Annoying battle strategies.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by self, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. self

    self Member

    Here are some annoying battle strategies which are IMHO worse than bullying.

    The Battling Hoarder.

    If you are at level 500 or above and the person you are involved in a serious battle is giving you 100,000 coins a shot, it is pathetic to hoard every time you heal. If they are not hoarding, give them a chance to get some of their coins back. This also affects their inner circle as they get 0 coins and your inner circle is getting 2,000 coins per hit... that just is wrong.

    What about the very low health.

    At high levels, if you have low health you get 3 or 4 attacks between healing. If you have low health and the person you are attacking has 10x as much health you could get 40 attacks to bring their health down. Recently I was attacked 58 times by one person when I left the screen for a few minutes to do something. If you do this to me, expect to be repeatedly bountied until the second coming.
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Suck it up. Loosing 100k is not even pocket change.
  3. Wayne's World

    Wayne's World New Member

    Say No More!! You are absolutely right. And it is not the 100k, guys, it is the principal of the attack. Most players attack 1 to 7 times ... but I too had a slightly lower level attagk me 58 times so she got 15 counters of which 8 remained last night (I added 5 more), bounty trap and so far i have bountied her about 15 times ... she can expect bounties from me till hell freezes over.
  4. Hunni Bunni

    Hunni Bunni Member

    The "hit and hide" annoys me, especially when I'm trying to bounty hunt. Only good thing about them is that they blow through counters and give you achievements from it. Was glad when they made the bounty update, where if you're in the hospital you can still get bountied. List them a few times in a day and they usually go away for a few days... but don't know now with the new bounty prices they're talking about changing.
  5. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Pfff, the 100K isnt even worth mentioning. Like mentioned before it's pocket change in this game.

    And I honestly cant be bothered by someone attacking me fifty times in a row when they have low health. In fact I dont even notice it most of the times when someone attacks me and I lose 15-50 health from it. The beauty of it is that I can attack them without having to heal every 4-5 battles.

    The hit-and-hide people, now those are annoying. I knew of this guy called "[something] the red", who would do this all the time. Hit me quickly for six or seven times, then not heal for about 4-5 minutes. It was very annoying. Not to mention he countered before I could even attack as well.

    But hey, strategy is strategy. You don't have to approve the strategies of others, you only need to learn how to deal with them in the long run ;).
  6. Hel

    Hel New Member

    Well, the 100k might not be worth mentioning, but if you are trying to help out little newbies with cheiftan earnings, its just plain tight and cheap to hoard while battling at our level! I never do, but I've noticed it and think to myself "what a tightwad!!" as you have to have cash to heal, regardless. I'm right there with you, Self, those people need a good axing.

    Hit and hiders - bountybountybounty. I'm a high health player and the little cowardly hiders must all die as much as I can afford. (Hmmm... that Red fella, heard he got dealt to big time - just a rumour though...)

    And the low health - all the better to counter and axe-slap you my dear! I like to counter while they are healing.. and their counters do less damage to me than a normal fight heheheh. Low health is a disadvantage really, anyway - you don't do enough damage to bounty hunt effectively. Just remind yourself when you are fighting them of the bounties they miss out on because they ran out of health. ;)

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