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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SkylerF, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. davidswubc

    davidswubc New Member

    The Undergiant requires two unique item types to create. Thank you for the clue, but what is meant by unique item?
  2. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Unique items are two completely different items.
  3. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Not item TYPE, but like one item (unknown quantity) plus other item from somewhere else (also of unknown quantity).
    Like the Hellfire Chariot uses 2 UNIQUE items, but 100 total.:eek:
    50 Fire Wingsuits and 50 Fire Chariots.

    DarkStratus, could you tell us how many gift items versus non-gift items, pretty please? :cool:
  4. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I agree knowing how many gifts are required would be very helpful
  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Well, from the level requirement, I'd wager one of the two items is either the Frost Giant or the Elder Frost Giant.
    I've heard one of them unlocks at level 420.
  6. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I'm currently in the process of combining the frost giant with every item in my inventory except ones i purchased with favor points and boss drops from higher levels. I'm only level 453 so I should have a smaller inventory than higher level players and be able to do this quicker. If I don't find it then I'll do the same thing tomorrow after work with the elder frost giant
  7. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    frost giant,aegirs trident
    frost giant, mead horn
    frost giant, viking dagger
    frost giant, thors amulet
    frost giant, leather helm
    frost giant, ice dart
    frost giant, forearm armor
    frost giant, zombie hunting hawk
    frost giant, mini throwing axes
    frost giant, deluxe spears
    frost giant, champion knives
    frost giant, aesir statue
    frost giant, byggvir ale
    frost giant, celtic gorget
    frost giant, aegirs longship
    frost giant, sword of ice
    frost giant sheild of ice
    frost giant, freyjas follower
    frost giant, freyjas armor
    frost giant, freyjas sword
    frost giant, scroll of vanir knowledge
    frost giant, blessed oil
    frost giant, lump of coal
    frost giant, aegirs amulet
    frost giant, north star charm
    frost giant, aegirs armor
    frost giant, aegirs hammer
    frost giant, pillagers helm
    frost giant, iwaz rune
    frost giant, northern knot charm
    frost giant, champion ax
    frost giant, pillagers tunic
    frost giant, pillagers ax
    frost giant, ruffian helm
    frost giant, ruffian tunic
    frost giant, ruffian blade
    frost giant, obsidian dagger
    frost giant, mini melee ax
    frost giant, training sword
    frost giant, serpent claw blade
    frost giant, lobster breast plate
    frost giant, lobster guantlet
    frost giant, lobster hook whip
    frost giant, fishing spears
    frost giant, serpent skin armor
    frost giant, cyclops war helm
    frost giant, cyclops smash club
    frost giant, yeti ice mace
    frost giant, rock tunic
    frost giant, minotaur flail
    frost giant, twin minotaur axes
    frost giant, minotaur hoof club
    frost giant, undersea chariot
    frost giant, undersea helm
    frost giant, yeti ice sword
    frost giant, yeti ice helm
    frost giant, undersea armor
    frost giant, tentacle whip
    frost giant, zombie drakkar
    frost giant, ice shard catapult
    frost giant, zombie bat
    frost giant, minotaur war bow
    frost giant, chainmail armor
    frost giant, battle ax
    frost giant, war boots
    frost giant, silver ornament
    frost giant, silver armband
    frost giant, long range catapult
    frost giant, skull dagger
    frost giant, morning star
    frost giant, viking longship
    frost giant, viking war helm
    frost giant, wolfskin cloak
    frost giant, advent wreath
    frost giant, warrior princess
    frost giant, drakkar figurehead
    frost giant, norse prince
    frost giant, hiking boots
    frost giant, death dealer
    frost giant, fishing drakkar
    frost giant, kite shield
    frost giant, aegir guard
    frost giant, rune chiseled ax
    frost giant, viking costume
    frost giant, aegir staff
    frost giant, giant squid
    frost giant, pack horse
    frost giant, war elephant
    frost giant, aegir war ship
    frost giant, fafnir dragon helm
    frost giant, hero
    frost giant, golden apple of youth
    frost giant, odins mask
    frost giant, jormungander
    frost giant, great fishing net
    frost giant, fenrir
    frost giant, battle swine
    frost giant, njord hook
    frost giant, njord ship
    frost giant, svalinn sun shield
    frost giant, hugin and mugin
    frost giant, thunderstroke mace
    frost giant, skidbldnir
    frost giant, njord warlord
    frost giant, blood decoy
    frost giant, venom dart
    frost giant, lands end sentinel

    I sold off alot of lower items and am missing a few gifts, so either the recipe requires one of them or the frost giant is not part of the equation.
  8. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I just ran through the above list with the elder frost giant in place of the frost giant. I also acquired the torch and the sacred well since making the first list.
  9. Ruby Rann

    Ruby Rann New Member

    If that is the case, then how about the Frost Giant and Battle Etin? Has anyone tried that? You have to have the second to get the first.

    I can't because I am not quite there yet, but it would help if I know when I get there.
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  10. Ruby Rann

    Ruby Rann New Member

    The Frost Giant is a random drop on level 420. I have no idea where the Elder Frost Giant comes from.
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  11. dnaleves

    dnaleves New Member

    the elder giant comes from the odin rune challenge. I really doubt that the elder giant is part of the formula since it has a higher attack than the under giant. The elder attack has an attack of 27 and defense of 27. The under giant is 25 attack and 28 defense. It wouldnt make sense to give up two items, one of which has 2 more attack points, for one item with one more defense point.
  12. yeah in that case its not the elder
  13. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Niflheim Odin's Rune Challenge reward.

    Or so I have been told.
  14. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    It doesn't work.
    You made a GREAT list of Frost Giant combinations.
    Does anyone know what combinations we HAVEN'T tried?
    Or a hint on the second item type?
  15. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    The trident uses a item that has more attack then it does did you try all the warriors that you can buy or get from a drop
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Trident is 30 Attack and 41 Defense. The ingredient you mentioned is the War Elephant (and maybe the Aegir War Ship...which I don't have) with 39 Attack and 39 Defense. So it isn't COMPLETELY worse.

    But apparently the Under Giant follows the SAME FORMULA...lose 2 Attack and gain 1 Defense.

    But before this gets completely torn apart, this appeals to some players. What if they already have the best Attack lineup, but an Under Giant would show up on their Defensive side? You don't use the same set for Attack as you do Defense.

    BUT if you're so far ahead that the Under Giant doesn't help at all, then you might make it just to unlock the recipe.
  17. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    I'm going to start through my list again using the battle etin as my base. I've also been requesting all the gift items that i don't have and trying them with the giants as well
  18. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    Its not the battle etin combined with any items on my previous list. I've also aquired the torch, sacred well, vanir statue, freyjas tear, war dog and gold necklace since yesterday.
  19. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    What about the Rock Giant??....could it be used with the UnderGiant??..

    Two Unique items....what is an example of two unique items vs two non-unique items??
  20. rock giant stat is equal stats to under so no

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