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    Please keep in mind that I only play LCN so bare with me here.
    So yes i have an idea for the next game to make and I call it Alien Wars and what do we do? Well we kill aliens for the syndicates we will call them Fleets and they are private companies that are hired to kill aliens. Locations would be different alien planets and the bosses would be the king or queen alien of those planets. Raid bosses would be aliens trying to invade earth. World bosses would be alien hives that were found on earth that everyone is hired to destroy. The big twist and i think would be a good addition is that in settings you can chose if you want to fight or not and if you turn it back on you have to wait 5 days before you can turn it back off and to be able to play in fleet wars it has to be on as well war mode and battle arena. As for wars we will have what I call Fleet Wars which is just like Syndicate Wars. Battle Arena would be the same as well and we can also do War Mode too. This is all up to you but this is my idea let me know what you guys think
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    as for you who down voted this post please tell me why you did so. this is just an idea i am trying to get thrown around I want people to add their own ideas to it
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    Kano already said there will be no new games, they are working on the games the already have, they did have two games in the past one I did play and they were pretty much abandoned by Kano , they are a small indie company with limited staff and they have their hands full with us and the 4 games on 4 platforms, and us and our bitching :p
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    See i didnt know this stuff and thats my fault as you can see i am only learning haha...

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