autumn's hammer recipe? anyone?

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  1. kennycjr

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    unlocks at lvl 2500, i'd bet actual cash i don't have, and children born from wife yet unknown that it'd require the valkyrie bladestaff which also unlocks at lvl 2500. wonder if it'd also require the drop from the 2500 job too, seeing as how it'd require something from lvl 2500, and the hidden recipes always require the craft right before them.

    not that it'd be useful anyhow, seeing as how the valkyrie bladestaff requires so many good weapons to begin with. a bit frustrating that the high lvl crafts seem to be so useless.

    look at the valkyrie bladestaff, it would be one of my strongest weapons with a57d57, it'd add some a9d15 from my current lowest used attack weapon. but to craft it requires 2 spirit wolf, which are +a8d3, 2 hell boars, +a9/-d3, and a legend broad sword which cost 240 billion, along with a craft cost of 50 billion. so for a mere 290 billion i'd actually end up lowering my attack by 25, but raising defense by 15?

    course if i could trade some of my fire chariots into fire wingsuits, i'd actually be worthwhile to craft more hellfire chariots, which would result in making these valkyrie bladestaffs actually useful a few hours earlier months from now. ;o)
  2. juarlita

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    An earlier post gave a hint.... two gifts and one other item that's not a gift.'s+Hammer

    It's interesting that the previous hint stated 3 unique items. Unique... does this mean they weren't used in any previous blacksmith recipe? If so, I'd agree on the Valkyrie Bladestaff and would concentrate on the gifts which haven't been utilized yet nor have come out since Autumn's Hammer was first posted as the items to utilize wouldn't have changed.
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  3. Das liebe Beil

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    It will most likely use the Bladestaff. Other than that, focus on gifts that were there before the recipe. I think it's one of the first, so the gifts should be pretty old.
  4. SkylerF

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    "Unique" means three different items. A, B, and C. It is *possible* that they are truly unique in not being used for other recipes, but what it really means is that you use three separate items (individual quantities unknown).
    So, if it is 2 items and 1 gift, we know that 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT non-gift items will be used, and there will be a gift included in the recipe.
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  5. kennycjr

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    omg, is that seriously what kano has been meaning by unique items?!?!

    as if just telling us two items and a gift, we would think they might mean two of the same item?

    Myself I'd think two items means two different items, regardless of how many are actually used. and unique items would mean an uncertain number of an item that hasn't been used in any other recipes.
  6. SkylerF

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    Well, I've been in SEVERAL arguments about that. KANO says "3 items, no gifts" and players assume it could be 3 Shapeshifters, or 2 Shapeshifters and a Giant Spider, or 2 Shapeshifters, a Giant Spider, and a Helheim Boar (not really, but you see what I mean?).
  7. kennycjr

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    don't all crafts require a gift?
  8. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Nope, not all crafts.

    Hellfire Chariot for example doesn't require one.
    Ebony Axe as another example.
  9. juarlita

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    Still, the hint was two gifts and one non-gift item. If Valkyrie Bladestaff is the non-gift item, then, disregarding the gifts which have come out since the recipe was first loaded, I come up with just over 1300 possible combinations. I've already tried about 300 of them but I'll continue working on it. Anyone want my spreadsheet with possible combinations and what I've tried so far so you can work on it too, just post me a private message here and I'll send it to you.
  10. kennycjr

    kennycjr Member

    1300 combinations just considering the gifts that were out when autumn's hammer became available? but wasn't the autumn's hammer one of the first crafts available? I'm starting to get a bit ancy for figuring out this recipe.
  11. kennycjr

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  13. monkhughes

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    1 Scroll of Vanir Knowledge + 1 Thor Amulet + 1 Valkyrie Bladestaff

    You're all very welcome.
  14. Maler

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    thank you. that just means it's useless :))

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