Aegir's Trident

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DarkStratus, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Here are some hints for Aegir's Trident.

    It takes three items to craft.

    None of the items are gifts.
  2. Jme

    Jme Member

    I've been going though my inventory, and also examing the dropped items from adventures from North Midgard up to Aegir's Passage, and I think one of the items that'll be needed is the Aegir Staff.

    I don't have it anymore, but I think it's an item to consider for the Trident. Someone try it in their formulae, and let me know if it works.
  3. Angel

    Angel Member

    I have the Aegirs amulett, Aegirs armor and Aegirs hammer, Aegir guard and Aegir staff, and I tried all my other items with them in different combinations, but nothing worked.
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  4. Klaas

    Klaas New Member

    there are pictures and stats of the secret items under profile/arming, mark the [Show All Items] box and scroll down.
    perhaps someone can get a clue out of those (i can't)

    Aegir's Trident a:30 d:41
    Steel Sword a:49 d:44
    Autumn's Hammer a:60 d:60
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  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Assuming that the 3 non-gift items MUST come from the two Aegir locations
    Aegir's Sea: Death Dealer, Fishing Drakkar, Aegir Guard, Aegir Staff, Lobster Gauntlet, Lobster Breast Plate, Lobster Hook Whip
    Aegir's Passage: Giant Squid, War Elephant, Aegir War Ship, Great Fishing Net, Undersea War Helm, Undersea Shield, Undersea Chariot (used in another recipe), Tentacle Whip

    Required Location: Aegir's Passage
    Level Unlock: Level 140

    What weapons/warriors are unlocked by level 140?

    Alright, so my guess includes the Aegir's Staff. I think it also might have the Aegir Guard. If both of those are true, then there MUST be something from the Passage. The War Ship or Fishing Net?

    14 items (not including purchased) possible.
    14c3 = 14!/3!(14-3)! = 14!/3!11! = 364
    Yeah, there's a lot of possibilities. But like I said, it is simpler since we know AT LEAST ONE has to come from Aegir's passage. I bet we also need the Staff. That gives 84 combinations.
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  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Could you post what combinations you've tried? I will try to eliminate the Passage items.
  7. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    With it having Attack of 30 and Defence of 41 you can discard all items that have more than that already
  8. Angel

    Angel Member

    if this is true, we can discard the Aegirs hammer and the Aegirs amulett as well as the Aegirs warship.
    So I tried the armor with the death dealer and the drakkar, and with the staff and the guard...nothing. Then I tried the armor with the Aegir boss items and the staff and the guard, nothing.
    Is it sure, that the items are from the Aegir missions or bosses, or could they be from somewhere else?
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    One of them HAS to be from Aegir's Passage, as per the recipe requirements (click on the recipe).
    I do not remember where I heard it, but the non-gift items are pretty much always from the area (Aegir). None can come from a more advanced location (nothing more than Passage).
    You tried the armor? All your tries included the armor? Try the Staff. We're pretty sure the Staff is a component (Trident...).
  10. blackandy

    blackandy New Member

    yes but

    i think it takes the spear to complete
  11. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    What spear? :confused: You mean Aegir's Staff? That is the general consensus: one of the 3 items is Aegir's Staff.
    I don't mean to be rude, but did you read the previous posts at all? :rolleyes:
    Have you tried crafting with it? Please, if you're going to post, keep it helpful/useful/on topic.
  12. Jme

    Jme Member

    Ok, I have some spears, so I can join in helping out in finding out the formula. One thing occurs to me though... We were told it was 3 items and none of them are gifts, but wasn't said was that they were 3 DIFFERENT items.

    I know, I know, beat your head against the desk, wall, small child whatever, but I figured I'd throw that out there. Could be 3 different, or 2 and 1, or all tthe same...just to be sadistic, lol.
  13. Jme

    Jme Member

    Okay, before anyone else gives it a try, it is NOT 3 Aegir Staffs. Still, the simplest possibilities must be considered:cool:
  14. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    you guys should check the hidden recipes thread there is a list of combs some one else tried and a few that i tried also
  15. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    Ok of the passage boss drops it can only be the undersea shield on the passage adventure drops its only the squid and the great net then there's the the items that you can buy at that level.
  16. dlay

    dlay New Member

    I would not disregard them completely since some items are not removed from inventory if they can perform the same function repeatedly the way they are in other recipes
  17. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    No, it couldn't. The way people are giving these hints (and the way Blacksmith is set up), you only need to drag ONE icon over to the panel, even if TWO OR MORE are used up.


    Three DIFFERENT items!
  18. Jme

    Jme Member

    Doesn't say different anywhere in this hint bro, so my theory is sound
  19. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson New Member

    I'd have to agree with Jme here as the clues are very vague and don't discount it being two of the same, in some cases the recipes call for multiples of some items and still want 3 items
  20. davidswubc

    davidswubc New Member

    Where can i aquire a Aegirs Staff? Have yall tried the item made in the first recipe in the recipe for the Aegirs Trident?

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