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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kel the Merciful King, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    It cheapens the game,sure I may have maybe 3 players in my range to fight , but the ones who may level into my range are gonna be weak, you cannot fly thru levels without doing the work and expect to be strong. I have never leveled with a partner, Ok , once 2 years ago I tried it out for 2 hours 2 days in a row, with a friend, Had to be the most boring thing I ever did, in the games, it is easy to see the ones who use a partner, their fight stats are very very high and their win and lose stats are pretty even, and those players , well some now see with the raids they can level even quicker, and yes they can, which leaves the ones who say they don't spend, behind now, cause once a player starts the leveling partner, thing, they cannot stop , for fear of falling behind, in come raids, and Kaboom, levels like nothing anyone has seen to date, it is almost like Kano knows the end is coming and wants to make as much money before they move on to a new venture, that is just my feeling sometimes, I hope it does not come to pass.
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  2. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    On the FB server I levelled pretty fast and still continue to do so. Not as fast as when Raids are around, but I still handle my own. The 'cannon fodder' you speak of is just a result of people not really knowing what they are doing.
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  3. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    I purposely go 70% def 30 %att-- to deter chainers! but the more I put into Def- the higher the levels that hit me? so that means a level 9500 i am on his FL?? come on! 1000 levels on me-- Bowdaboom is all attack 0 def- wonder what her FL looks like!
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  4. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    on another note-- when I started this game-(6yrs ago) no raids /arenas/etc-- the way to level was to have a friend (?) & just attack eachother endlessly! now that the limit is 5000 attacks--they are crying that the "battling" aspect is gone? hahaha--yeah those higher levels with 1,2 3 million attacks on eachother & ARENA R crying that u can get the same 2000 levels by raids! cum on! use the game to your adv!! grow & deal wit it! I'm sure most the higher levels have "family" bros. sis, uncles, etc--1800 days at level 300? hhmm! just saying! Im sure ya'll re-configured your games to benefit yourselves!-- & damn to those that took advantage of a better way! pay up or shut up!
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  5. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    I find it hard to believe that the devs, who took such care to carefully construct a game that did not play to leveling but instead forced people to have to fight on their own level, would then come out with a feature that would blow the doors off of all of that. You cannot attack players substantially smaller than you unless they initiate it and you can't be attacked by those much higher than you. So you are forced to engage those that for the most part should be around your strength.
    In comes the Raid Bosses where you now have teems of players who are leveling on afterburners. They are now finding themselves in range of players they are not prepared to fight at all and are getting their heads handed to them. So what's the solution? Warp back out on the next Raid Boss and find yourself in even deeper trouble the next spot you land in. Because flying through levels without any substantial pickups in weapons drops from battling or boss drops just means that you are growing weaker as the levels fly by. Skill points alone without anything to back it up leaves your character constantly in the hospital.

    This Raid Generation of players will grow disillusioned after a while when they keep getting their heads handed to them and eventually leave the game in frustration. And they will be joined on the flip side by long time players who took years to achieve their levels and build their rivalries and are watching all that going up in smoke. But hey, at least the list of undead will grow longer.
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  6. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    Can't we all just consider the Raid Bosses a speed bump in the parking lot? You know it is there, you either go over it fast and damage the car or go slow and just attract creepy attention. The other alternative is to find a way around it, in a parking lot...full of 'em...
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  7. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    wow mate calm down, there is a heal button and protection feature to handle these problems
  8. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    You guys need to take all that crap elsewhere- this thread is not the place for it! Mitch- can you clean this one up? Thanks
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  9. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that i look back at this from last night kinda mad at myself for even responding to him...but he called me out when i dont even bother with my apologies for adding to his mess on this thread.....
  10. Kris Lee DUke

    Kris Lee DUke Member

    On the raids specifically, I fully agree that the invention of them undermines the game. But.... Lets be real for a minute... Many of the top players had stopped leveling for the most part long before raids came along. I point to C as an example since he refers to me.
    The days of 5000 attacks back-n-forth for a good portion of the top players had ceased long prior to the raids arrival. But.... even though the game was in decline already pre-raid bosses, I do agree that the addition of the raids undermines it even further.

    To the Raids specifically, I'll be direct on why I think they were created: 1) Kano tried to start up a couple 'new' games a few yrs ago, both fell completely flat on their face right out the door. I would guess they went from visions of being the next "Zynga" and hiring more folks to "damn, those 2 new games flopped completely" and thus, cutbacks in staff, etc. 2) Kano saw a decline in the userbase of VC and the other 3 games over time, and a steady decline in revenue. 3) Kano invented raids for that large infusion of cash that GP purchases would generate short term, knowing the gain in the short term would be costly in the long term. They made a 'financial' decision, not a decision about what would actually be best for the long term health of the game. 4) I'd argue that Kano has 0 intention of removing the raid bosses.

    So that's it. They are milking the cow for all it is worth, while they can. That is my opinion. Will I play the Raids personally with the above opinion I have of why they created it? Sure, because I love the weapon drops. And while I played the hell out of the first round thinking eventually they would add new cities, I now realize they aren't going to be adding new cities. (I'm guessing the person at Kano who used to develop cities is now "on extended assignment" elsewhere or something?) Thus, what is the point of leveling any more. Over time, I personally am playing alot less.

    The game was much better years ago when battling to level was the main focus (I did most of my battling in Mob Wars, not here), but as long as I still personally enjoy it to a degree, I'll hang around. Granted, what is killing the game just as much if not more than Raids is the fact there apparently will never be a new city created. The day comes when all folks have 20,000 Arbalists. Talk about a realk game-killer. Nothing "new" in cities, or weaps? Death Knell in itself even without a Raid.

    In the end, one can choose to get mad at the 100's of players who play raids... Or they can be mad at Kano for essentially putting a financial benefit decision (Raids = Milk milk milk till the cow runs dry) as priority 1. Being mad at the creation of the raids for financial reasons is fully justifiable for certain. And in conclusion again, I agree the addition of the raids is a bad thing, but in my opinion, Kano, for financial reasons, will not be removing them.
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  11. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    1) Partially incorrect; while we did make Hollywood Zombies and Kingdom of Thrones and neither of those did catch on the way we hoped, we've actually staffed up quite a bit since then and we've never really had ambitions of being another Zynga (this is mentioned several times in interviews by our founding members). It's natural for a game company to make games, but in this highly competitive market, more games fail than they do succeed.

    2) I can't speak to specific numbers, so take from that what you will.

    3) The Raids were actually created to give players of all levels a new feature to tackle instead of creating features that were only accessible by one segment of the players or another. Raids were substantially more difficult when they launched and we have since scaled them back massively. The Raid Boss was designed, created and signed off on with gameplay primarily in mind. Our intention with the Raid Bosses was to have them enhance the experience as another event in the vein of Calendars or Arenas or Wars that players could tackle, but one that was focused on cooperative Boss battles instead of PvP or passive events (Calendars).

    4) Correct, we do not plan on removing the Raid Bosses at this time, however we are keeping a close eye on engagement during the events are are willing to make adjustments to the schedule.

    Also we never employed one guy to specifically to make locations, that would be silly. ;) But we do have something coming on that front soon™.
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  12. ben

    ben Active Member

    ok if u dont want to remove them how about if ya just run them every 3 months maybe 4 ;)
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  13. Kris Lee DUke

    Kris Lee DUke Member

    """ ;) But we do have something coming on that front soon™."""

    --#1, love that direct reply to my thoughts, appreciate that.
    --#2, new cities will be coming at some point? Now that is superb news!
  14. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    For the record I never referred to any specific player in a Forum Post. But, if the shoe fits.
    Even if my leveling has slowed down there are many factors involved. 1) Frustration 2) Boredom 3) Lack of opponents, 4) Unlike some I do not have a huge income nor brag about it.
    The fact is alot of players that would not have "cut the mustard" in this game in the past are able to exploit certain aspects of the game by massive expenditures of money and the use of other aspects of the game where they can avoid being attacked by other players. I find it disconcerting in a fighting game. For example, why can a Guild participate in war like activity and still allowed to be hidden? In my opinion participation in War Mode or Guild Wars should remove that option. Its like having your cake and eat it too. Another one is the ability of players to "take a pill" when they are bountied. But I consider those minor issues vs the major issues. Raid Bosses, Arena and a new Location. I note that there is something coming on the location front. Finally!!! I give up on the Raid Bosses and only hope the declining interest in Arena forces a return to the old format
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  15. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    I've seen a certain joke making it's way around lately that KANO should just sell levels for FP's. Except it's not a joke. That's what they are doing with the Raid Bosses. You have players going up 1000 to 1500 levels every time these damn things are run. And has been pointed out, you can level even when you are in the hospital. On the face of it that's ridiculous. It's stealth leveling. The only time these people appear on the fight list is when they level-up and the health they gain takes them out of the hospital. And if you knock them back in the leveling just continues. They don't even notice. It's like you enter a black hole at one level and pop out at the other end a much higher one. Hah. Look. Now you see me, now you don't. You were beating me but I went into the black hole where you couldn't touch me and now I'm a few thousand levels ahead of you and can beat you and I did not do a damn thing to earn it except use my cc. This is what the devs had in mind? This is their idea of "gameplay"?

    If KANO thinks a few people screaming about where the next locations are is a headache, wait until the Raid Generation outruns the game and starts in.
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  16. ben

    ben Active Member

    and may i add the games are more dead now people are just waiting on raid bosses then go like hell
  17. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    I actually am not even against selling levels, I think a "player pack" containing 1000 lvls and some weapons mates would be more lucrative
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  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Not only that,:eek: but accounts long ignored or new ones made just for raids, then they go dormant till the next Raid event. :confused:
  19. ben

    ben Active Member

    i think u lost your mine ;)
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  20. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    Well you're getting your wish with these Raid Bosses. Since nothing is being gained by the empty leveling and people are gaining 500, 1000, 1500 levels from these things it's the same as if KANO were selling block levels in player packs. :(
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