    GodOfThunder New Member

    Unlocking Power Attacks

    Can someone explain what is the point of unlocking power attacks?


    I thought I would earn that weapon (Berserker Rage) in the end of the battle, but had no luck.

  18. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    You gotta get up to five people to fight along with you, then you will unlock the Berserker's Rage, if you get 10 to fight with you, the Thor's Smash will be available for your next power attack. The more people the higher power attack strength you unlock. Hopefully this helps your question.
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  19. yea but every next boss i need unlock power attacks again ?!
    and i look in my profile weapons/warriors/ and there is no my unlocked power attacks ... will be nice 2 see them some how in profile or will be more cool to add them on personal weapons :)
  20. look how many attacks and damage and see deferents >>> big clan do help with damage :)

    13 seconds ago
    Parasurama The BloodAxe Legend has dealt 15611 dmg and taken 16 dmg in 5 attacks, gaining 407 XP and 479686 coins.

    9 minutes ago
    killer467 has dealt 48665 dmg and taken 68 dmg in 58 attacks, gaining 1016 XP and 26827094 coins.

    1 day ago
    Ashley Ivan has dealt 45 dmg and taken 7 dmg in 3 attacks, gaining 3 XP and 7181 coins

    1 day ago
    Ashely Hildigunna has dealt 41 dmg and taken 7 dmg in 3 attacks, gaining 3 XP and 5285 coins.

    1 day ago
    Joe Eyjot has dealt 44 dmg and taken 6 dmg in 3 attacks, gaining 3 XP and 7692 coins.

    1 day ago
    Tjorvi Bragi Hognison has dealt 263 dmg and taken 2 dmg, gaining 4 XP and 260870 coins.

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