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  1. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Okay, we have ONE of the 3 items identified...
    1 * 3 * 52 = 106 trials needed.

    So I will test
    Svalinn Sun Shield + Minotaur Hoof Club + gift
    and post the list of gifts.

    Blessed Oil
    Box of Chocolates
    Stag Statue
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  2. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    What is our source for that about the Hoof Club? Confidence? Anyway:

    Minoutar Hoof Club + Mistlord Hammer + gift*
    Minoutar Hoof Club + Thunderstoke Mace + gift*

    both failed where (*) gift is any one of

    blessed oil
    thor amulet
    nordic cross pendant
    iwaz rune
    north star charm
    gold necklace
    freya's tear
    advent wreath
    solar eclipse medallion
    trained hawk
    moon stone
    golden apple of youth
    sacred well
    savage's necklace
    odin's mask

    Hope someone will try the harvest transport with the above. As I said before, I've noticed that the gifts tend to relate to the object of the recipe, so I would recommend people to try the seemingly most related gifts first, together with the various other possible objects involved, before going on to the more "exotic" gifts (you know it's not gonna be the puppy anyway).
  3. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    ... sorry, the harvest transport is out since neither it nor the hoof club unlocks at exactly lvl 300.
  4. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    Minoutar Hoof Club + Mistlord Hammer + gift*
    Minoutar Hoof Club + Thunderstoke Mace + gift*

    blessed oil - fail
    thor amulet - fail
    nordic cross pendant - fail
    iwaz rune - fail
    scroll of vanir knowledge - success
    north star charm - fail
    torch - fail
    gold necklace - fail
    freya's tear - fail
    advent wreath - fail
    solar eclipse medallion - fail
    trained hawk - fail
    moon stone - fail
    golden apple of youth - fail
    sacred well - fail
    savage's necklace - fail
    odin's mask - fail

    hihihi - did you spot that ;-P
  5. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    Skyshine blade

    I think you're wrong :D bet Vanir objects do too have something to do with Vanheim :D

    Thanks though, all in all the SSB recipe is now as much thanks to you and everyone else who gave it a shot.
  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I meant they don't *have* to have anything to do with it.

    Although, if the name DID matter, I had been idly wondering if the gift used for Giantsbane was the Scroll of Vanir Knowledge. Knowledge to use "giantsbane" like "wolfbane" on werewolves. Or maybe I'm crazy and that idea is wrong. :rolleyes:
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  7. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I attached a screenshot as proof. I accidentally closed out of the SUCCESS! pane, but my recipe is now unlocked. Cheers!

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  8. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    Let me add that I found the following people's posts particularly helpful, and so they should be credited with finding the SSB recipe as well if anyone'd care to make a list: SkylerF, confusionanddelay, kronik77. You guys want to name more people in turn, go ahead.
  9. Maler

    Maler Member

    congratz SkylerF and also to all those who tried to find it.
  10. DraganLiviu

    DraganLiviu New Member

    Autumns Hammer have 2 gift + 1 nongift?
  11. Maler

    Maler Member

    yes, you're right.
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  12. hyperfixx

    hyperfixx Member

    Where is the location of the WATER TAXI?
  13. monkhughes

    monkhughes New Member


    Scroll Vanir Knowledge + Thor Amulet + Valkyrie Bladestaff

    You're welcome~
  14. lordnyx

    lordnyx New Member

    Harvest Transport

    43 Attack

    43 Defense

    Quantity Crafted : x1

    The following items are required to complete this Recipe:
    Freyja's Sword

    (Own: 1/1)

    Freyja's Armor

    (Own: 0/1)

    Freyja's Tears

    (Own: 6/1) *

    Required Location: Vanaheim Missing Item(s)
    Level Unlock: Level 240
    Crafting Cost: 750,000,000 coins
  15. lordnyx

    lordnyx New Member

    anyone solve giants bane yet?
  16. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    nope i don't have it either sorry
  17. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    Giantsbane: Jotunheim level 600: 3 billion coins
    1x Rock Giant Hammer
    1x Giant's Blade
    1x Blessed Oil

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