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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mirana, May 9, 2014.

  1. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    Since BA start i play it... first in fb now in kong... in fb it was ok ... ok i wont talk now about scrips.. we all know thats a old topic and nothing changed..... but now i play in Kongregate and it more a... how get i fast my 100 attacks in hide and still come in the top 20! Serious ? A player with like 100 get higher ranked then someone with like 5000-10000 Attacks ? Where is the fairness ? People buy gf´s and use them to refill Stamina and other hide ?
    Attacks 103 Rank 7!!!!!!!!
    Attacks 216 Rank 16!!! ....... ...............
    xxxxx (not me)
    Attacks 26,783
    Kills 46 ..... Rank 63 !!! come on kano thats bs!

    In kongrgate sign only like 400 people .... but this way its gettin really boring. Lets fast do 100 Attacks and hide!

    How about 1000 Attacks minimum to come in the top 20????
  2. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    Well put Mirana...........But i am glad it goes on for 3 whole days..In 3 days we all have a chance to use strategy and skill to rank in the top 10......It is great....I mean you can take someone out in 1 minute flat....someone with full health! ( i happened to me, i blinked and I was out)...It is also great how the BA caters for all players regardless in which country they live......
    I am curious to know how much time the developers spend on trying to make the BA playable for all that register, not just the ones that are able to be there in the first 3 hours?.....
    what next? near the attack button just add a 'kill' button....3 hours is way to long to wait!
  3. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    Oohh yeah the time thing...this BA start was for me 11pm (Europe) next BA wil Start 3am on a Wednesday... serious Kano some people got a real life and have to work in the morning. For sure its hard to find for everyone the perfect Start time because people from all over the world play this game....but im sure there would be a other way to make it more playable for everyone
  4. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    its not about how many attacks you do its about how you want to play in BA, you can kiss ass and get top 10 or play as a syn with teamwork to do better , theres only a few on kong who can win BA we know who they are, probaly the people coming 7th with 100 attacks is because they kissed ass or message the big boys not to attack them, thats how it works as you must be aware,

    however i agree with startimes problem

    also the 100 attacks or you loose 10% health is not fair , if BA starts at 2am im in bed im up then to work i have no way to do 100 attacks so its not fair i should be penalised for that, maybe they should change it and get rid of that rule,

    i now await for the trolls to bebunk the thread as usual the pirates & zombies (cough cough)
  5. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    i hate to get involved but i think its best if they just Split the battle arena in half let the PDT players go first then East Coast an then whatever country everyone in goes last its much make it at a right time for everyone to play it is that simple an easy it shouldnt be that hard to do Devs it is really you people that actually works with Kano actually needs to start paying more attention to the players not yourselfs techinally not being rude...Time to Step Yo Game Up some more.....Have a great wonderful Day
  6. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    The problem is not with too many inactive players, too few attacks for a ranking, start times not being convenient, having arenas on holidays, etc. I used to be able to participate in every arena, even the ones that started in the middle of the night, because they lasted at least 6 hours. The slider has drastically shortened them, and if you can't get at least 100 attacks within the first 2 hours, it's not worth joining them. It's gotten so bad in KP2 Pirates, the 6 players that constantly take the top spots kill everyone else and wait 3 days until the arenas expire to collect the rewards, making everyone else wait 3 days to collect their rewards as well. I just kill bosses over and over now... ho hum.
  7. blairwitchseal

    blairwitchseal New Member

    I do not see how it is fair to have a minimum of 100 attacks for you to qualify as having "taken part"

    How can a person that does 110 attacks and nothing else but defense stance be placed higher than a player who made 15 kills and over 4,000 attacks?
    Where is the fairness in that?
    My idea would separate the real players that try, from the lame asses doing the bare minimum
    I would suggest that final positions should be based on a points system.

    For example:
    If every attack gives 1 point
    An unsuccessful attack gives no extra point
    A successful attack gives an extra 1 point
    A successful attack on def stance opponent gives 10 extra points
    A kill gives 50 points
    A kill on a def stance opponent gives an extra 50 points
    The points would clock up separately and be on show for users to see their progress
    The health reward still applies.
    Just an idea.
  8. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    hhmmm... i like this idea
  9. Mirana

    Mirana Member

    Resutls this Battle Arena:

    Attacks 120 Kills 0 Rank 4 !!!!!

    Attacks 298 Kills 1 Rank 7 !!!!

    Attacks 181 Kills 1 Rank 9 !!!! Come on Kano please do something about that... its gettin boring!!! If not atleast change the name from battle Arena in " Hide and Seek" !

    Attacks 17,397 Kills 29 Rank 53 how is that fair ??????????
  10. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    its all politics the member with 17k attacks chose to do them they chose to buy and attack some choose not to i dont think the number of attacks is whats its all about, i may want to buy stam and do 20k attacks if i choose or i can tell the big guns who i am and not do any attacks etc ,, there must be a way however to tweak it so its better,,
  11. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    it has been suggested several times that the minimum amount of attacks should be increased to 500 or 1000 but it hasnt been done. it is way to easy to get 100 attacks in ans then do nothing. to prove you are active raise the min.att. number. just my opinion

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