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  1. Gaara Giddor

    Gaara Giddor New Member

    Hi Every1

    Since i started playing Viking Clan in Facebook i really love it and it appears i need lots of chieftians so if you don't mind adding me ( i am extremely low) but the main reason i am posting a thread is i am at a loss when finding a decent way of building my stats using skill points, i feel i am doing something wrong and starting to doubt myself which is scary somewhat. i need help or even suggestions,im so new here and this is what i got. please help me thank u!

    Level 18

    Max Energy 25
    Max Stamina 30
    Max Health 200
    Attack 30
    Defense 1

    Chieftians: you really want to know? lol
    (i love to attack but is defense important?) i feel i blundered lol ^^
  2. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    You're going to want to build up defense at some point but opinions vary on how much. My attack is 3500 and defense 1900 (a little less than 2/1 ratio). There are others who build them equally. There are probably others who are at 3/1 or higher in favor of attack. One of the things about this game is that there really isn't a "wrong" way to build, depending on your preferences.
  3. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    The other cool thing about VC on Facebook is that, once you add someone as a chieftain in the game, you can delete them from your FB friends and still have them in your clan in the game. There is a thread on here where you can pick up as many new "friends" as your heart desires. Also, when you get 10 favor points, ALWAYS use them on hired chieftains until you get to 1000. You want to have at least as many total chieftains as your level. Even using all favor points on hired chieftains will leave you a couple hundred short by the time you hit level 2000, so don't waste them on refilling energy and/or stamina
  4. here are some builds to consider

    weight there pros and cons carefully

    turtle:high defense,moderate to high health,moderate stam,moderate energy,minimal attack

    towel:high attack,moderate to high health,moderate to high stam,next to no defense,low to moderate energy

    tank:high attack,high defense,moderate to high health,low to moderate stam,low energy

    defensive parasite:high defense,low health,moderate attack,moderate stam,low to moderate energy

    parasite:low defense,low health,moderate to high attack,moderate stam,low to moderate energy

    balanced:well i dont need to explain this one i dont think but its also the hardest and painstaking build

    pros and cons should be obvious for each build

    in case your wondering bout health

    health will effect your damage output and input

    if its low ya wont fare to great against bosses

    but it also ties in to exp so if its low attackers get low exp

    low defense obviously means youll get beat more easily but attackers will also gain less exp
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  5. Gaara Giddor

    Gaara Giddor New Member

    Thanks Eric and ATHEISTIC for giving me a rough idea on what i can do.

    due to my current stats at level 18 i really want to be somebody who can doesn't lose alot in battles. i was thinking of being a "TANK" tank:high attack,high defense,moderate to high health,low to moderate stam,low energy (but having high attack-def-health will it help me with enemy players who have high army and weapons?) "IF" so then i choose this route. and lets say i'm level 150 right? well if i take this TANK route what will the stats look like? (kinda confuse with the high-moderate-low thing)

    The Turtle route looks nice with high-defense,moderate health,moderate stamina,moderate energy but miminal attack. again what will the stats look like at level 150 if i choose this route? (curious)

    Well sorry for all this nonsense questions :)
  6. to get the most effective against enemies with larger clans

    you want the towel build

    towel build is also the best speed level build

    but i will tell you this

    you dont want low stam

    level 1850 exp needed to level will double

    level 2500 and 3000 it jumps again

    if your stam is low your screwed
  7. Gaara Giddor

    Gaara Giddor New Member

    ATHEISTIC i'm level 19 my defense is 7 (boosted it before your latest comment btw ^^) i should stop correct? and my energy is 25 i should stop these two until my attack,health and stamina are all in there 100 or over right?

    that way i can focus on these three skills.
  8. keep in mind im just suggesting

    i would ATTEMPT to hoard a few skills per level

    you want energy to at least 550 to 600

    and in THIS order

    stam attack health

    of course those builds were just guides

    can always divert from them if ya think ya can improve one

    just remember though if ya go with towel build you open yourself up as almost anyone can beat ya
  9. in case anyones wondering im like a cross of a turtle build and defensive parasite

    and alot will tell ya how im annoying

    i can win against most my fight list even with my little atk

    while most my fight list needs to boost heavily just to break me
  10. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    How to build your Character!

    This is a great thread for any new players. It will help them figure out where to put there skill points and what that allocation will do for their character/game-play.

    Nice work!
  11. Gaara Giddor

    Gaara Giddor New Member

    Hi Wonder Woman!

    Wow! hehe man i'm soooo excited. thanks Wonder Woman for making this a sticky thread! ^^ ya this would help new players like myself out, it was the help of Eric and ATHEISTIC combined that helped me have an idea what to do and i believe this will help others you know?! and W.W your awesome! hehe ^^
  12. Ace

    Ace Member

    About building, it's really personal. Best way to build is to know the advantages of each stat and using them to your preferences.

    -Attack: Deals more damage to players and bosses. Must-have to win fights when you attack.
    -Defense: Takes less damage from players and bosses. Must-have if you want others to lose when they attack.
    -Health: Increases experience on battles, deals more damage to players and bosses, but doesn't increase offensive power.
    -Energy: Used in adventures. Not too good exp from it, but you get to be well geared, which can replace a bit of attack/defense.
    -Stamina: Used to attack, fight bosses, hitlist people, axe slapping and whatever other thing that may involve PvP, also, fights give larger XP than bosses, and bosses give larger XP than adventures, so if you want to level up fast, don't neglect stamina.

    Also keep in mind your gear for fights. Spending many stamina on bosses will give you more powerful gear than spending it on players, but you'll level up notoriously slower.

    About favor points, always spend them on Hired Chieftains, it's by far the best inversion you can do.

    As for the blacksmith recipes, here's a topic with all of them:
  13. Also known as the hated t y n d a l l ....the feces of evil that dare not be named
  14. Personally, I prefer to be relatively balanced. I started out that way and I'm still that way. I do see an advantage to building a glass cannon if you want to beat players hundreds of levels higher than you and you want to level quickly. As JDG mentioned, you will have no defense so you will be open to players hundreds of levels below you as well.

    When Polish returned to the game, he built a glass cannon and it was VERY effective. That's VERY high attack, high health and high stamina. No defense. Energy ultimately in the mid 500's, but no rush to get there. He was able to level extremely quickly, the jealous losers he was after tried to accuse him of using a bot in fact. But he started leveling with bosses as early as level 300 which is the fastest way to level. One other thing, which someone touched on here, even more important when leveling with bosses, you get those drops which make ALL the difference when fighting those too short-sighted to do the same. Those weapons/warriors you get from bosses have multiple uses and are not something you can make up for later. Just ask Para, Gavin, JDG, Eddie, Olen etc. LOL

    Once you have your account built to be able to beat all your enemies, THEN you add to your defense. Since that is all you are doing, building it goes rather quickly at that point.

    Just my two cents. In case you want another opinion. :)
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    In my opinion....there is nothing more important than allows u to play more whether your leveling with bosses or by battling.

    As a low level main focus has always been on gathering clan as it allows you to still whoop butt while building your stamina. Its important to remember that at the lower levels most of the accounts u come across are abandoned accounts that dont fight back, if u have enough clan u dont need to focus on attack or def. at this point and u can still build impressive stats.

    As Jillian mentioned previously.....Def. is more of a concern later down the road. Because of the hefty price for stamina and human natures need for instant gratification most players invest heavy into attack and def early on and neglect stamina. For that reason .....I only had a defense of 1 until fairly recently and still managed to amass one of the better win loss records in the game. U might find that a bit odd considering I would lose to players a thousand or more levels below me......but players just didnt seem to be willing to waste their precious neglected stamina on such lousy XP. Now that Ive passed all but one player Ive begun to focus on Defense to the point that there is but a handful of players that can still beat me.

    As mentioned previously...they're r many strategies to pick one strategy will work for all players. The strategy that will work best for u depends on many variables such as how much time you are willing to dedicate to the game, whether or not your going to spend money and how u decide to level predominantly.

    The mistakes that I see happen often are that Players are short sighted and or impatient....If you want too be successful u need to have long term objectives in mind and stick to it......way to often players will stray from their goals simply to be able to beat one or two pesky rivals....THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE! Stay your course and understand that all strategies have their rough patches.

    In addition...U MUST afford yourself the ability to adapt to game changing updates....STAY INFORMED....and stow away some skill points for those types of emergencies.

    When allocating points....u dont need to allocate them every time u level...SAVE THEM UP and then plop em down in a huge chunk. Why keep giving that pesky rival better and better xp as your building your Defense? It can be very satisfying to throw down a huge chunk and the next time they attack u they hit a brick wall.

    Just a couple of things to consider....GOOD LUCK!
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  16. Susan K

    Susan K Member

    I think the "best" use of skill points varies with level

    When you're a low level, no one attacks hardly ever, and most of the battle list is "off line", so why bother getting defense?

    I'd defer using any skill points for defense until people start attacking. In the meantime, you'll get to the achievements in the other categories faster, and get *those* skill points sooner.
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  17. its REV not jdg

    that name no longer applies

    glass cannon,towel,same thing

    and thanks for specifying more on a towel builds advantage
  18. geckster99

    geckster99 Member

    o'm going energy ; get the money, my att/def is 4/3 ratio....any1 u can't beat in a fight, can list with the $...
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  19. myspace or facebook???

    if myspace ill gladly prove ya cant beat me
  20. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    If you're on MS you're welcome to try me, too. And you can also try to list me, if you have around 8T spare money laying around.

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