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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Xtina

    Xtina Member

    I do not like this new scoring system at all. I feel if you're lower level or def player you better hope you get a decent amount of points out of the gate before you die and don't bother with the revive b/c every time you use it you just die again you lose more and more b/c you wind up being a chew toy for those that have already saved you. I started out with decent points not great, but decent now I'm at 1/4 points of my original start. I no longer see the point of the def stance. I specifically tried to build my character for the def time knowing that it could carry me a bit. Major joke now. The xp is the only thing worth it and even with that you're limited unless you want to open your wallet / purse and spend for refills. I don't know why you'd want to spend for refills any longer. It's ridiculous. We have nothing to aim for when it comes to points other than just try to get as many as possible, but even in fw/gw we can click the leader board and see what we need to be shooting for. I feel very sorry for those that never completed the placement achievements b/c seriously a new players has no shot at placing in the top 5% anymore. The changes prior to the scoring system were different but tolerable, but this is just plain silly. Hope others are having a better experience than I am b/c for me the fun is gone from BA. Sadly disappointed.
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  2. Blez

    Blez New Member

    Not impressed with changes. Worked hard at the start and managed to get 5 kills in before being hit big time, just revived to try and beef up my score and within minutes I've lost 1/3 of my total just for trying. As usual there is an unfair advantage in favour of the big guns. I'm not going to hit those with huge health if I can help it but when you see some with over 50x your own, and they hit you it's over in seconds. Get back to the original format, all in and when you're dead ypu're dead. Sorry guys this one not for me anymore.
  3. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    Not too sure what to make of it trying to think of a balanced argument...Good that you've realized and decided to make changes to the original platform as strategical skill had little relevance re your overall participation.. It was stale outdated and much in need of an arm shot..
    That said, a lot of tweaking is required with this new roll out.. The first glaring mistake you have made is to retain the killers identity on page in the event of a death blow.. Little chance of getting away with a sneak kill.. All you are doing is attracting attention to yourself..
    So far a general pattern is emerging.. Get a kill and within 10 seconds having to go into def enable for the next few hours b4 your eventual demise once more.. You start attacking again periodically, but you're likely to be online participating and saved: Being poked and prodded every few mins..
    The new 'viking only' named facility is confusing.. You check the fight list for potentials: Click off their stat profile then have to physically count down the list again to make sure you're attacking the right user after you've checked their profile again before saving; Very easy to attack the wrong player and time consuming..
    As usual the 'fight physics' of the previous version has been retained frustrating the heck out of the overwhelming majority.. I share the same concerns as some of the opinions noted above.. Whilst I can understand giving a slight advantage to the top level guys, the unlimited nature of stam use magnifies that margin of advantage, blowing it out of all proportion..At the mo it's nothing short of a slaughter house out there...
    If you're going to allow the current win/loss calculation to be maintained, then you have to limit the number of attacks a user can make per hour by a token introduction.. Suddenly you have to think b4 acting, factoring in things like availability, opponents health and viability.. Would make for a much more exciting challenging game and auto clicking a redundant feature..
    Think I'll have to bite the bullet and refrain from further participation this tournament..
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  4. its now a high speed lvlg game making them even stronger even quicker the divide enlarging even faster for the money spending big gun bullies, great job Kano
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  5. Jayne D

    Jayne D New Member

    Players Remaining:

    1388 after how many hours? I used to enjoy BA.. Was based on skill, now based on how much money you spend on credits.. Sorry guy's, no matter what you do I wont buy any.. My money goes on my Mortage & Utilities..
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  6. Riddzz

    Riddzz New Member

    Was not broke.Sometimes you should leave things alone!!!
  7. John Gilli

    John Gilli Member

    I consider myself pretty high up in vc/fb. I was able to play when it first started, and had some initial success. I may have even been one of the "big players" that took you out. But even for me, the divide between me and the truly big players is huge. i revived for free after a good night sleep, and within 5 minutes a whale found me. i ran to defense, but he still cut through me like a hot knife through butter. IF I revive later, for free, i will be starting with less health than when BA began. I did manage to score 8 levels or so, for 10FPs to refill stamina. But now I'm done. And I have to wait the entire 3 days to see who wins. I already know the top 5 finishers: they are the top players in vc (with one possible exception of someone who is a great friend, but holds a real job during most days!) The rich get richer, the rest of us .... not so much. (And that's speaking as someone that most consider part of the "richer" lol!)
  8. The fact is VC is only geared up for high level players who never stop moaning even when able too bully anyone in there way! In arena and war mode the rest are just cannon fodder for them and if you take there bounty target they then use you as a target as they think VC belongs too them only! Arena in this format is a mistake tried just too see how many would actually pay too revive and see how much extra could be made from it and how many would no longer bother with it as it is now. Go back too the old format but reduce it too i day and more often starting with in range targets only for first 4 hours then open house :)
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  9. Nic21

    Nic21 Active Member

    I do think they should change this into group levels only being able to attack each other. But it will be hard for those in the same group as the high level players. Because I might be around 6,000 and I don't want to be in there group. Cents I will be killed fast. It should just be those high level ones attacking each other. Cents they don't really attack each other until the last day or hour of the BA.
  10. Just revived and lasted under a min as the big gun had me saved that killed me before so my score is now less than when i first started, oh the fun of it all now should i spend 10 too revive eeeeehhhhhhhh you are joking of course lmao
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  11. aleco

    aleco New Member

    arena is crap kano get it sorted before you lose what credibility you have left is totally destroyed and we have no real players left
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  12. Rodney Rangel

    Rodney Rangel Active Member

    i get killed in less than 2 mins in arena? i want old arena back
  13. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

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    Next to the revival button there should be a warning message: Don't feed the Lions :rolleyes:
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  14. Malin

    Malin New Member

    My second post on this issue: My first impressions about the new Battle Arena have been confirmed. It's just not worth my time to revive. I get killed too quickly, and I have yet to find anyone I can attack successfully after I revive. So, either I go to defense to buy some time, only to die quickly when my defense time runs out, or I just attack pointlessly and wait to die quickly again. And, for all my time and effort, I end up with as many points as I did when I started. Reviving is completely pointles.
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  15. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    The results were determined by the new format. To ask people for feedback seems bizarre. There's no way anyone can reasonably claim to have experienced something they weren't expecting.

    I'd like to see the current BA continue only so that we can see how many people enjoy this new balanced experience a month or so from now.

    Anyhow. The current version demands participation at the start, and spending all stamina and then calling it quits. This will maximize XP and give the players with the most stamina a chance at rewards. For a better chance at rewards it's possible to revive with a training partner whenever dailies and boosts are available, of course, if you're one of the players in contention for a reward, then you might want to spend on FPs for stamina and instant revives - the problem is that most players will realize that they aren't contenders and they won't "spend" and they won't log back in. Defence has, of course, become worthless - not sure how people feel about wasting their time on pointless builds - maybe it builds "character" - not likely to improve morale.

    Frankly, to change BA to this extent feels like a breach of trust. It's now just a place to spend stamina.
  16. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    it has its moments but right now its just a leveling platform for the number 1 player on server 2....pretty much as soon as anyone revives hes killing them, dmode or not. so if kano was looking to make money, mission for promoting activity? it was more active at first but now its just boring with noone hardly reviving at alll and the top guy just sitting and waiting for anyone that does. i like all the changes except for the revive cause with the way it is now, reviving isnt helping any of us at all
  17. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    also, a problem so to speak that needs fixing....
    Players Remaining: says that constantly but it should show the number of active players left, ones that are currently alive, not the ones that havent revived
  18. jarcocha

    jarcocha New Member

    Battle Arena has been a complete bust. I have no targets at all in the target list and I've been killed several times by "Viking" which seems to be an automaton since he's had 35K+ attacks. I won't participate in this buffoonery any longer. Perhaps its time to find another game.
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yeah in the FB one it keeps the number of how many actually entered all the time, not how many are alive, but at the end that number will be revived and the lions will feast :p Some,myself included wanted to make the turtles not rank without being active more than the min 100 attacks and 4 ours of def mode, My feeling is raising the min to a higher number, maybe 3,000 attacks and maybe adding a kill would have been enough for that to happen, and tweak from there, it would have made them have to hang out longer that it takes to bang out 100 attacks take a risk and , and in turn make for more action for everyone. the no names, the 10 stam when the health is low on the player you are attacking and the point system is a good idea, but Revival, not so much .
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  20. Malin

    Malin New Member

    Sorry, Third post on the new Battle Arena, but had more thoughts. The whole "anonymity" thing naming everyone "Viking" is truly a stupid idea. How the heck can I keep track of anyone if everyone has the same name? Sorry that some of you poor, upper-level poopsies were getting targeted in BA, but it doesn't seem that you're faring all that bad overall, and plus, doesn't it suck when people play your tricks against you? Bring back nicknames, so that we can keep track of our friends and enemies, and stop kow-towing just because a few upper levels have weak constitutions. Poor babies.
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