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  1. Does anyone know if the bosses have level caps? Or do you just keep killing them over and over again for all eternity? :cool:
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    Most likely all eternity.
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    Laughing my a** off :)
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    Never heard of a boss having a level cap. and I do believe i have seen some USA bosses in the level 400s.
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    Whaaaatttt? Actually this is a great question if you ask me!!!


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    I was laughing at Lord's answer :)
  7. i have a friend at last check a few months ago had a level 457 marine. i myself however have quite a few over level 250 and even a few aproaching the level 400 mark... i have 4300+ boss kills in total makes me wish kano had more achievements for bosses :(
  8. So it's exactly like marriage?

    Explains why we don't have any new boss achievements.

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