[VC] Battle Drops Coming Friday March 16!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Deltan

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    Today we are pleased to announce the addition of battle drops to Viking Clan, coming Friday March 16. Battle drops add an ability to earn special items based off a chance roll when you battle an opponent and are victorious against that opponent. Items are determined by the lowest of the level between the two opponents. If you attack upwards and win you can get a great item, if you attack down you get an item based on their level.

    Here is a preview of some of the items that will drop and the stats!

    Celestial Starblade:
    49 Attack 43 Defence, Common Item dropped between 901 – 1600

    Magma Cruiser:
    50 Attack 58 Defence, Common Item dropped between 3601 -4600

    73 Attack 69 Defence, Rare Item dropped between 3601 -4600
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  2. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    sounds good deltan
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    can't wait :)
    what about the drop rate, the percentage ?
  4. RAGM

    RAGM Member

    what about zombie slayer????
  5. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Nice addition....!! Well done..
  6. ViperR1069

    ViperR1069 New Member

    Not to nitpick, but the Magma Cruiser looks identical to the Magma Ship (47 atk, 42 def). Is there something else that can be substituted for the Cruiser to avoid confusion between the two, or maybe just tweak the image of the Cruiser so they can be differentiated? Other than that, this is a great idea. Maybe more drops in the future? :)
  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Definitely a possibility if the community wants to see it :D
  8. big papa Grendall

    big papa Grendall New Member

    only one is very use full but it progress but when you going to personalize it and make big papa grendal items lol
  9. Mike Ketil

    Mike Ketil Member

    I have a question Deltan and Kendall, I battle/level, I'm a high level player, so what exactly has this change and the way you've chosen to award the drops done for me, who exactly do I battle to get a drop that is of any use?
    Juat a little unfair don't you think, or dont you think?
  10. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    MIKE 1ST time I think I have ever agreed with you, these drops are almost useless to me at ~4300
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I have paid my dues and alot have DEV'S 'QUIT' FECKING WITH CHIT
  12. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    BTW DELTAN was this addressed in the "IDEA FORUM AND VOTED FOR?" I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I already went public with my issues with battle drops coming so late in the development of these games. It's totally cool for new clans or low level clans to even up their inventories with the long time players. It does little for anyone who has been playing for years to build up their inventories with boss drops. I'm way lower than Mike and way behind everyone on boss drops and yet I can't even use these drops for my attack strength. I can only beat like 5 clans above me and they will counter. I thought that battle drops may help me win against more players above me but with an attack of only 50 , these drops will be pretty useless for me and my game. I love to plan long-term strategies when I am playing a game. It has been nothing but a nightmare to try to make a plan in these games with battle formula changes, adventure requirements being lowered , boss drops being introduced, and now battle drops. It just seems that the game has evolved a bit too much for my style of play. Battle drops are really cool for new players and low leveled players so I guess you made those folks happy. Good luck everyone...
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  14. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Battle Drops are NOW LIVE on Viking Clan! If you encounter any issues please let us know by posting on here or emailing in to Support.
  15. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster Member

    I have a simple question if you don't mind answering. Do Valhalla vikings drop items? I just attacked my allotted amount of Valhalla for the day and won every battle but got no drops. I am just curious, thanks in advance for the response.
  16. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    The items that were posted were just previews of some of the ones available. There are lots more rare and common drops, not just the random selection I chose to preview. I don't know the stats of all of the items, hopefully some are useful? This is meant to aid players who focus more on battles than bosses obviously.
  17. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    No they do not, the Attack must be on a living opponent in order to qualify for a drop. Bounty Attacks do qualify! For anyone playing on the Mobile platform, Battle Drops have been enabled on there as well.
  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will look to add more items for higher levels as time goes on, initial release was to match comparable items for all current locations from bosses.

    For higher levels, one of the frequent complaints is lack of battle opponents. Our hope is that battle drops will introduce more vikings to the battle field, items are dropped at a far lower rate than bosses to balance the XP vs item drop between the 2.

    So what does this do for you? Well you get items that are comparable to boss items for each location but drop at a lower rate AND hopefully we will start to see more vikings on the battle field.
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    So in other words the highest of levels are getting screwed again? As u said...there is a lack of battle opponents for the highest of levels...so every level that has a active rival list of players their level or higher will be raking in the battle drops that r useful to their level from now until eternity if u continue to add more drops for higher levels, while the highest of levels wont get squat they can use until everyone else catches up, and when they do catch up if they battled and did bosses they will be far more powerful than those that already achieved said high level because the highest of levels have to battle down and even then receive a much lesser drop rate.

    As I said before when this idea was first mentioned....its totally biased to the lower levels. If anything the drop rate should be higher for the highest of levels to make up for the lack of a rival list. You got it ass backwards....less rivals to fight, meaningless drops and a lower drop rate equals the highest levels get the shaft AGAIN.
  20. matiascattaneo

    matiascattaneo New Member

    Hey Mike, you are right! you are a piece of high level Viking, and there are many unfair tasks.... but lower level vikings as I get much more unfair treats,
    For example, I´m in a waring guild and I´m 1102 viking, there is too hard to find someone of lower level who is not been killed to obtein a victory, and consecuently a drop, more difficult is to stay alive to battle anyone you choose from your battle screen to get a drop while you are being killed like a fly by higher level vikings, only being able just to get few warpoints for answering back, and being very careful for not overgoing war attack restrictions! But even dough, I´ve got a reacent drop and seems fine to me... Regards! Matías

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