April 27th Update: Health Baseline for Battles

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We pushed an improvement to health that should patch the issue where if a player does not invest skills into health evenly they will have no real negative impact, the negative impact for not investing into health will now be that they will die easier in battles.

    If you notice that you are either dying easily you probably need to invest more skills in health, if you are killing easily then your opponents probably have a low max health.

    We will tweak this over the next week or so but it was a needed/overdue patch.

    We also pushed some misc clean-up changes:
    -inventory and land pages are now list view
    -top messages are gone (except for level), notifications top left will show up when you are attacked
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  2. cool Kendall
    but im sure Eddie will come here and ask the same question from mob wars thread :)
  3. RobinBSN

    RobinBSN New Member


    Now I can´t attack anyone without getting killed almost every time, even though I heal between every fight. Change it back as it was. If the change must be done, you can first let everyone know so that they will get time to get more helth and then change to the new system after a couple of weeks.
  4. sparky1

    sparky1 New Member

    way to go thanks for changing attacking damage dealth and taken like, robin, i cant attack without dying now and i ave died while doing bosses 4 times because of higher levels taking advantage of your so called improvment u just handed us to them on a plate, why no prior notice of this atleast so users could build health etc, ifthis isnt changed back i can see you losing lots of players boycoting ur games or even not playing at all, PLS CHANGE IT BACK HAS IT WAS, dont try to fix things when its not broken,
  5. Uncharming

    Uncharming New Member

    Do you want to keep people playing your App?

    I play this App to relax after work. I worked hard to bring my defense real high so I wasn't easy to kill. Now I am being killed with one or 2 attacks from people who have half the clan that I have because you made a health update! I have gotten negative experience points since your update. This game is no longer relaxing to me! I will never level up when I am losing experience, so how will I ever get points to use toward health? In the past I was levelling up by attacking, I can't attack without dying. Even with over 900 clan and almost maxed out with items for my level.

    If the game play remains this poor, I will have to simply quit this app.
  6. thorormr

    thorormr New Member

    Two thumbs way down

    So what then is the benefit of pouring points on points into defense, arming the best defensive items, and choosing the best defensive weapons, when any joe shmoe with a dagger can kill you at will? I loose points when I am attacked and die, I loose points when I attack someone else and end up dead. In short order I will be back to level 1. I will give it a couple of days and if this doesn't change I am done with this app. I quit playing vampires when they took a good fun app and made it all about 'buying' favor points. This app has been fun up to this point, but when you start tweeking things that don't need tweeking, that tells me it is time to move on too. There is no positive from this and you will loose a LOT of players as a result. Listen to the player base.
  7. Uncharming

    Uncharming New Member

    Why not raise the cost to heal instead?

    Either raise the cost to heal, or limit how often one can heal and people will feel the need to increase their health. What you have done simply ruined the playability of the game. If it were this bad from the start, I'd have quit playing long ago.
  8. thorhammer

    thorhammer New Member


    put it back.. can't play this way. level of health is part of a strategy, changing it in this way is devastating for players.
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    People that are really upset, I am guessing that your max health is most likely set to 100 or some other really low value based on your level?

    The baseline right now is pretty conservative. We can dial it back a bit but for those people that are at a high level and still at max health 100 what do you expect when you are battling higher level players that have developed their character with a high max health.
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  10. Atrocity41

    Atrocity41 New Member

    I like it.

    I have no problem with it. I am sure there are things that must be adjusted to make it more fair. It at least makes the stat important now. Now people cant rely on being severely damaged and being saved from being killed by automatically being removed from battle.
  11. RobinBSN

    RobinBSN New Member

    XP still going down

    Maybe things had to be changed, but there should have been some information before so that we who has low health could have changed our strategy. Before there were no use of health points. Now we are losing XP and if we can´t level up we can´t get more healtpoints. So if it continues like this I will most likely stod playing this app. :(
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will roll this change out over the next couple of days slowly by increasing the health stat slowly and not all at once to give more people a chance. If you are at a high level say +300 and have not put anything into health and find that you are stuck write in to support and we will see what we can do to help you out.
  13. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Also, if you have no health you will be doing very poorly against the bosses.
  14. sparky1

    sparky1 New Member

    it was a bad idea in a long line of bad ideas by game makers, first you didnt didnt give any notice to players in news , now your trying to wrangle out of it by blaming us not putting points on health, if u want that lower the points needed to level up stamina etc, and try this idea in a few months, coz your going to lose many users like this
  15. thorhammer

    thorhammer New Member

    sorry, haven't spent much time in the forum and not really sure what problem was being solved with this change.

    i don't invest in health, it means i have to heal often when i fight and i have no real chance of bounty hunting or lasting long if someone puts a bounty on me. i assume when people invest in health they are doing so to avoid healing during fights, get bounties and ride the hit list.

    i've played this way for a year(?). if this change remains i don't see how i (or others in same situation) can play the game unless you allow us to reallocate our points. there is no way i can level up so i can add health to allow me to fight again.

    this health issue fundamentally changes strategy on building a character. i built my character based on the way the game worked and now i'm being penalized for it.
  16. thorhammer

    thorhammer New Member

    isn't that penalty enough?
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We have dialed this change back quite a bit and will roll it out slowly over the next week or two.

    If you have completely neglected max health better start showing it some love if you do not want to be an easy kill.

    "Increase Max Health to survive Battles." or alternatively "Don't Increase Max Health if you want to be an easy kill"
  18. thorhammer

    thorhammer New Member

    thanks. i hope you reconsider this change all together. someone said it before, if you want to penalize players for low health there might be less drastic ways such as limiting the number of times you can heal, making heals cost more each time you do it, add health requirements to missions.

    i fear you will create a whole new class of bullies who simply stockpile health and kill everyone with a single attack, regardless of win/loss or attack/def points.
  19. thorormr

    thorormr New Member

    Forcing game play strategies

    If I have high points in defense and am armed defensively I should not have to rely on health to survive a battle. If the defense is matched to an attackers offense, damage should be minimal as it was before. If I am greatly outmatched, then yes, damage increases. But I was taking major damage from opponents that were fairly evenly matched or weaker. What you are doing is forcing game strategy rather than letting each player decide how they want to design their build. If everyone builds the same, it simply becomes a game of who has the most clan. Let people play their game. I have seen more games go down the toilet when the designer decides he wants to regulate how players play the game. It doesn't matter if you roll it out today, tomorrow, or in a few weeks, you will still end up with a very small player base.:(
  20. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The current implementation should work and make sense, if you are not investing anything in your max health and at a high level you will be setting yourself up for easier kills unless your clan has a really high attack compared to others that you are engaged with.

    We rolled this out too quick for those users that have not invested anything into health and are above level 100 or so.

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