August 10th- Developer Update (Skill Points Allocator)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    -Skill Points allocator is now accessed through a modal window to allow easy access without disrupting gameplay
    -cleaned up profile when a user has skill points, allocator modal is now accessed through a new "Skills ()" button that launches a modal from your profile

    Give us your feedback on this new modal implementation, if it is positive we will look take a look at other possible features that could be moved to a modal window for example the Hoard may be a good candidate.
  2. MAYA1O1O

    MAYA1O1O New Member

    i like it a lot! But what about the Whole thing about 2-5 Favor Points to change all of your status around! So if i added 500 to def that i wanted to att to Stamina to Fight more! i can take them all away and add them there!
    or to Health or anything!, But u have to have the all of achievements for the Skill points done! than u can re arange them to any status u want! ?
  3. yes i do agree with this
  4. I think if someone is allowed to move skill points it should cost more than 2-5 davey jones points. And as an idea was posted elsewhere, if you already earned an achievment for 300 attack for example, you have to keep at least 300 attack. Perhaps 5 davey jones points for every 50 or 100 skill points moved.

    <edit> just checked out the pop up window. I don't like it. It needs an option for more than just a +1 increase. Before I was allocating skills 50 at a time, not you have to keep clicking +1
  5. yes that sounds keep it at the base of 300 or 250 or 500 diff on diff games:D
  6. i have to say this update was a bad idea.

    changing the order of the stats and the whole idea at least i think is a fail.

    it was easier the old way.
  7. MAYA1O1O

    MAYA1O1O New Member

    Yes True! i was thinking it should cost 10 Father points to chage your skill points around!
    What do you all think?
    and + U have have at last the min of stamina Health att and def, Before u can Change them around tho!

    Vote! lets get this to happen!
  8. Calder12

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    << user is a moron reading wrong forum, disregard.
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  9. no post on this thread were deleted.
  10. Calder12

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    I'm an ass....

    Wrong forum....

    >.< and I bitched out Kendall in a PM too so here is the apology.

    I am truly sorry, I jumped without looking. I saw the new post, thought it was ZS and screwed up. I was not vulgar but I was not nice either in my PM to Kendall so I publicly apologize for being stupid and jumping the gun.
  11. that happens.i did that when i first started i went to viking section by mistake.
  12. Calder12

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    Did you send Kendall an annoying PM too? If you did I'll feel better lol >.<
  13. NIce apologizeing all ways helps:cool:
  14. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    A new update has just been pushed to PC:

    +5 option when skill points is over 5
    + buttons will disappear if not enough skill points
    [Reset] link added to re-start allocation of skill points
    optimized modal loading

  15. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    This is a great idea. I also like the popup vs the page switching to my profile. Hopefully this concept can also be introduced when doing jobs, adding elites, collecting cash & sending boosts leaving the player on one page. Thanks!
  16. well with the reset its not as bad but the old way was still easier to use.
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    How many skill points do you allocate at a time? Is it that you feel it is more cumbersome this way or is just the change in interface getting to you?

    With this new way, a user can allocate all their skill points without actually saving them and get to see what the impact to their character will be. With the old method, we were unable to give the user that immediate feedback.

    If we are still missing some functionality, please let me know, from today's update hope this is showing that regardless of the rumors Kano does listen to player feedback and takes it seriously.
  18. i know you guys listen to feedback.never said you didnt.

    usually i'll add all 5 points at once(unless stam which of course then 4 points at once)

    the drop down was just so easy though.

    and just now i misclicked on my stats.i thought i was increasing something else but nope i increased defense by mistake.

    changing the order was a bad idea as well.
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  19. How About
    Enter numbers in Box and click Add

  20. MAYA1O1O

    MAYA1O1O New Member

    Soooo, I have a Question for the people like me who saved a 500+ Skill points and when to add them to Att and What did i know, they were added to Def? Well i dont like the changes :( of the order of the skill points i want my 500+ Skill points into Att not Def

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