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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by DMQ, May 18, 2012.

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  1. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    Mark posting a question for help is one thing but posting a members name and giving the impression they are cheating is another
    and any posts like this will be subject to being deleted
    if someone was to accuse you of cheating or anyone else we would do the same thing
    if you feel that someone is cheating by haveing a large bounty or using scripts then these issues need to be sent to support
    and just because someone spends money like many of us do does not mean the devs would not take cheating serious
    all questions about the game are welcome here and we will try to help as much as we can but if you have a concern that a player is in someway cheating then email support
  2. HammerTime

    HammerTime Member

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    Been playing for a long time dude and doesn't take much to save money, just make sure you know how much you can afford to spend instead of spending it like most people do, discipline yourself to receive the rewards, as you can see i make a lot and that's every 42 min so expect it to go up more when i next decide to work out whats best for me to buy (reminds me Dev's can you make that property calculator for the game like MW1 had please?)

    As for collecting bounties i go for the big ones and i do well at getting them, still get a few small ones now and then though :) If the Dev's wish to look into my account for the use of codes, cheating or any other things that they look for then go for it cause ive got nothing to hide, understand the game and mainly how to save and keep to it before you decide to accuse me of cheating, also have a look at the leaderboard in the (Bank section) you will see a few players with high amounts of cash that have decided not to invest it (don't see why as you make no interest from it) also i don't like to bank my cash as i'd rather not letting people know how much cash i have, i was the first to get the achievement for banking 500trill and i just banked 600trill to get the achievement then took it out a few hours later but doesn't mean that 600trill is all i had to my name, its just all that i decided to bank, then i invested it and saved a little and that was a few months ago, not to mention that my base bounty was nearly 300bill before i even invested anything, didn't take much to bump it up to 800bill, and as for investing 6trill a day i could invest so much more then that if i wanted too, when im on and playing a lot my average earnings is probably 10 to 15trill a day but i do like to list a lot but still i make sure that everyday im always in profit, damn some days i earn 10trill in 5 min when people are on their listing sprees, if you dedicate yourself its not hard to achieve

    Dev's also can you make some achievements for income earnings as they stopped at 50bill?

    You just killed Q RNB with a punch to the face!
    You just killed Q RNB with a punch to the face!
  3. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Something like this?
  4. HammerTime

    HammerTime Member

    HAHA awesome stuff, thank you :) i see that its only updated to Paris, will it get updated soon as there's still Dublin and Prague? Thanks though, i will surely be updating to my city :)
  5. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    PS... Like ya friends style of grammar.. Few mistakes though and all that
  6. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    DMQ if your going to get off topic and cause issues with copying someones thread and then adding your own comments to it in nice light colored highlighting then it will be removed every time. I originally moved this into support for you for a developer when they can to answer your question. Please stay on the original topic and i will again message a developer to comment on this when they can so this thread can be closed and no further issues will arise from getting off topic. Thank you and have a good day.
  7. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    If you dont want me to add my opinion in a reply with quote highlighted in a pretty colour then remove the ability to add it.. You can do that right ??? Guessed not

    Thanx and all that , may your day be blessed with all that is good

  8. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Hello DMQ,
    While I didn't read through all the posts on this thread, I did read your initial question, and from what I can see it was more or less answered to some degree. Unfortunately, we don't release game formulas, so the answers you received from experienced players are about as specific as we'd be able to provide for you.
    I do get the sense that your question stems from some inherent distrust of another player, and if you would like to report another player please write in to support about it, which you can do by clicking on this smiley face: :)
    Thanks to everyone who was providing insight into this question, and I apologize that we weren't able to provide a Developer response earlier.
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