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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by AlterEgoT, Jun 1, 2019.

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    "Old Salt" brought up a topic about grouping the finished raids to easily collect.

    It brought up something I've often wished for when hitting bosses. A sort.

    Being able to sort by time ending would be most welcomed for those of us that join a lot of bosses. We'd be able to see which bosses are in trouble.

    For example, the other day I had a full page of expired bosses. I didn't even realize they weren't dying as they were so far down the list. Had I known I could have helped some of them die. Instead, I have no idea how long they sat there incomplete and out of time.

    I think being able to sort by time remaining would answer Old Salt's request as well as address the expired boss issue to a degree.

    Could add whatever other sorts you'd like but that would be most helpful that I can see.

    Thank you for the consideration.
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