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    damed elevn queens and blacksmiths are removed from recipts list too now what is up are kano removeing all the warroirs for lower ish end of game so we have to buy crates only to get good warroirs ?? or is it just a way to weken the raid level even more by removeing all craftings that they coud use to get back in balnce on power borde ??
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    I still see them, make sure items+locations are set to all.
  3. If the bosses are so meticulously tested, why don't they work perfectly on all platforms?
  4. When the roll out is done things may not be perfect. Report any bugs or issues and and be patient. Remember ". @Dobby is working his butt off answering as quick as he can, and meanwhile we are hiring some backup for the Support department to help him out. @mi7ch and I ( Scoughman) will be jumping in on tickets next week to help patch things over while the new hires get trained up. Kano is still a growing company and we’re excited to bring on these new folks in Support, as well as hiring for other dev and management positions, so we can keep improving and maintaining the games for a long, long time."
  5. I understand what you are saying. Maybe the model being used to open up the availability of crafting items should be changed. The game has changed over the years. The monthly raids enables players to level hundreds of levels within a 5 day period. I have leveled so much in Pirates and Vikings that when a new land opens, everything opens up. When I say everything, I mean each of the adventures for that new land is open to me. Minus the knowledge of the level availability of that adventure. I have to ask other players what is the level a new land opens at. The blacksmith recipes for this new land are usually posted within a 2 week period. Again, all of this is available to me. Does that mean new lands should be in longer intervals? No, That would be unfair to the players below my level. For there are more of them, then there are of me. [I had to get that in.]
    It is the crafting/ blacksmithing that needs be revisited.
    In Mob Wars, where I have not, as of yet, have each boss, I see what is being said. My next adventure craft is Escape Armor, which becomes available at level 9620. The adventure used to craft the item opens at 9520. That is 100 levels later. One hundred levels is a lot in Mob Wars. The levels between item and crafting availability need to be looked at. Maybe item crafting should be scheduled at shorter intervals or available when players has their own access to the item. If a player overcrafts an elite or legendary item, reverse recipes are available.
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    Elite Shadowswipe Sword
    123 Attack/122 Defense
    Level Unlock: Level 11600
    USELESS Legendary Level 15500 missed this one as well
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    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the extra 0.4% you're looking for.
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    Might be 0.5% if all #'s were correctly entered :p
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    So no fix on this one?
    These are really low stat's, Elite are 123/122 level 11600 and legendary is level 15500 with whopping stat's of 137/134, level 10ks are wanting to legend these already. As I said this one got missed. :confused:
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    Fix this one atleast SMACK, and I'll stop bugging you for awhile. :p This is way low on my list for things, but people keep asking me about it.
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    hey! i just found a small community that thinks they are important just like every other foumu!
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    TY, for your much needed input :rolleyes:
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    Picture should explain it, just going about this when notice em..... ;)

  14. I agree with your suggestions
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    Missed this entry, needs to be changed from level 16100 to level 16175
    (Unlocked at Level 16175)


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