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  1. Recent events in one of the games brought back the notion that we have all had our share during our time playing these games of those certain people that relish in being hundreds to thousands of levels higher than other players they choose to place bounties on people knowing that those opponents can't offer even the slightest amount of resistance but do so in order to provoke a situation. All it does is make a person that might otherwise have fun playing the game enough to play less frequently or quit playing altogether. More often than not it isn't even a result of random attacking or helping another member slap/punch someone, but instead it's a matter of being targeted as revenge on another player in guilt by association (i.e. they are friends with or in a guild/armada/etc. as a person the other player has problems with). I myself took a several month sabbatical a number of years ago for this same reason.

    Given the use of social media outlets such as Facebook & Twitter this offers negative word of mouth advertising to spread easily. This in turn can easily translate to giving other people reason to stop playing or perhaps even stop others from even beginning to play the games on any of the available platforms. This would impact the buying of Favor Points or entering into offers by players to earn favor points from outside advertisers & marketers from which Kano may or may not have financial dealings/contracts with. Thus, not only are players having less fun, but Kano also has a potential affect on their revenue stream because of such situations. Neither of which benefits either.

    In most situations a person realizes that they must submit to the fact that they are hopelessly out-gunned, out-manned, or simply out-leveled by their opponent & they send them a message with the intent of "surrendering" or offering friendship or to add the person to their mob, chieftains, clan, or (whatever it is called in ZS). Some will accept, some won't. Then there are those who simply decide to block a person & keep with the onslaught giving the person they are pestering no course other than to file a complaint/report the player.

    This then becomes a problem on a new level that nobody really wants to have to deal with because in the end, more than likely, somebody is going to come out of it hating the result.

    So, my suggestion is to make it so that if a person blocks another player, they block them in all aspects of the game - not just from sending messages to one another. This would prevent any interaction including adding each other to their respective players, engaging in any form of battle (including attacking them on the bounty list or placing bounties on them), or even (to an extreme option) being able to see their profiles.

    Now, this would be a limited option akin to how counter attacks are utilized in the game. Each player would be granted only "X" number of these blocks. However, once a person is placed on the block list, they will remain there for no less than "X" number of weeks or months before the option to remove them is allowed. This would limit not only how many players people could protect themselves against at any 1 time, but make it so they couldn't use the blocks for "hit & hide" fighting with someone they don't like in the game.

    I expect that the warmonger players to protest this to the Nth degree, but with proper limitation in the number available, long term placement of individuals on blocks, & Kano's revenue stream a factor... I'm sure the more level headed in product development, testing, & production will have more open minds to giving consideration.
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  2. Kirsten

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    While I can understand why you think this , I look at it as a challenge to build an account stronger , while it seems unfair to be someone/s target everyone is at one time or another or daily , as this is a PVP game , there are plenty of great games around where your only enemy is computer generated, so my suggestion for those not equipped to handle a fighting game with people to check those out
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  3. Survival Streak 0

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    I can see where you're coming from in this...but I don't think this is the way to deal with it.
    Maybe Kano should revise the free for all bounty threshold as they were set at the start or early on in the games, and the game today isn't the same as it was back then.
  4. If it were myself, I'd agree, however in this instance the person doing the bounties that brought this back to mind is 7000-8000 levels higher than the persons they are placing bounties on [INSERT BY EDIT - The person placing the bounties in question on this instance is just over level 9000). So far, I have already personally have had to beg & plea with new players to stay & tough it out so we have a growing base of players to keep the game from losing ground & hopefully even continue to grow it's base on Kanoplay & Kongregrate where I currently play (I started on MySpace over 5 years ago, I use the same profile name here that I use in all the games I play on both platforms (MW, PC, & VC).

    People talk about how the game is dying & we aren't attracting new players to fill the losses. That's not completely true, situations like this span the range of games. On another, I have seen more than 2 dozen people that joined the MW Syndicate I am an officer on at Kongregate leave because they were being placed on the hit list simply because someone saw them as an Elite Mobster on one of their enemies' profile page(s). They didn't do anything other than post openings for elites or filled a spot. One of the key examples of guilt by association.

    Personally, I look at situations like this as a badge of honor - if someone that high in level above me has to bounty me that often, it must mean they are so cowardly that they won't square off with me in a solid 1 on 1 slug fest to settle it like real gamers.
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    I play on FB that platform has alot more players to deal with than those other platforms,but again,it is a PVP game and people need to consider that aspect is the main draw, sure alot of player are adventure levelers and they are not into fighting but they wind up in an xp range they are ill equipped to be in,and that is just one example of people not using all the aspects of the game,not have enough clan,not doing enough bosses,not crafting , and if a low level wants to hunt then they also should be ready for retaliation,Many times there is no reason for someone listing someone, it just is,no one needs a reason lol Besides the fact alot of experienced players play on the other platforms so they know what they are doing, some one new to the games, on any platform is at a disadvantage in that respect. But that does not mean they should give up ,it spurs alot of people on or people quite, works both ways.
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    this is a great idea, 5 from me lolol...thats sarcasm in case you couldnt tell but i DID give this a five even though it'll go no where. they already have something in place for people that go over the top, its called protection and if the person youre talking about doesnt do anything harsh enough to warrant the protection feature than there's really nothing you can do but DEAL WITH IT :)
  7. I agree Kristin, it is a great motivator to some, but to others it's detrimental - especially on the newer platform expansions like Kongregate & Armor. Us "Old Hats" from the original platforms MySpace & Facebook have learned to deal with it & can coach new players on how to as well. I just hate to see a good game risk loss of play - that's what happened to another app I not only played on but was also a part of the product development, beta-testing, & community support group for - Clipwire Game's Nitrous Racing. They didn't listen to the players the way they should have like at least Kano tries to. If they had, their game may have survived the fall of MySpace & gone on to expansion at places like Kongregate & Armor like the various Kano ones have.

    Demonik, yeah caught what you thought was sarcasm - I thought it was simply bad comedy. And this is not the same as "protection" this is something less broad in scope, longer lasting, & meant more as a rolled up paper to swat away annoying gnat flies than a mutually assured nuclear self annihilation or a baby blanket Mommy will cover you with to protect you from a draft on a cold winter's day.

    This is meant for the people like Kristin suggested, the ones that are here more for the adventure aspect of the game & less for the hardcore combat like the rest of us that have been here long enough know is inevitable. On Kongregate the people that were doing the hit lists learned the easy way that allies do matter & the more you have the better - they haven't been able to hit list on the account of being dead from being put on it by others.

    Like the old saying goes, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. If you're going to play with fire expect to get burned. Never let your mouth write a check your butt can't cash. To underestimate your enemy is to lose the war before it has begun.
  8. Demonik1

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    adventure aspect? that lasts about one minute lol unless you have 50k energy. its a battle game...stand tall or cower in the corner. i can handle any player at any level with no tears shed, have been since i started playing the game. you and your guild should be happy im not like my rivals or your heal link would be worn out in half a day
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  9. Allen Sumaran

    Allen Sumaran Member

    Let me just say this. When I started this game I was a low level player and I got the tar pounded out of me on a daily basis. I even had some people who I thought were friends of mine turn on me because of who I was allied with. I worked hard, got alot better at the game and how my character was built and one by one I vanquished my rivals. Did the give me a sense of pride? Heck yes it did! I am now a very high level player in Viking Clan with very few real rivals. If you are serious about the game, it can be done. We didn't have protection then, and even if we would have, I would not have been in favor of it. My advise to everyone is to work hard, level any way you can and get strong. Then you will earn the respect of your rivals and you will be proud of what you have achieved!

    Allen Sumaran

    Level 10782 Songweaver
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  10. Kirsten

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    There are plenty of adventure games out there,my reference was that was not the way to play these games, it is just one aspect of a well rounded game with many aspects to it and don't ignore or neglect those other ones.
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  11. Allen Sumaran

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    Bosses are a great way to level if you have the stamina. And the drops make stronger. Especially the high level Bosses. As for me, at the present time, I have nobody who I can level with.
  12. Kirsten

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    For me personally I don't do the level partner thing, it is boring, but what I do see is alot in who do it,wind up so high there is no one else around,then if someone actually does not fight they are all "about the unwritten rules"" ,"ya can't attack me more than 5 times" and only forDGP's " or I only attacked you for DGP's , it is just silly ,lmao, I like the challenge of fighting someone without some agreement, of whose turn it is and taking my lumps if I choose someone I cannot beat.
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  13. I play each of the games 10-15 minutes a day, I have more important things to do... as a wildlife photographer it's not convenient to carry around a computer to play games when you have sunlight burning trying to get the perfect photo in areas that signal reception doesn't even exist or is problematic at best.

    My attempt was to bring it as a suggestion in a way that someone that is crying over their spilled milk wouldn't be able to. The problem comes when you have megalomaniacal individuals who come across like they think that they are the living incarnation of their own online imaginations that take the games way too seriously for everyone but the criminally insane. However, it is their choice to play that way & as long as they don't violate any terms of service or privacy agreements in the process, God Speed to them.

    For me, I'll try to give back what I get - sometimes I'll have to do 4x as many losing attacks to pay back all the damage, but I'll do it. Almost everyone I show that much tenacity to end up sending me an add request once they realize that no matter how hard they pound on me that I'll return it point for point even if those points are in continual losses... as long as it's fun for both of us, why the heck not? I've attacked myself to death on several occasions with different people & I've had others do the same to me - it's not like dieing in the game does anything so damaging that you can't earn it back easy enough.

    Yet, I think we've all seen the varying aspects of the pros & cons of this suggested idea. As far as I'm concerned they can lock the thread as I think we've covered enough angles for the Devs to come to their own conclusion on this issue at this time.
  14. Demonik1

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    well said...i remember a few years back someone messaged about that 5 attack crap lol it was the first i had ever heard of it, got a good laugh out of that one haha could you imagine someone saying that in an actual battle? stop shooting now, you used your five bullets, its my turn xD
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  15. FYI - The original post by me was actually made by someone that had access to my accounts using stored login information in my browser. He made 2 suggestion posts here meant to cause me problems. The guy was getting even for a prank I pulled on him prior. He still hasn't said all he's done but I've found situations on at least 5 websites. So, I apologize for any situation(s) it may have caused anyone.
  16. Donna Hay

    Donna Hay New Member

    This Pirate is a Bully [RGP] Fearless Face Chris Level 38705 He is 2600 levels ahead of me.
    48 attacks,1 bounty attack,4 pistol whips in 1 day, 4 hours
    Attacked first: 1 day, 11 hours ago Last attacked: 7 hours ago He also does not heal when attacking raid bosses. He should have a timeout! Who do we contact about that. I do not like this player and I am on the verge of quitting on the count of him. I would love to be able to block him.
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    He can only attack you if you open yourself up to him as far as him not healing raids nothing will or can be done pkayers who let him in their raids have no one to blame but themselves stay off if public raids he rarely gets invites so stick with private raids and 48 attacks is really nothing
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