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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Demonik1, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    I give this idea a 10 and I will also say I agree that if you are inactive then you got all the reward you deserve when you signed up. You should not get anything more because you did not want or you could not be active. For me being inactive the entire arena and getting rewarded for it is pure BS but that is my opinion. Before anyone asks I will tell you that I was unable to enter the last arena because things came up beyond my control. If i had entered I would have let my friends know so they could have killed me and used my Health Reward to help them in the arena.
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  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What are u talking about? Of course the the attack slider is relevant to this thread ..... its a major reason the arenas are so much shorter. If the arena wasnt so short and it took as long as it once did then the amount of time in defensive stance wouldnt be nearly the issue it currently is.

    As Ive said before...I like the attack slider and would hate to see it go as it helps me tremendously....but if getting rid of it made things right in that time in defensive stance was more appropriate/proportionate for the length of the arena ...then so be it.
  3. ben

    ben Active Member

    its blatantly obvious this thread is being derailed... the slider wasnt part of this.. it was about shortening inactives defense time.. no where was the slider brought up.. off topic being derailed...
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Nobody is saying that the amount of defensive stance a player has wasnt earned...of course its earned. What Im saying is amount of defensive stance one has has now become way to heavily weighted in how things play out in the arena. D. stance did not become so overly weighted because of players adding to it.....it became overly weighted overnight because Kano shortened the arena so drastically. Defensive players did not all of a sudden improve their game overnight....KANO gave then a huge unfair gift in the form of shortening the arena by 2/3 the time. Basically the rules were changed in the middle of the game and it gave some players a huge advantage.......an advantage btw that actually promotes inactivity in an aspect of the game thats suppose to be all about activity (PVP)

    Defensive stance can certainly be used strategically and back when the arena lasted much longer there was much more need to be used as an "active" strategy. Now its completely different in that players can sit in it the entire time without doing anything....thats not strategic and its not an earned advantage its a screw up on Kanos part. Players did nothing to all of sudden be able to ride out an entire arena it was all Kano implementing the attack slider and a steep drop in player participation when MS shut us down. So nothing else was additionally "earned"

    "smart players" ? the players didnt do anything...the arena was changed overnight. Its called getting lucky because Kano screwed things up. No body is knocking anyone for having high defense. Im just saying u were given a huge "unearned" advantage overnight and thats as unfair as it gets. Are you denying that the sudden change in length of the arena is directly responsible? Are saying that its ok that kano changed the rules overnight and all of a sudden Defense plays a much bigger role? Would u be ok with it if tomorrow Kano changed things so attack was all of sudden more advantages overnight?

    Participation numbers are still low and show no signs of increasing so the arenas will not be taking longer anytime soon ......but players defensive numbers are getting added to everyday in some cases. So whats gonna happen when players eventually have even more time in defensive stance? Just sit around and wait even longer?

    "To change things now would be dead wrong"? So why wasnt it dead wrong to add the slider then? Is it because It shortened the arena by 2/3 and suddenly gave defensive players the ability to ride out an arena and not even be in the same zip code as computer and still do well? Talk about something being dead wrong! Its not strategic if your not actually playing.

    "no one should be handed anything that they havent earned" ...how in the hell can u say something like this in good conscious? Defensive players were handed a huge 'UNEARNED" advantage when the arena was shortened.

    In the end Kano needs to do something to make the areana fair again, either......

    A) put things back they way they were prior to the multi attack slider

    B) Re-scale the numbers so the amount of defensive stance players have across the board more proportionate with how long an arena lasts. *

    c) penalize inactive players and promote activity in the one aspect of the game that was supposed to be all about PVP

    * scaling D stance back across the board would affect all players equally regardless of how much Def a player has. So players with high D would still have their def. advantage but would no longer be able to ride out an entire arena
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  5. ben

    ben Active Member

    the arena still lasts for hours.... not like 2hrs ok lets go home... its 4 even over 5hrs still... defense time is smart strategy.. change this now and a skill reallocation would be warranted
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Personally I like the idea of having the number attacks available with the slider proportionate with the number of participants. With the current number of participants it should be 1 attack per. If the number of participants say doubled then the attack slider should be 2 per and so on and so on
  7. ben

    ben Active Member

    its a strategy.. show me in the rules where it says its not a strategy
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Talk about beating a dead horse....who said anywhere that def isnt earned? A skill point reallocation? The slider has not been around that long. The arena was shortened due to the slider overnight. players that once were able to sit in def stance for a third of the arena now can remain it the entire arena.....NOTHING EARNED ABOUT THAT!
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  9. ben

    ben Active Member

    its blatantly obvious this thread is being derailed... the slider wasnt part of this.. it was about shortening inactives defense time.. no where was the slider brought up.. off topic being derailed...
  10. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    You guys should play on FB arena's are not over in that short a period of time. lol they do not last days, but sometimes when it is down to two or three they wait it out in def mode for hours , so come into the light we have more players here :)
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Hey Kano...how about chiming in here and clarifying a few things so we dont have to keeop repeating ourselves. A couple things I would like clarified are as follows.

    1. Did the multi attack slider play a direct role in significantly reducing the length of the arenas?

    2. Was the arena intended for the segment of the player population that liked the PVP aspect?

    3. Does the amount of def. stance one has now play a much bigger role in the newer shortened arena?

    4. Did u not state and intend for the arena to favor balanced builds?

    5. Would you like players to be more active in the arena and use more of their resources?

    6. Did u intend the arena to to be mostly players not even at their computers playing their game?

    7. Did defensive builds "earn" something overnight that warranted them to now be able to ride out an entire arena ...where once they were only able to ride out a 1/3 of an arena?

    8. Are you even considering anything that is being suggested here or maybe something else that might even things out a bit?

    9. How do u feel about players winning the arena without having a single attack?

    10. Did u even consider the fact of how much Defensive stance players currently had and what affect it would have on the arena when u decided to implement the slider and drastically shorten the arena?

    Ive got a bunch more questions but I figure Ide start with a few of the basics to get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Its all relative. the slider shortened the arena hence the need to revisit the impact of the current amount of def.stance in an effort to keep the arena as fair as possible. Still no comment from u about how its was "earned" to have gone from being able to ride out 1/3 the a arena to alll of it....overnight?
  13. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    wrong again buddy, someone with a high enough defense to sit for hours in dmode didn't do that thinking about the arena. they started adding defense long before it was ever thought of for it to be so high. the arena is a different aspect of the game and should therefore be treated as such. and as for earning anything, nobody EARNS their skill point allocation, they CHOOSE it. its not like we're talking about actual work here, we're all sitting on out butts clicking and unless theyre getting paid to play then I would choose a different word. if anything, the people that have the most d time bought it lol
  14. ben

    ben Active Member

    wrong buddy..ever since arena started some have built up defense plus gotten better defense lodout to beef up their defense time..yes they were thinking about arena..and its called smart playing changing this now would be changing rules in the middle of a game and would warrant skill reallocations as what was once a legit strategy would be taken away and have drastic impact on ones game...
  15. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I am high defense but for my regular game. I always play that way, arena is not gonna change that for me one way or the other.
  16. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    lol whatever you say man....dramatic much? so every time kano changes something about the game they need to let us rearrange our skill points? hahaha give me a break
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I would agree that some players have made choices as to how to allocate skill points in an effort to change how they perform in the arena. But a couple things come to mind in regards to this.

    1) The slider has not been around all that long so the amount of SP allocated specifically for the arena is nothing in comparison to other major changes Kano has made that affected SP allocation much more. I dont remember you supporting SP reallocation when Kano decided to institute the minimum XP reward for those attacking someone with little or no defense.

    2. If your logic is that its unfair that players have allocated to Defense because of the arena ...wouldnt the same be true for players that allocated to other things besides defense? How about players that might have allocated to everything but defense because of the way the arena worked before the slider? I dont remember you arguing for SP reallocation then. The arena was around without the attack slider much longer than it has been with it....so what gives? Its only unfair if Kano makes changes that affect defensive built accounts?

    3. I also remember you arguing repeatedly that Kano hadnt tried other amounts of attacks per when it came to the slider....but oddly enough you only suggested more attacks (such as 10) but never less such as 2. Its no secret that the more attacks per when it comes to the slider makes for a shorter arena and the result of this favors heavily defense oriented accounts. Are we actually to believe that your opinion here reflects what you think would be fair for the masses....or just the defense built accounts?

    4. Regardless of who allocated what to where the fact remains that the implementation of the slider changed the length of the arena. DO U DISPUTE THIS? Are u denying that 2 1/2 hours of defensive stance became way more valuable than it once was before the implementation of the attack slider? What about players that didnt change the way they allocated SP either before or after the implementation of the slider? Are u denying that players that were already defense heavy but didnt change how they allocate got a huge advantage handed to them overnight with the addition of the slider?

    5. Scaling back the amount of time ALL player has in def. stance evenly across the board to be more proportionate to the length of the arena has no negative impact on anybody as it would be the same for everybody regardless of how they allocated both before and after the slider. For example(numbers are strictly for examples sake).... if Kano cut back the formula for Def. stance by 10% all players would lose 10% of def stance regardless of how their account was built. This would still allow all those that that were defense minded both before and after the slider to maintain their defensive edge because the cut was made across the board.

    Defensive minded builds should be able to be as competitive as any other builds but they dont deserve to have an UNEARNED advantage. Before the slider Defensive builds could not ride out an entire arena in defensive stance and then overnight with the implementation of the slider they could. No matter how u slice it or dice it thats a huge unearned advantage handed to them overnight on a silver platter.
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  18. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    yes we all added our skills before BA even was invented but since it was invented me and others have added skills to health to help our BA game so yes it didn't start out that way but now it is here people are adding there skills to benefit in the BA
  19. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    The thing is the short time period may only be on a small network, I see the arena's go longer on FB in PC, VC and LCN, at least longer than is mentioned by the myspace/kanoplay player/s. Then again it depends on the day of the week and the time of the day also.
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    That may very well be true Linda....thats why I previously mentioned that I was mostly talking about Kanoplay/MS. Thats also why Ive suggested making the numbers of attacks per (slider)dependent on the number of participants in any given arena.

    Currently in Kanoplay/MS the length of the arenas is dictated by the defensive stance of players. The arenas in Kanoplay MS would be over in two hours or less (maybe an hour in some cases)if not for Defensive stance. Dont take me wrong....in no way am I advocating to eliminate Def stnce. Im just sayn that Defense rules the day in terms of the length of the arena and in some cases the outcome. This did not use to be the case before the slider. Before the slider a player could lengthen an already longer arena by going into Def. stance near the end but at least they had to be there to put themselves into def stance or back in it. As of now countless players go into it at the beginning and then just walk away and perform well and even win.

    Its been argued countless times that that arena start times are unfair in that crap happens and a player cant make it on time and they are dead before they even get a chance to play. Oddly enough now that the slider was implemented and arena times have been cut by 2/3 I dont see these same players complaining about ranking well because they couldnt make it in time and sat in Def stance the entire time. How about the players that do show up on time and actually want to play the arena as it was intended? Is it fair for them that they have to sit around for hours doing nothing waiting for these same players? When the arena lasted much longer the simple fact is that it allowed all players the opportunity to do something. As it stands now the lesser players who would like to be active dont stand a chance because they are in the minority and mobbed right off the git. Then players just sit around and pick off the players coming out of Def stance one by one....once again not allowing the lil guy to get squat because the heavy hitters have the much better chance of getting the kill.

    In the end the arena was intended for the PVP player but now it anything but. The active high level player still stands the best chance of winning but the arena is not just about them. the active lesser levels have the slimmest of chances of ever winning despite how long an arena lasts.....but now that the arena is so short they also have the slimmest of chances of accomplishing anything such as levels or drops. Where as now that the arena is so short players who choose to be completely inactive (regardless of level) and obviously dont care about levels or drops can do absolutely nothing and still get rewarded in terms of rank and achievements. You dont see how thats a bit off?

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