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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Battle Arena for Viking Clan is live, join now! Please use this thread for discussion and questions.
  2. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    i'm in lol why not i'm good here
  3. The Battle Arena” – Level 1240+ --- Me Level 1225 ... I think I have enough time to move up 15 levels to join because I had fun in the PC one.
  4. BATTLE ARENA in Viking Clan .. lets see ;) .. to bad 3 days to wait .. that will be right after weekend :( good for some one who stay at home all day hahahaha

    Thanks Kano
  5. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    @ Polish, Eric just posted in the PC area about the arena feedback ,
  6. I work for a living. Will I be killed even before I get home to see how the game works???
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    That's possible.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Very possible. Is it really a big deal? U didnt have to pay nor does it affect your main game. When u sign up there is a counter that allows u to see when the arena starts...if its a bad time for u....dont play. On the other hand.....many who werent there when it started fared why not?
  9. geckster99

    geckster99 Member

    dead when game begins is automatic elimination? Won't it be very frantic/frenetic when it opens And how long do you think it will go for? In warmode, am killed very quickly.....would you expect that the player who lasts the longest on the bounty list will win?
  10. What's going on ... ???? I was in defensive mode. Went for Coffee, came back 15 min later. page seems looked and after update, it claimed I was killed..:mad:.
  11. This perk modifies how much damage you receive when in defensive stance, as well as the wait time to re-enable defensive stance after it times out. The greater % of your skill points allocated in defense will decrease the amount of damage you take when in defensive stance. You currently have 2.5 - 5% of your skill points allocated to Defense. This gives you a modifier of 0.35. When enabled you will receive 35% of the total damage from attacks. Your duration of the defense stance when enabled is a calculation of 1.5 and the defensive strength of your armed items. When defense mode has been disabled or ended the wait time to re-enable it is 65 minutes.

    There's a time limit on how long you can be in defensive stance.
  12. wendex

    wendex New Member

    I've taken about a dozen people down to 0% health so why don't I get the credit for the kill my health just seems to go down not up when I take some out. It's starting to piss me off :mad:
  13. Did you get the final hit? It's like a bounty target. Other people can attack your target too, and whoever gets the final hit gets the health.
  14. wendex

    wendex New Member

    I just took out another 3, still no kill credit. this is in my opinion is crap. This is supposed to last 3 days, lucky if it sees the day out. What a waste, may as well of just stuck to fight list & bounty hunting, more rewards in XP & money. Battle Arena is a big FAIL, sorry.
  15. its bullshit you hit to the end then someonelse claims the kill even tho im the only one hitting them? what gives...should be on about 7 kills now but only been rewarded 3.
  16. John Gilli

    John Gilli Member

    That's ok. I came back from the dentist to find that i'd been attacked by everyone in sight. I was dead within an hour, all before I could even get on. Great new feature :p
  17. wendex

    wendex New Member

    tell me about it. don't hit anyone down now just let others do it and save them & attack near the end saves on stam as I now only have 2 left lol from about 1500
  18. but I will say this the drop rate has defo improved in battle arena than stndard battle list.
  19. alka

    alka Banned

    Not seeing yer problem. It's like bounty hunting, you can't win them all. I guess 3's good though...
  20. Rand Althor

    Rand Althor New Member

    Where's the fight list for this. I select battle arena but there's no list to attack. It didn't say I was killed.
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