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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, May 31, 2012.

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  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear about the better XP and that there will be no restrictions on sniping/lurking. TY!

    So how about the end rewards, will they be increasing? Will u be adding the math equation to the arena to help catch bots? As long as it can take to battle some in the arena....I would imagine its a perfect breeding ground for them cheats
  2. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    oh i understood your point perfectly and it's a valid one. it just seemed like a lot of complaining about something i found to be extremely fun. and i never suggested that anyone do what i did, technically i didnt sit back, i only had the opportunity to play the first 2 hours of it and by the next day my good friend killed me....AFTER he had his girl beat me up first ;p lol but me personally, i didnt care about the reward till it was over, it was a ton of fun and i cant wait for the next one! bring in it on everyone, no alias, no hiding....Demonik hides from noone!!! except my wife when she's mad, but besides that...noone!!
  3. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    yeah, it is hard to follow SOME people...but i wont mention any names, i just dont do that ;p we do a little of both in case you hadnt noticed haha gotta keep the forum interesting as well...whats the fun in having no drama between rivals?
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    There are no Bots anymore. Don't you remember Dalton telling us they had a super duper system for catching them? Bots and cheats gone, history, vamosh, Kano saved the World!
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    ahhhhh....thats right, they replaced all the cheats with peace loving adventure and challenge players who think that attacking slapping and listing is bullyish ;)
  6. well done Kano !!!
    or the first time in a year - half of players that i never see before are gone- and not listing me for my enemy -long time rival :D
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Didn't last very long here but I'm not surprised.
    @Para,those accounts aren't gone,they're just recharging for next year so they'll have 999.999 sextillion coins.
  8. What ever??? I just want to know that now that I was in the arena that I will not be automatically added every time. For myself I want out! Seeing that somebody picks a random time. I want to be able to actually be on when it starts or not at all.
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    To be in it again you would have to enter again, so u have no worries.
  10. Hi Kano what happen to players that enter Arena and they dont attack any one at all- just sit there till some one kill them ?
    You can see so many players with 0 wins 0 kills on top 3-100 - and they on tops ..
    if you want to make Arena as real is possible than i dont think you will see fighters sleep in arena and wait to be killed..LOL

    if i was in real Arena i will enter from one of the gates and start killing all the sleepy ones and the ones who just stand there and do nothing- just to make more space for good battle with best ones ;)

    how about put all players who have no activity going on on attack list and hide players who are active .. so when Arena run out of all boring , sleeping players - it will show all active players on list ... that way at the end leaderboard list will show more interesting players who fight hard with more impressive kills, wins .. ect
    Other ways the Great Battle Arena leaderboard do make me laugh hehehehe

    Battle Arena - Kill or Be Killed

  11. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I agree and there should also be no rewards or ranking for players who did not participate
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I actually agree with the idea of having inactive players being the ones showing up on the rival list while leaving the active players till the end. Is that possible to filter the list that way? Good idea Para!
  13. I like this idea, and like the pic too :D
  14. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    got to agree with this although it might not be there fault that they didnt battle ( internet or pc issues ) but should drop out before a certain number is reached ie for the rewards
  15. Eric

    Eric Administrator

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