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  1. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    Why do i lose 500.000 on every attack i lose , and i mean every single one , but i do not ever win 500.000 when i win an attack ? How is that decided ?
  2. its based on cash on hand

    if your opponent hoards the cash

    then you get nothing

    if they have a very small amount on hand

    you get a portion of it

    if they have LARGE amount of cash on hand

    you get 500,000
  3. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    i know that , i asked why i don`t get any , because i know for a fact some of my enemies do have cash and i should get cash , but still i do not !
  4. then lets move this to the bug and issue section if thats the case
  5. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    It works how AS posted. If you are not getting any cash then your opponent must have hoarded the money thus you are getting none.
  6. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    i tested this again. i had 500b cash , at every attack lost i also lost 500.000 . the player that attacked me had 1 trilion cash , i attacked her just as much as she attacked me , and i did not win any money.
    so it does not work as u say or as u wish. i had half the money the other player had , and i lost everytime , she had twice the money i had and when i attacked i didn`t win ANYTHING !

    devs , i have been playing this game for over 2 years , both on hi5 and on facebook ,i do know the basics of it , i would not ask if i did not know how IT SHOULD WORK , i am posting because IT DOEST NOT WORK AS IT SHOULD !
  7. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Can you take some screen shots and send them into support? I have tested this out and am not able to replicate this issue when fighting other players. I have also not heard this from any other players. Usually if there is a bug like this then the forums and support messages are flooded with players reporting it.
  8. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    the only way things eaven up , meaning i don`t lose , is if i deposit all my cash in the bank.
    the bank which is a huge mistery of this game , meaning it has no benefits , and it takes 10% fee on deposits , cash that go... oh yeah where do that cash go ?
  9. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    If you deposit the cash into the bank then when a player attacks you, they will not be able to get any of that cash. It is save when in the bank. We take a fee to make sure that your cash is safe :)
  10. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    u always reply with a general game notion , trust me i know them ! and it`s so nice of u to take a 5% fee to do the function the bank is supose to have. if u would not be so kind to charge that fee to keep it safe , i`m sure we`d get robbed right ?
  11. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    It is a lot like real life. Banks take a stupid cut of your money for doing almost nothing :)
  12. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Two Questions. One how do you know that player has that amount of cash on hand just curious. And if its by looking at the leaderboards isn't the cash shown there in the bank for that player. So technically you would not get the money. Only other thing that is possible. While your attacking that player if someone else is attacking them they could be getting the cash that the player has out and it leaves you with none if its a bare minimum.

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