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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Craig Day, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Yes that would be the idea. For #2 would have to think through how we could display the helper dmg bar since I think different bosses require different min dmg but I think we can figure out a way to make it work.
  2. The point of this whole discussion isn't whether or not you do it *ANYMORE*, Polish. You've done it all the way up to the world leader board -- one of 8 people in Myspace to rank in both categories and the only one to make the top 5 in both. Where you would point out that you're far behind the leaders in both cases, I'd point out that you've hit 9k more clan bosses than the next highest and you're still only 400+ bosses from being in the top spot for killing your own bosses.

    If you're to be believed you've stopped but that has more to do with not wanting to spend money due to Kano's perceived ineptitude rather than some altruistic response to what's best for "the majority". The vast majority of players set limits on FB (I have no idea what you guys do over on Myspace). This may have sounded like an insult but it wasn't intended to be so I'll apologize now if you read it that way.

    This very well might not be an issue on Myspace but it's most definitely an issue on FB. Your opinions are based on your experiences on Myspace while others might be based from their experiences on FB or the recently deceased Hi5. So we argue our points from different perspectives. Your opinion is valid but so is everyone else's.

    Since FB has far more players, my guess is that a change like this would benefit the vast majority of VC players, in general, by a long shot.

    As a side note, Nyquil apparently makes me sound like a moderator so I'm going to end this with a hearty "Up yours".
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    Wow...this was something that came up a looooong time ago...your right to the extent that a player should not get credit for their boss kill if they do zero damage.. I would go even further and say they shouldn't get credit for their boss kill unless they actually killed Maybe then a lot more players would actually set limits (yes....i know this doesn't help kanos pocket book as much as boss blasters do). Whats funny is for the longest time (and still to this day) many players still believe they do need to kill it to get credit for it.

    To go even further...and im sure u remember as i made dozens of posts about it back in the day......The boss kill achievement leader board should count all bosses killed by a player.., not just their own bosses killed. Makes sense to me. But to make a long story short...I have no issue with boss owners having to at least get the minimum damage required in order to get credit for the kill. Its a small step...but a step in the right direction (IMO)

    I think Jeromes and your idea for the "one slider fits all approach" is a great idea. Contrary to some players beliefs....The last thing i want to do is kill a boss someone would have rather had limits on. With that said....Im hoping that your suggesting this in case of a rare event a "cache server" dies and not because u think it will continue to

    In the mean time I would hope Kano keeps it easy for the majority and the default setting stays where its at and that the minority of players that choose to set limits (not saying they're wrong in doing so)on their bosses hold themselves accountable in the unfortunate event that they forget to set a limit. .
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    yes your correct that the whole of this discussion is not whether i do it anymore. My response was in direct response to the allegations that Im basically looking out for myself....If im not playing that way moving forward....obviously I have nothing to gain.

    It sounds to me as if u r diametrically opposed to "boss blasting" as a legitimate form of leveling. Thats your opinion and I respect that. I would counter with that its a perfectly legit way of leveling that is well within the rules. Ive never had alts that have fed me bosses nor have i ever used my position in the game to strong arm someone into giving me bosses or lifting limits. Rather....from day one of my first account i realized the importance of clan and lots of it....My success in these games has always been in most part due to my clans generosity. In addition...I take great pride in the fact I try to return in kind whenever and however I can.

    Im extremely proud of my ranks on all the leader board categories....hell...if u added up both my accounts I would be crushing all comers in nearly every category. R u seriously gonna give me crap about blasting my own bosses?

    U can believe what ever u wish. Yes....there has been times that Ive gotten a bit impatient with individuals here in the forums, there have been times when Ive been set straight....when Ive realized my line of thinking was incorrect. But u r sorely mistaken If u think for one second that my motivations here in the forums have been self serving and I definitely resent the accusations whenever they're made. I've had zero problem playing these games these games to the utmost success within the rules and regardless of whether i agreed or disagreed with how somethings are implemented by Kano. I have come to these forums longer and more often then most because of things that i see as as an injustice to a segment of players or players as a whole. I come here to toss around ideas and get opinions that I think might enhance the playing experience for everyone. member r quick to dismiss my ideas or criticize my negative response to one of theirs because I happen to be a high ranked player and human nature dictates to most that Im only looking out for the like....Please....I havent always been a high ranked player. Ive been coming here from nearly day one, and I still have low ranked accounts in various games on diff networks. In my opinion....There is no other player more passionate about these Kanos games and it players of all levels. Thats exactly why I have no issue at all with pushing Kano and its players to the wall.

    Things may very well be very diff from one network to the other. Personally...I dont see that its all that diff from the perspective of my low level FB account. Im also good friends with a very wide level range of players in FB that seem to agree with my assessment. With that said.... I do value others opinions greatly but at the same time the OP of this thread and a few others (lol) can simply be implacable (Yes ...i know i can be the same way...just not this In the end....I cant help but think that some players are simply envious of others that r capable of going out and blasting bosses. Ive no doubt that the vast majority would go out and do just that had they the capability and or means. Its very easy to be diametrically opposed to something when u see someone doing something u cant that puts them in a situation u wish u were in .. regardless of the reasons behind it.

    If indeed the majority of all players were for a change such as this....I would be all for it. With the small sampling of players we get here in the forums we'll probably never know for sure. Guess were just stuck with the same ole group of implacable Fortunately it looks like Kano has come up with a reasonable solution that appears will deal with this issue in part, lets just hope it works out so we can all get on to the next item and give em hell!

    oh yeah...up yours too ;)
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    Mike....I agree that something needs to be done about the alts that r put in place for the sole purpose of furthering others main accounts, but that wasnt the idea behind this thread. The solution offered up by Jerome and Kendall addresses the original concerns of the OP

    I dont know how many times Ive suggested they moth ball the high leveled boss fleet....seems pointless to me to keep em going with no achievements tied to them. But they are still there and i took full advantage of them...not olly was it legit...but it helped both myself and the boss owner. Every player had/has the same opportunity to blast em...its completely fair. Correct me if im wrong...but I believe u basted a few bosses in your day, well in excess of 51%.

    How would it be fair to other players coming up thru the ranks now that blast bosses legitimately (without alts) if u mothballed the fleet of high leveled bosses or held them to a max of 49%. This could have worked great had it been implemented from the onset of bosses...but i think its a bit late now
  6. I am not saying that anyone is doing this at all but I want an honest opinion. Do you think that the potential is there for someone to have old friends that do not actively play the game that could log in and throw all their bosses to someone else? I believe that potential is very much a possibilty and something should be brought forward that could thwart this possiblilty "before" it happens. I have some GP's saved up and thought about calling up some of my old friends and see if they would log in every other day and throw me a load of bosses. But after thinking about it for a little while I decided it wouldn't be in the true spirit of the original design of the bosses. Should I go ahead and try this or should this way of leveling be avoided somehow? What can be done to help keep this kind of thing from happening. I am tempted to do this , but just because it can be done doesn't make it fair to the clans that are trying to share bosses in the way they were meant to be shared. I don't want to limit the amount someone can hit bosses but there has to be some sort of solution.

    OK here is a direct quote from you Kendall from the [ZS] Developer Update - May 24th Challenge Helper Bonus Fix Thread:

    ".... if a hole is left long enough it will start to be abused to the max eventually "

    So please consider closing the afore mentioned "hole". Thanks
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  7. Just saw this. Please remember that we only go by what we see. On FB the majority seems to set limits going by what I have seen, but on MS I guess it is different. So how can we be sure as to what is actually the "majority" . That being said, I think Kendall's solution may adress these concerns. But I wanted to reply to this.
  8. polishpimp

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    Is the potential there? of course. Is it illegal? I cant see how as long as its actually another player and not you with the inactive players log in info. Is it moral? IMO ...Sure...This is viking CLAN...To be successful (granted ... ones idea of success is very subjective) at this game while not cheating Is due in large part to ones clan . If that so called inactive player is actually taking the time to come back and feed u bosses on a regular basis...i would hardly call it an inactive account ( Im sure they would be collecting their money and very possibly listing a few rivals for old times sake). If this presents a morality issue for as i did ( clan that used to feed me bosses were all active) ask them to post them to the boss feed rather than send them to u via a url privately. This way others get a shot at them too if they happen to be on and have the stamina.

    Not sure if you could ever "thwart" something like this other than to disable accounts that have been inactive for long periods. But even then ...players often take a hiatus from the games due to a wide range of reasons.

    when u say "share bosses in the way they were meant to be shared" ...what exactly do u mean? Bosses were never intended to be shared the way most people think. They were intended to be helped with in order for a the bosses owner to get the power attacks unlocked so the boss owner could utilize them in order to take their own boss down.. The problem was....that most players realized quite quickly that unlocking the power attacks was pretty useless .. In order to unlock them all...u needed to many players and there was nt enough of the boss left to make the power attacks worth a hoot. Boss drops/reward were intended to simply entice clan to help because stamina was always at a premium. Kano was made aware of all this way back when and chose to do nothing, even limits were suggested way back then...again Kano did nothing. Back in the day it was actually difficult to get your bosses killed. It wasnt until myself and maybe one other guy (in MS anyways) realized that we could put all them wasted bosses to good use for all the obvious reasons that still hold true to this day. There was always opposition to this new style....but by far the majority was happy for a new style of leveling where b4 there was but 1

    In the end...Kano knew full well very early that bosses were changing the game and decided to roll with it for a variety of reasons(mostly money). Theyve had eons to change things had they wished to, thats why i chuckle when they still resort to the phrase "not intended"....theyve been using that from like day 3 of
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  9. @ polish

    Spot on! I remember now all the problems when the bosses were first introduced. I left the game right afterward for over a year. We all tried to voice opinions that went unheard and this lead to what we have now. Another example of how our concerns were left unheeded. Thanks for your very insightful recollection. Perhaps if I had stayed in the game I would be one of those Boss levelers right now. Who knows. Thanks for your opinion on the matter.
  10. Ok, so what if Kano made it so in order for someone to hit your boss over say 20% you would have to post it to the live feed and get a few helpers before the guy could continue pounding your boss?
  11. polishpimp

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    i think imposing any limit on a boss just isnt right and wouldnt be fair to the newbs. Kano made it so posting in game links no longer worked....why dont they make it so outside links such as dont work either. Posting links in the world chat doesnt work...I dont see why they cant do it in-game as well
  12. Okay, I think banning tiny urls is out of line. Here's a novel idea......why don't we let the boss owner do whatever the heck they want with their own bosses??? No limits, unless the impose them. Sharing via tiny url....if they so choose. It isn't anyone else's business after all, is it?

    The way it is now isn't broken, why try to fix it? There are other issues, imo, much more important for Kano to focus upon than fixing a system that is working just fine.
  13. Maler

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    i agree. it is working fine the way it is now.
  14. Jon Ward

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    There should not be a limit on how many bosses a player can help on. Lets face it you have over 1000 players you can add in the game there is plenty enough bosses for everyone to go around. And no one is really going to care if you set the slider bar on your bosses so long as its always above the min to receive the rewards for helping. Which if memory serves me correct when your bosses first start off at low level the slider can be put under the min but most players will not do this or players will look to see if there is a slider set and how much it requires to receive the min rewards on that boss. The thing most players get upset about is when players kill there bosses some do take it personal. If you do not want that to happen sit the bar low and post it only to your friends who will not kill your boss. There are plenty of ways for you to get the most experience you want the item drops you want from doing bosses and helping others. Limiting things is just going to make the game go down the drain faster and make others find a new game to play.
  15. Psssttttttt.... for the record... there was another crash/reset tonight. Gee... if only someone had the foresight to predict something like that would happen again.

    Oh Wait... someone did. :)

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