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  1. Vipul Bhushan

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    can you'll come up with a blacksmith crafting recipe for West Indies, of high attack & defense which involves only gifts, no drops.

    With 15k energy & another 15k from daily reward together give up to 60 drops of the last adventure of West Indies - You spot the Hunter fleet, the battle is joined

    This results in a mounting surplus of gifts.

    Alternatively the randomness could be increased to a drop for every hit.

    This'll be immensely helpful for future locations too.
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  2. Donna Hay

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    This sounds like an awesome idea; I totally support this!
  3. Yes is a great idea..
    We really need more challenge in Blacksmith.
    Not only pirates but also vikings need more blacksmith challenge.
    Where is the secret craftings from beginning of the game ?
    you could also make possible to craft lower unusable items to usable ..

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