[LCN] Battle Drops come to Mob Wars!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Deltan

    Deltan Member


    Today we are pleased to announce the addition of battle drops to Mob Wars, now live! Battle drops add an ability to earn special items based off a chance roll when you battle an opponent and are victorious against that opponent. Items are determined by the lowest of the level between the two opponents. If you attack upwards and win you can get a great item, if you attack down you get an item based on their level.
  2. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    Wow what a complete waste of time .... please don't add this to my game, I've enough drops that are useless to me as it is. Thanks

    Weapons 57,798
    Vehicles 17,816
    Armor 14,495
  3. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    It's not all about you, I welcome the addition it will urge people to fight more and beat the higher levels.

    Question though, can you still get a chance of a drop if you hit a "whacked" mobster?
  4. gods people

    gods people Active Member

    is there a list of what you can get from top to bottom please...
  5. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    fancy the troll being here to nip at my ankles LMFAO :D
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  6. Jayme

    Jayme Member

    more clutter
  7. Bob Sciarrone

    Bob Sciarrone Member

    Oh Susan, you are too funny Girl LMAO , thanks for the laugh :)
  8. Bob Sciarrone

    Bob Sciarrone Member

    That's nice Deltan, I should be getting some nice items :) (bragging again).....AHEM.....
  9. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    You can only get the drops from player vs player fights not ones with Whacked Mobsters.
  10. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    Thank you for answering :)
  11. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    great..... if they said what it was you got ... on well better go and beat on some high level piss ants to find out.
  12. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    It wouldn't be as much fun if they spoilt the surprise ;)
  13. Does attacking with Stamina Boosts count, or is it straight attacks only?
  14. treearm

    treearm New Member

    Deadly Slingshot
    50 Attack
    38 Defense

    Pretty certain this just dropped, flashed up fast and was gone before I noticed what it was. Level 1950 fight.
  15. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    That's a drop from the Dublin boss :)
  16. treearm

    treearm New Member

    Ha,well something useless dropped then, as you say more stuff I dont need and wont use. I'll have a dig through my inventory.
  17. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i can attack with 37% more now on higher levels to get better drop :)
  18. What are the chances of getting a drop?
  19. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    People need to understand its not all about them, they is players under 1k and new players coming to the game all the time so they need to stop complaining and whining if every single update is not aimed at the higher levels...

    You guys just got a new city/boss/jobs etc so stop complaining. And no, susie I am not "nibbling" on your ankles I am stating my opinion which just so happens to be the opposite of yours and if you can't handle that then don't comment at all.

    All i ever see from you and others is centered around 2 words... "I" and "Me" if you said something productive that benefits the game and not just you i wouldn't need to rate badly or say something opposite instead i would be positive. Try saying "our" "us" or even at a push "community" once in a while..
  20. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    how random are the drops ive been attacking higher players with 37% and winning but no drop ???

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