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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Shadowmaster, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Hello my name is Shadowmaster and I am an active Viking Clan player on facebook. I play mostly to bounty hunt and have fun with my guild buddies. Before I had the achievements I was enjoying bounty hunting so I could earn my 2 quadrillion but once I reached that I found myself slowly getting more and more bored of the game. I was looking for a way to keep things interesting so I decided to "invest" in the battle arena. Now by "invest" I do not mean money (I am a student putting myself through college, enough said) rather I mean time. I am only level 2000 which is incredibly low for having a chance in the arena but I have 50,000 health which gives me a big advantage over players my own level. I made sure I got home by 5pm est time, sat down on my computer and played the battle arena as hard as I could from 5PM to 2AM straight. By 2AM I was at 10 billion health which is more than every single one of the other players including Bully Thor, Kel, and Rogue had at the time. I had 62 kills, 8,000 attacks and about 3,000 losses. I had used 7 stamina refills because my stamina is only 1500, I figured I was pretty safe when all of the sudden "notlikelym8" who I am almost sure is Kel The Merciful King started attacking me "notlikelym8 attacked mom and won1 day ago 4079 wins against since arena start". Apparentally he was able to attack me and knock out all of my 10 billion health without losing any health himself (I think he lost about 50 million). Now well most players would complain about that, that's not what I am saying is a mistake in the system. His character is clearly a lot stronger than mine is and he can kill me with ease. What is a big mistake is the fact that I got 62 kills and ranked "628th". The only players who have more kills than me are the top 8 players. Please explain to me why the majority of the 620 players who were lucky and didn't get attacked until the end deserve a higher ranking than me? What I am saying is that there really should be some sort of compensation for getting a lot of kills. I've never gotten mad over a text-based game before but this was pretty upsetting.

  2. I agree, there does seem to be something wrong with the way a winner is determined. But as it stands now, health is the only thing that matters in the end.

    My game partner had well over 100 kills in the last MSPC arena and came in 3rd. The #1 player had 16. It seemed kinda messed up then too. But it is what it is for now.

    Good job though! :)
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    I can understand your frustration Shadowmaster. It would be nice if the number of kills somehow factored in . One of the problems that I see with this however is that all kills are not created equal, obviously a kill on a high level opponent would be harder to come by then that of a low level.

    I think the problem really lies with the large number of inactive players, They're far more inactives than there is active players At this point the only real deterrent to inactivity is that an inactive players health drops only 15% after 6 hrs. Personally I think the percentage of health loss should be far greater and should kick in well before 6 hrs and then should continue to decrease every hour after that.

    The current system of awarding players with free XP upon signing up in conjunction with the lack luster end rewards just makes the problem worse.....of course many players who have no intention of ever playing are going to sign up for the free XP...especially when they have a shot at getting rewards for doing nothing. While the active players have to wade through all the inactives and with every one they have to its both more time and their potential reward gets smaller.

    Its been talked about a few times that the inactive players shouldnt rank or get rewards....but it has never come to pass. Kano did make it so we actually gained some health why battling but its so minimal and doesnt seem to happen for the majority of the arena that its pretty pointless.

    I really think they need to find a way to eliminate the inactives earlier and increase the rewards, Perhaps some type of incentive to go after the inactive players. Currently the more active players get killed first as they are a threat while the inactives move up the ladder with every kill of an active player. The rewards for getting to the top 100 is one favor point, the next tier is 25 rankings away and u only get 2 favor points.....How many times did u say u refilled your stamina? So basically the inactives have all the incentive and have to do nothing but enter while the active players do all the work and find ranking to be extremely difficult.....I feel your pain, I too love the arena but there is still a lot to get ironed out
  4. The Protector

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    Come now.
    We know health is the ending factor as it should be.
    If kills were rewarded with anything other than health,then search would be even more abused.
  5. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Wow,book writer in the making :D

    Seriously though what's wrong with the current way the system is set up other than the search bar?
  6. The Protector

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    Shadowmaster,the only thing that'll come from giving additional rewards for kills is more abuse of the search bar by the higher levels.
  7. Linda

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    inactives should get NOTHING
  8. The Protector

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    Not the inactives fault if the actives don't want to go after them.
    "Not a threat"is no excuse.
  9. alka

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    I'm guessing Shadowmaster was attacked and killed after sniping a kill. Another reason to stop broadcasting the name of killers.
  10. Shadowmaster

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I will try to respond to each of you that brought something up worthwhile. Thank you for the kind words, Jill. Glad you agree.

    Good points. I agree with most of what you said, you always seem to be full of new ideas and so I was wondering if you had any ideas as to what they could do to make it less favorable to kill the active players first? I just feel like it is bogus that I can get 10 billion health and have it mean nothing. Also, since you don't seem to mind typing let me know what you think about the ideas I am tossing linda's way. They're probably bad, I don't claim to be some master of idea's haha.

    That would be helpful. Yet I can't help but notice, there are so many ways to fix this problem it's uncanny. You could make it so there is an in-game reward for hitting 1 kill, 10 kills, 30 kills, 50 kills, etc. You could make it so the players with kills get rewards first, so essentially all the players with at least 1 kill get rewards based on their ranking first. (So if there are 40 players with at least 1 kill, I ranked 600th and there are 10 people with 1 kill that got knocked out before me, I get rank 30) this works because it does not change the rankings of any of the top players who earned their spots. Another idea would be to have a seperate ranking system for kills. This means that there would be a ranking based on kills (perhaps top 50 or 100 get rewards) in addition to the way the current system works based on ranking. Which I think is a splendid idea, perhaps the best idea because the high leveled players are twice as happy because they get twice the amount of rewards and someone like me who wants to get tons of kills is also rewarded aptly. However, there is almost a limitless amount of ideas to fix this problem and I doubt I have thought of the right one perfectly. I think it's clear that something needs to be done based on kills though.

    Yes you're probably correct. If I wasn't friends with 90% of the high level players I probably would have been killed sooner. I actually stopped sniping kills at 42 kills and started refilling to kill people myself but I kept a close eye on all the players who had 1+ billion health. I sniped a player worth 1.6 bil health and I'm pretty sure that was Kel's (assuming he's notlikelym8). However, you're point is completely irrelevant to this post. I never complained about being killed, I clearly stated that a stronger player killed me with great ease and that is fair. I am lobbying for kills to go into the equation of ranking not for those who are stronger than me to stop killing me. In fact, I can be almost certain it was because of me taking that kill, I had my friend Bully Thor come in and steal his kill so he didn't get any rewards (I'm mean like that). Turns out I was only worth 106 mil so there was literally no other reason that I can think of to kill me other than that I sniped his kill. What you my friend don't seem to grasp is that a player like myself at level 2000 has no chance at all whatsover without sniping kills. I was shooting for the top 10 not the top 100. This was my decision and I'm not complaining about Kel doing what I myself would probably do in his shoes. Merely pointing out that getting 62 kills should garner me more rewards than the inactives.
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  11. Nice suggestions, Shadowmaster. On first impressions only, I like what you came up with. I'm sure my game partner will have plenty to say about them, just as you requested, lol.

    Linda, I agree with you completely. No activity, no ranking.

    Polish, I agree with you, as you know. The inactives need to lose health in much greater chunks and at regular intervals. It appears to be greed on the part of Kano not to take them down faster. The more stamina we waste taking them out, the more moola for them.
  12. polishpimp

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    I like the idea of having a separate category for kills. Health is and should be the deciding factor in the outcome of the arena but a separate ranking for kills (and corresponding rewards despite ones rankings in the arena)that did not affect the outcome of the main arena may very well promote killing of the inactive players. Although this would help players of all would definately give lower levels something else to shoot for as finishing high in the arena is a pretty slim chance.

    I agree with Linda as well...inactives should get nothing. The way to do this is to not allow players to collect their rewards until the arena is completely over. All inactive players can then be moved to the bottom of the rankings in the order they were killed and all active players can then be moved up in the rankings in the order they were killed or ranked by their number of kills.

    Another idea is after a certain amount of time passes the damage dealt, health reieved and/or the Xp is greatly improved when an active player is attacking an inactive player....once again giving a larger incentive to go after an inactive player.

    I was initially for revealing the names of the players that stole/sniped a kill because i too like to get my pound of flesh, but have since changed my opinion and think they should not reveal the names as it does contribute to eliminating the active lower levels that rely on the snipe kill to move up the ranks. This idea should make some of the opponents to the search option happy as well for obvious reasons.

    In the end it is totally bogus that someone so active whether with attacks or kills would finish well below those that have done absolutely nothing. The outcomes of the arena should not be largely dependent on pure luck or a battle list that does not refresh properly. Every time a player refreshes their battle list an entirely new list of random players should come up and players can go through that list and save who they wish. It doesnt do anyone any damn good to refresh and have 75% of the same players show up. Players whos in-game stats are that they have very high health and low defense and attack have extremely bad numbers in the arena. How often do u see someone with health in 800-9-- million range with a kill reward of less than 100m, who in their right mind wants to waste their time and resources on that? The arena is supposed to benefit balanced builds but in cases like these long as those players remain inactive the arena is actually insuring they will go further up the ranks.......thus why its imperative that the inactives are penalized much more severly or the actives are given more incentive to go after them rather than the actives.
  13. Shadowmaster

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    Those words could have been written by these fingertips. We clearly see eye-to-eye on this subject. The option of having a seperate reward system for kills is my favorite of the idea's I mentioned as well. I hope an admin sees this thread. Although I seriously doubt any of my idea's could ever make it in-game.

    Oh and Jill thank you for taking the time to post, your writings are encouraging :).
  14. The Protector

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    Hmm....changing your mind on something I see....I change my mind on something and I'm labeled a hypocrite...You change your mind on something yet you're not a hypocrite?
  15. Larry Skary

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    i understand what Polish i saying. It would help the active players to remain active therefore allowing the inactive ones to be taken out.
  16. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Oh I know what he saying.
    Just find it funny how I change my mind on something and get labeled a hypocrite yet he changes his mind on something yet isn't a hypocrite??
  17. polishpimp

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    the difference is that im actually sincere and not changing my mind to be self serving or just because i dont like you, you on the other hand are arguing things just to argue them.....because nobodies that stupid to believe half the crap u say...including yourself
  18. LOL, ain't that the truth? LB/JDG just disagrees with you, no matter how stupid he appears, just for the sake of argument. It's one thing if he actually had something constructive and opposed to offer, but usually he just wants to take the opposite side from you, Polish. And he usually comes off with egg on his face.
  19. Demonik1

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    i dislike the inactives just as much as anyone else but i highly doubt anything more will be done about it. there are some that just dont have the chance to get on in time to play no matter how bad they would like to. im sure there are some that work an 8-12 hour shift no matter what time the arena starts or which day and that fact alone will most likely keep kano from being too harsh on them. theres no way to prove OR disprove that and how would ANY of you feel if you were in that exact predicament and punished for it? i can understand the gamer side of it but in all honesty real life comes before any game and if i were punished for responsible action of everyday life i'd tell kano to take this game and shove it up get the idea. the arena is what it is and minor tweaks aside, take it or leave it. noone is forcing anyone to play it, quit all your whining and move on.
  20. Shadowmaster

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    You couldn't be more wrong. KANO has made adjustments to the battle arena on almost every single release based soley on our feedback. It is not the way it is, it is constantly changing because they actually listen to their players which is a truly wonderful quality in a company. If you are on the side of leaving the inactives in, then feel free to cast your vote that way but don't act like giving constructive feedback is a negative thing. No one is whining.

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