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  1. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Member

    Ok so there was a blitz today. I started fresh with 0 kills at the beginning of the blitz. Lists flashed off an on pretty much the entire time. When slayers with good health went up they were 7/8 dead by the time i could move my pointer from the HL tab to the attack button. I was not lagged. Could understand that if i was. I am no slouch at hunting. it's what i do the most. I have over 38,000 hitlist kills and would like to think i can recognize when something fishy is going on. It reminded me of the vikings/pirates blitzes. Those games are totally out of control with the automated assistants. Why will your team not monitor this. The zombie slsyer blitz today looked like your run of the mill viking clan blitz. Some of us pay actual money at times to play this game and it's unfair that some cheat can just download a program and let it hunt for them. Or download a program that you an set at 50 clicks 100 clicks 150 clicks per second. I really wish a few of you would create a level 3000 account with 20 hired sqd and a decent health attack build and try it out one. You will see firsthand what im talking about. Im not trying to be threatening here but fi this continues and you and your team continue to allow cheats to run wild w/o impunity i will no longer be spending on this game. I mean it was just so obvious today. Please get a team together and monitor the next one. It's only an hour...Im sure you all are capable of doing that. Cheaters who autoclick and cheaters who run programs are like a spit in the face to those of us who got our hitlist kills the right way. with our clicking fingers. Not even a spit in the face...A snotty spit in the face. Blitzes were a good idea but you guys had to know that it would bring these cheats out in full force. And the reason they keep doing it is because they know kano very rarely does anything about it. Same reason people cheat in battle arena. They do it because they know there will be no consequences from kano. Look inot this and fix it please. Ban the people who autoclick. No matter how long theyve been around or how much $ they've spent. Spending money shouldnt give you license to cheat and screw rule abiding players at the same time. Ok those were my 2 cents. or more rather my $3.50 . You guys are smart and i have faith you can root these scumbags out. They know who they are.
  2. funnyman

    funnyman Member

    i believe this is not first time this has happen but what is worse when nothing is being done about this..... im saying kano needs to start earning our cash by checking up on data during these blitz and also other times..... i simply cannot understand it is not possible to check up on players click speed and ammount of attacks
  3. Tony Cecil

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    It is totally possible. I know they run 4 games but only 1 blitz at a time. This is 100,000% possible to monitor. 100,000% possible to catch people not playing within game parameters. I know they've said that they are and actively enforce their rules, but the abuse of their rules have increased 100 fold....or greater. Ill state again: letting these deplorable cheats run wild is a deep cough snotty spit in the eye to loyal players who play within the rules. Players who use nothing but their mouse and fingers or laptop touch pad and fingers and clicking for each attack. Not hitting a hot button and letting some program do the "work" for you. no depressing the left click and holding it down thus letting it click over and over until you let go. Talking about real gamers with what you might call integrity who cannot stand these cheats who ruin the game for everyone. And for what? A competitive edge. I've never used any cheat the whole time ive played these games and if you look at the world leaderboards on LCN/VIKINGS/PIRATES/ZOMBIES there are only 12 or 13 people ahead of me on hitlist/bounty kills. Done this all with my fingers. So to all you cheaters out there: It is possible to accumulate high numbers w/o compromising your integrity. You may not get caught, but im fairly certain that inside you cannot feel the same sense of accomplishment as those who have done it the right way. So put your cheats to rest and start playing the right way. You just may surprise yourself.
  4. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    DO AWAY with the blitz only scribts or bots get the hits and then you all at kano says there are no cheats being used and when you play the blitz we the people playing see the bots and makes us upset that you never ever find them, OH wait those spend so you dont ban em. Its messed up kano you dont wanna get rid of the bots and cheats then get rid of there advantage to gain money and hitlist kills. Kano needs to be active and banned the real cheaters its old KANO ITS OLD 7 YEARS old
  5. Backdoor Boo boo

    Backdoor Boo boo Active Member

    Was just playing the blitz 30 min and only 4 hits no kills waste of figgin time ya cant beat a bot so why even have it!:mad:
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  6. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    Well i guess, not sure whats the problem with it. But lower players do well less damage. Most of the time i can kill them in 3 or 4 hits. Or less. But that`s not because it cheats? it`s because or levels is way higher.

    Also you need to refresh the hitlist keep spamming that bottom and the list refresh better. Yeah it is stupid but that works for me. I can manage to kill well 20/50 depend on the hitlist.
  7. Sara619

    Sara619 New Member

    This is still happening. Kano do something about these auto clickers. I know that you can check into this. IP ban these cheaters. What is the use in playing a game when you have to cheat?!?!?
    It is frustrating for the lower level players that it makes it even harder for us. All levels deserve to play without auto clickers, cheat sheets, etc. I know all can't be stopped. Please do something about this.
    People that are cheating stop this. You can't get a sense of accomplishment playing like this. If you do, work on that warped part inside you that does.
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  8. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    The answer is the can not. Autoclick it`s easy to hide. Because internet lag/keyboard lag. Enc there is no proof. People have multi tabs open for healing to. Its (cheating to) And more tricks the use. To abuse the system. Seen also a program or better named a script for Outbreak Assisted/Challenge Assisted and world boss hits. There is just no way the can find that. The best way to notice people using this is that have higher hits on world boss then normal. Unless you miss out the 1 min hit counter because that can stack up to 500 times. But before that you will see.

    Also use (Leaderbord) click outbreak assist. There is no way people have that many assist when there are playing like 1000 days and already in the top 100. I can say a name a few but i do not care. Playing it for a long time seen a lot a douchbags in this game. uhh mean not so friendly people.
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  9. zippy

    zippy New Member

    :mad:READY to quit.........PLayed mobsters on My Space like 6 years ago, we had a better platform, yeah people cheated, had multiple accounts, bots etc. but we could openly communicate and actually had met a lot of nice people, was able to catch a abounty- this is crap- I have a bot user on me every day, no fun.Gave it a shot, might stay when I am bored to tears. Yet another Developer all about the money
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  10. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    The only advice i have for new players is to have patience for most (cheaters) the game is slow base at later levels and the fun is minimum if you need wait for 1 level. And hitting the same players over and over because there is no other people left. Still i can not say that for 100% off course people still trying at that level. Seen a (punsh script user). To get people angry to push you just for a year long every day 10/20 days a day. Happens to me to. And other people. So you can rage quit about it. Or like a say have patience at some point your day`s come. If you have the patience to build your char. Good luck

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