Bosses - BETA now live!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by tim, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. tim

    tim Administrator

    We are proud to announce a brand new feature in Pirate Clan that we call Bosses. Note that this feature will continue to be tweaked and refined but we wanted to get feedback from the players!

    Key points we want feedback on include:

    - Any difficulty points for the lower level players
    - Bugs / Issues using the feature
    - Confusion points
    - Etc

    For more information, please view the Help and please note that any Boss stats that you may rack up while the feature is in BETA may be lost until we make an official release. (Achievements, Drops and Boss Victories will not be lost)

    Hope you guys enjoy East Tortuga's Two-Headed Turtle. Look forward to seeing more bosses in the near future to challenge all you higher ups!
  2. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    First time bosses were released, a few of us noticed that after defeating the boss and getting the achievement, the skill points given to us either disappeared or when used on stats they were taken away. Are we getting those back? This is on Myspace, btw.
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  3. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    Where is the two-headed turtle boss in the myspace version, I cant seem to find it in East Tortuga where was said to be found.
  4. Nev

    Nev New Member

    the turtle is dead!! :D


    is possible to add the number of killing bosses in their stat? :rolleyes:
  5. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    You go to the Battle tab first, then over to bosses. Click on view coop bosses and it should be there.
  6. BazTurner

    BazTurner New Member

    The new feature is awsome Kano thank you.
  7. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    Thank you, didn't noticed it at first
  8. steve

    steve New Member

    The bosses are awsome:)
  9. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    I would like to see it limited on the number of attacks that your clan can do on a boss, say five or six per day. This would be just like the adventures.
    Boss battle is great idea. Looking forward to more updates as always.
  10. steve

    steve New Member


    We just killed a boss, Im level 31 and i got a reward but my two other captain of level 8 and 10 didnt receive their rewards. Why is this? is it to do with their low levels?
  11. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    did you kill the turtle yourself towards the end, that could be a factor or they didnt attack enough to recieve a reward
  12. BradyG

    BradyG New Member

    Love the boss battle feature...killed that suka in not time lol
  13. steve

    steve New Member

    It could be possible they didn't do enough damage. I did land the last blows that killed the turtle.
  14. Dread Lord

    Dread Lord New Member

    The Bosses R Really Nice other Then The LONG LONG LONG time limit they Have :{{{{ and the greedy Clan mats that feel they have to hit it to its dead
  15. jtrusty

    jtrusty New Member

    It is my understanding that it doesn't matter who kills the turtle, the one who initiated the attack will still get rewarded. Is this so? I killed a couple last night, and would not wish to take away from my fellow clan mates in doing so.
  16. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    How do you kill it quickly? I'm level 119 and have attack strength of 78 but only doing 120ishdamage per stamina. My armed weapons have a combined 91 damage. I am not using any of the weapon listed under weakness. I did try arming one and it did very little additional damage. Not enough to make up for the time I'd have to spend arming and disarming whenever I wanted to battle.
    To me it seems like a really tough boss for the first level.
  17. steve

    steve New Member

    If you select power attack and use five stamina it dies much quicker. I did notice that arming yourself with the weapons that it is weak against it does not make much of a difference.
  18. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    I find that 5 single attacks do more damage than a power attack. My single attacks do approx 120 damage while a power attack does 550 damage.
  19. 570 attack strengthen works good 13- 20 power attacks and boss is dead 2 hours left to kill next boss :D

    Jack Punisher
  20. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    How is it determined who gets the rewards?
    It was my boss. I did 25071 Damage. Another person did 25230 dmg. My reward was cash and exp. I didn't get any favour points or La Tortuga.

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