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  1. ok i know i picked a really long name(like 1 letter before the limit)but i would think that on the side where it shows how much damage and how many attacks youve inflicted on the boss,i would think that the name would not run though it making it almost impossible to read.
  2. cesarr

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    is this a suggestion or bug?
  3. its a issue not a bug per say since the name is running through the damage and attacks i dealt making it impossible to read
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    LOL.. i was gonna ask you why the really long name.. all those letters screw up the columns in the squad list.. lol
  5. i actually wanted to go longer but it was too much.i wish this got fixed,just have to shrink the letters of the name a little so it doesn't run through like that.

    to anyone that is screwed up cause of this,sorry,but how was i suppose to know the name would run through everything:eek:
  6. Kendall

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    We will look into all the places that long names may be causing some problems and hopefully get them fixed shortly.
  7. thanks Kendall.

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