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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    How many are even gonna tell someone their name unless it us to avoid attacking or being attacked,that is not a true fight,no names is fine.
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  2. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    I guess I disagree, if we call it an arena fight then it implies its an arena spectacle - let's compare it with boxing, mma cage fights, Roman gladiatorial fights, or perhaps even viking holmgang - nothing anonymous about these arenas... and the last one standing won - the essence of the arena is: you win by surviving and you soak up the acclaim as the victor.

    Kano can rename the event... I've suggested it before - maybe they can call it the Spend Stamina event in a renamed game, called Invisible Mites - just a suggestion.
  3. ben

    ben Active Member

    i no ... you can say this is where the few out ways the many ... and i think thats all kano need to keep pushing it ...
  4. Nic21

    Nic21 Active Member

    I like that this will only be 24 hours, but sudden death starts after 8 hours. That may help many out, but there are many that work during those 8 hours. So they still won't be able to play. Next I am sure there are lot's like me, that wants the save to be removed. Cents the high levels up be spending the first 8 hours killing people over and over again, if they decide to revive. But yet they will have the weak ones saved and go after them first. I know this may have been pointless to say, cents KANO doesn't reply to anything I say or ask.
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  5. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    Wow... bye arena. It used to be fun for me.

    - remove revive and score.
  6. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Keep score it will make some turtles actually play
  7. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Is the health kill reward going to be put back into place?
  8. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Sure is, that was the last point in my original post. :)
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  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Ooop's missed that part. LOL
  10. Mike Lyons

    Mike Lyons Member

    i actually like the VC version the last 2 times
  11. Lucifer

    Lucifer Active Member

    So in this version when we revive for the sudden death part we will be getting killed by vikings with loads of health waiting for everyone to revive, what is the point of revive only to be killed by vikings with high heath? make 2 arenas, one with this gain health in sudden death & 1 where you just die lol
  12. Malin

    Malin New Member

    Sounds better, though after that last round of changes, I remain skeptical. Two questions:
    1. Will there be nicknames, or is everyone still named "Viking?" If there will be no nicknames, that's fairly capricious and arbitrary. I like nicknames so I can tell my clan/friends not to kill me. In real battle arena, I would do the same (until it came down to me or them). Bring back nicknames, and forget all the whining of the higher ups who want anonymity.

    2. Can there be a "do no resuscitate" button for those of us who don't want to be revived for "Sudden Death?" If the last BA is any indication, I don't feel like losing more points, as I will be killed quickly and gain no benefit if I do revive. I want the excitement of the fight, kill a few, put on defense to gain some time, and then die. No muss, no fuss.
  13. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    score = pay to rank , no thanks
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  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    During the Sudden Death portion of the Arena, you will again receive Kill Rewards to Health for shuffling another competitor off their mortal coil.

    Sudden death only get health reward on kill, is how I read it, not 1st 8 hrs.
  15. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    am I stating the obvious here? could you not make everyone happy if "score"was just added as additional health? and old ranking system still applied? if you were winning attacks and actually gaining health steadily instead of gaining almost no health and just losing health slightly slower than normal, then more active people could still "score" better health and do better over all as they are seeking
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  16. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    one very serious thought is if you have start in def mode as a yes, then when you revive for sudden death you should revive in def mode, or the Devs could always listen to my suggestion to get rid of def mode and just give def skills a mirror image of what attack already receives :) :) PS this is also a solution to the whiners about turtles hiding in def, but dont be surprised if they did mirror attack how unhappy you would be to lose 80% of your hits on someone and add to their health as you do it. you att heavys dont know how good you have it
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  17. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    score system good idea! keeps the 100 attack into def mode & make top 20! only because most those in def mode are high level players minis!== (good the all "viking" names ) keeps the highers from killing those hitting their minnis!-- just sucks a level 300 made top 20 a few X's!! at the beginning!
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  18. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    also that "viking" strategy whre u dont know who ya attacking is BS!!! a player with not a single attack 2 kills ? that just means his alt just saves & kills continiously! & keeps reviving ! oh well ! nice exp even if I die 3 seconds after healing
  19. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    So....if i get this right...your keeping the revive ...mainly to give those on other time zones a fair shot at the event....why not give them /everyone full health when they click the tab to play...they all start full heath...when they arrive active in the event...? No one dies before they click the event tab to the BA. because they havent healed that 1 time to begin playing....i like the points system...will help end those long hold outs to the end....LOL....of course i like the sudden death from the start...soooo I will be....sitting out another one...:(
  20. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah...and what about the names ?? how generic is it to keep it as is now..."viking" killed by "viking"...uughh
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