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    As I continue to go along with the Mob Wars LCN game, I noticed that I am now getting closer to bosses that are giving rewards for more continuous defeats. Starting with the Hitmen boss, you now have the chance to earn additional skill points, XP, and cash for beating the bosses past 10 times. Why not expand the achievements and rewards for the lower bosses? I do not suggest adding in rewards for level 20, 35, and 50. I think that a good reward for New York (Moretti), Chicago (De Luca), London (Abbott), Las Vegas (Black Mambas), Moscow (Ivanov), Dubai (Nazim), and Shanghai (Lo Pan) would be to include defeats of bosses 50 and 100 times. The rewards should be skill point and XP based.

    For New York, Chicago, and London, defeated 50 times will be 8 skill points and 5% XP to level. Defeat 100 times, reward will be 15 skill points and 10% XP to level.

    For Las Vegas, Moscow, Dubai, and Shanghai defeated 50 times will receive 9 skill points and 5% XP to level. Defeat 100 times, rewards will be 18 skill points and 10% XP to level.

    The same can continue on for the remainder of the bosses up to the Hitmen. The formula I used for determining the skill points was for defeating 50 times, you add the two first achievement rewards together. For the 100 times reward, you add achievement rewards for #2 & 3.
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    10 from me and this should be done for all games
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    We're adding new achievements to all games but I don't think this category will be expanded. We're looking into other ways of acknowledging how many times players have killed their bosses so if you can think of anything else hit us up! For now I'm moving this to "not being considered."

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