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  1. brad8and8

    brad8and8 Member

    I havent seen any thread on this item or a hint. OK OK I spelled it wrong, cant fix
  2. Gunny from PC

    Gunny from PC Member

    Baroness+blackpowder+clockwork parrot= Automaton
  3. brad8and8

    brad8and8 Member

    The Automaton
    40 Attack
    40 Defense
    Owned: 260

    thanks Gunpowder, i have had it for a little bit, actually done with it, not worth the gifts, well not for long anyways
  4. What a wise decision on your part, Brad. I wouldn't make any more of them either........if I were you. LMAO!!!!!
  5. Lightningbug62

    Lightningbug62 New Member

    That has been solved for sometime now
  6. brad8and8

    brad8and8 Member

    Black Powder
    Clockwork Parrot
    Level 4660
    Just in case someone doesnt have it
  7. Yes it's a nice mate!

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