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    Hi kendal, i was told to address this to you, apparently u work 4 kano?

    ive had problems for nearly 6 weeks now, with no responses from anyone..
    my prob started when i tried to buy points with insuficent funds, ever since i get this message

    We are Sorry! secure Your Social Gold account is under review
    To release your account you will need to Contact us and may be required to provide additional information to verify your account.

    Click here to: Contact us

    i have contacted "social gold" atleast 8 times and have reported it to mobwars atleast 3 times, Please help? its really frustrating...

  2. hi James i was thinikg that im only one who have problem with buy points
    but i use super rewards service and its also Social Gold and it go on my paypal record and than some funny happen i try get more points on zombie slayer and was noting happen so i give up

    and after 3 days gio to bank and get mini statement and its showing that i got charged extra from 9 June and on paypal is showing all last ones i did on 8 June and all clear the same on bank acct but 9 june charges is not on my paypal acct and no points

    so i reported problem from Zombie Slayer UN Credits page click on <<View Offer Status>>
    so next i have to go bank again get full statement and give them all my paypal statement also print out : >> Viewed Offers and Awarded Offers << from pirate clan and zombie slayer all what happen in july and waste my time in bank for investigation

    so will be annoying process but thats what can happen ... hope this help as advice what to do
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