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    I'm trying to figure out what the Critical bonuses is like on how to raise it and on how the whole mateys, weapons, and ships work out
  2. the critical hit is completely random and will tip the balance in close fights.

    you cannot control the critical hit feature.

    however,if you wish to control your mateys weapons and ships,well heres some advice from the #2 world ranked pirate on myspace.

    every 1 captain has 10 mateys and 10 weapons.

    so if you have lets say 2000 captains,thats 20,000 mateys and 20,000 weapons you should be having.

    it is also a good idea to get the best attack and the best defense items available to you as well.



    Attack: +13

    Defense: +9


    Attack: +10

    Defense: +13

    if you have lets say 800 captains,then you should have 8000 merman and 8000 mermaids to take full advantage of attacking and defending.

    when you get boss drop mateys(eel guardian and cursed buccaneer)and davy mateys,if they have a higher attack and/or defense than your bought mateys,sell off 1 matey per 1 drop matey to save your upkeep.

    the above applies to weapons as well.

    i would highly advise that before getting the sea dog items,that you make sure your income is fairly big,otherwise,youll be setting yourself up as a bounty ball.

    ships:every captain is allowed 1 800 captains thats 800 ships you should have.
    alot of ships are the same for both attack and defense.

    when your able to get drop ships,for every 1 drop ship you get,sell off 1 of your bought ships to save on upkeep.

    from what ive seen so far,the sea dog ships are not worth it at all.will let you know if i see one thats stronger than the flying dutchman(85 atk and 70 def) and the pirate galley(70 atk and 85 def).

    EDIT:there is now ships stronger than flying dutchman and galleys but they are drop ships as far from what ive seen,the bought ships are still not worth it.
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