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  1. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    ONE of the two items comes from something you can get at level 420. I have been told it is the Frost Giant...or the Elder Frost Giant. Makes sense, you use a "Giant" warrior to get a "Giant" warrior.

    Two unique items: Kano Shield and Trickster's Blade
    Two non-unique items: Kano Shield and Kano Shield
  2. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    The rock giant comes after level 420, the unlock level for the under giant, so it couldn't be part of the puzzle.
  3. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    Has anyone tried the Sword of Ice (Odins Challenge reward)...with the Frost Giant....

    also...All Blacksmith items that are warriors require a minium of two there is only two unique items used......

    I'm thinking it is two unique warriors.....

    Just a theory...
  4. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I have tried the sword of ice, if you look above there is a very long list of everything i have tried to combine with the frost giant, elder frost giant and battle etin. It did however occur to me last night that i have not yet done the aegirs passage odins rune challenges, maybe something from them is part of the answer
  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    How do you figure that?
    There aren't that many warriors open for a level 420 player, ONE of which comes at level 420. As Seth already said, he has tried essentially EVERYTHING with Elder Frost Giant and Frost Giant.

    DarkStratus, the Kano Secret Ninja, said that the Under Giant requires 2 unique items to craft.

    We know from the Blacksmith listing that the most recent of the items is open AT LEVEL 420.

    What We Can Infer:
    • I trust what our Secret Ninja told us. So we know there are two different items used.
    • Blacksmith says it can be done by a level 420 at the earliest. This means if the higher item is an adventure drop, it comes from the middle of Niflheim. Either the Frost Giant or the Elder Frost Giant is that drop.
      • Furthermore, a Warrior Recipe suggests it uses a Warrior. This makes sense.
    • The user "seth the chef" has compiled a long list of items he tried with both of the Frost Giants. Again, we assume he is telling the truth (in this case because he would want to craft it as well) and we can know that the second item is very likely NOT a Warrior.
    • Ky76, I have seen nothing that proves all Warrior Recipes need at least 2 Warriors. Nor have I seen anything suggesting that both items here are Warriors.

    Seth, are there any items that you did NOT get a chance to test? I've done the Aegir's Passage Rune Challenge but only the first Niflheim Rune Challenge, so I have Aegir's Longship but not the Elder Frost Giant. Could it be the "Billow Maiden," another Aegir's Passage drop?

    Frost Giant + Yeti Ice Sword
    Frost Giant + Aegir's Longship

    I'm trying to think what else I can test with the Frost Giant.:eek:
    Secret Ninja, could you tell us if gifts are used?:D If none are, could we know whether they are Warriors or Weapons?:eek:
  6. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I have all the niflheim challenge drops, but none from aegirs passage. There are also several gifts i don't have, which i've been requesting and trying as i obtain them. I haven't had much time the last 2 nights to try new combos but probably will this weekend while all the kids are gone. So hopefully we will get the thing figured out within the next few days
  7. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Aegir's Passage Challenge had the Aegir's Longship (which I got and tested with the Frost Giant), a Warrior that I do not remember, and another item of type unknown.

    D'you know WHICH gifts you haven't tested? I think I have them all and can test with the Frost Giant...leaving the Elder Frost Giant for you (since I have neglected to get it) :rolleyes:
    I'm in the middle of Vingolf's Challenge and I'll do the remaining Aegir's Passage ones after that. You know...I think the third item was a Warrior.
  8. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I don't have the viking tunic, long bow, wooden shield, poison arrows, battle chainmail, trained hawk, rabbit shield, wooden rabbit amulet and leather armbands
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Right then. Testing those gifts with the Frost Giant now. Will edit this post when I find something out.

    if the recipe is correct, but I lack the funds or enough of the item, it will say so (this happened with the Hellfire Chariot...I made a screen capture to prove it)
    Longbow - nothing
    Leather Armbands - nothing
    Wooden Rabbit Amulet - nothing
    Rabbit Shield - nothing
    Wooden Shield - nothing
    Poison Arrows - nothing
    Viking Tunic - nothing
    Battle Chainmail - nothing
    Trained Hawk - nothing

    I could clan with you and send you any you need.
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  10. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    number of items

    like with the hellfire chariot, you realize the under giant could take a ridiculous number of each of the ingredients? I don't know exactly what kind of "hint" has been given but if it only says "two unique items", that doesn't necessarily mean anything (whishful thinking aside) regarding the number of copies of each... Or would the recipe be unlocked still if one tries with the right combination but insufficient numbers?
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  11. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I answered this in my edited post before I saw your question. No, the recipe is NOT unlocked BUT the Blacksmith tells you the recipe failed because you did not have enough of them. That way you know you have the right combination, and now how many you need versus how many you have.
    I've attached proof of this happening when I discovered the Hellfire Chariot recipe.

    Attached Files:

  12. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Ninjas? Could we have a little hint, please? Thanks!:cool:
  13. IamKJS

    IamKJS New Member

    Hey everybody. I think we are all overlooking an important part of the clue the ninjas gave us. He said "two unique item types" not just unique items. I just re-read all of the posts here. This could possibly mean that we need both giants and a weapon maybe... just tossing out possibilities. Hope it helps. I don't have enough of the ingredients to try much yet.
  14. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I had asked whether the "unique" was for items or for item types. Urgh, too confusing. And VC only has two item types anyways. Pirate Clan has 3: Matey, Weapon, Ship. All the gifts are Weapons for BOTH of those Clan games. So either that was an unhelpful hint, or we only use two different items (quantity unknown) to make the Under Giant.

    Anyways, the level 420 requirement indicates either the Frost Giant or the Elder Frost Giant, ONE of which is unlocked in Niflheim at level 420.
    I don't think we know any more than that...and unfortunately I STILL don't have the Elder Frost Giant. :rolleyes:
    Some hidden recipes use a previous crafted that the case here? Perhaps the second item type (assuming the first is one of the Frost Giants) is the Ice Dart. The only problem is...Ice Dart uses two items from the Niflheim Rune Challenge. Since the Ice Dart is unlocked BEFORE the Under Giant, then the Niflheim Rune Challenge is BEFORE a player reaches level 420. So the level 420 item almost HAS to be the Frost Giant. If so, then anything from before the Frost Giant is fair game, and anything afterward is off-limits.
  15. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    So, I get the impression that it is the Frost Giant with some other item.
    Quotes from our beloved Ninja (on page 2 and 3):
    Here is all the lists of items that failed to react with the Frost Giant (some tested by me, but most from helpful others) alphabetized:
    advent wreath
    aegir guard
    aegir staff
    aegir war ship
    aegirs amulet
    aegirs armor
    aegirs hammer
    aegirs longship
    aegirs trident
    aesir statue
    battle ax
    battle etin
    battle swine
    blessed oil
    blood decoy
    byggvir ale
    celtic gorget
    chainmail armor
    champion ax
    champion knives
    cyclops smash club
    cyclops war helm
    death dealer
    deluxe spears
    drakkar figurehead
    elder frost giant
    fafnir dragon helm
    fishing drakkar
    fishing spears
    forearm armor
    forged helm
    freyjas armor
    freyjas follower
    freyjas sword
    giant squid
    golden apple of youth
    great fishing net
    hiking boots
    hugin and mugin
    ice dart
    ice shard catapult
    iwaz rune
    kite shield
    lands end sentinel
    leather helm
    lobster breast plate
    lobster guantlet
    lobster hook whip
    long range catapult
    lump of coal
    mead horn
    mini melee ax
    mini throwing axes
    minotaur flail
    minotaur hoof club
    minotaur war bow
    morning star
    njord hook
    njord ship
    njord warlord
    norse prince
    north star charm
    northern knot charm
    obsidian dagger
    odins mask
    pack horse
    pillagers ax
    pillagers helm
    pillagers tunic
    rock giant hammer
    rock tunic
    ruffian blade
    ruffian helm
    ruffian tunic
    rune chiseled ax
    sacred well
    scroll of vanir knowledge
    serpent claw blade
    serpent skin armor
    sheild of ice
    silver armband
    silver ornament
    skull dagger
    svalinn sun shield
    sword of ice
    tentacle whip
    thors amulet
    thunderstroke mace
    training sword
    twin minotaur axes
    undersea armor
    undersea chariot
    undersea helm
    underworld ring
    venom dart
    viking costume
    viking dagger
    viking longship
    viking war helm
    war boots
    war elephant
    warrior princess
    wolfskin cloak
    yeti ice helm
    yeti ice mace
    yeti ice sword
    zombie bat
    zombie drakkar
    zombie hunting hawk
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  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I have just tested the Frost Giant with previous Blacksmith items. However, I do not have the Ice Dart. Would some kind person test it and post their result, please?
  17. mikeyg

    mikeyg New Member

    ice dart did not work with frost giant or elder frost giant
  18. I tried the ice dart with both frost giants no luck
  19. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Elder Frost Giant does not work. There are two items, according to the Ninja. ONE of those is unlocked at level 420. This is the Frost Giant. The Frost Giant will then not make anything with the Elder Giant AND the Ice Dart.
    Looking at my list above, does anyone see an item missing? It can NOT be obtained after the Frost Giant as the Under Giant can be crafted by a player at level 420.
  20. blake

    blake New Member

    under giant?

    I have been working in the blacksmith trying to find the recipe for under giant, but I have not had any luck. Has anyone else found it yet?

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