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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Grand Master Fielding, Feb 6, 2015.

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    in the last one, i would get a fight list of about 10 or so, go through them all, then refresh and see 2 or 3. i'd wait a few minutes, refresh and get 10 or so, then refresh again and get 2 or 3. from what i could tell, it was only the same players in defensive stance, and i find it hard to believe that 300 players were killed within 10 minutes leaving those as the only ones left for hours?
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    If your a low level player and trying to find someone to attack, but you end up attacking a very high level person. They get killed for it. I am not that high and I attack someone high and then get killed within a minute or so. So in turn, the high levels are killing off all of those not in DS first. So it's easy to see hundreds of people killed within 10 minutes.

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    maybe, but that doesn't explain why the fight list fluctuates so much. especially if there are more than 10 players alive at any given time. the list should be full almost every time, not every other time, and the same players shouldn't always show up on it unless there are only 10 players left.
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    That part KANO needs to fix and fix before this coming BA. Cents there has been talk about this for weeks, if not months now.
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    Complain all you want. Kano has repeatedly said that they have not found any problems, despite all the reports. It's not going to change, just deal with it.
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    The only thing I wish they would bring back is the names during attack. There were always a few that elicited a grin after attacking.
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    Kano has also said that they will continue to do reviews of the code, despite not having found any issues yet. :)

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