Aegir's Trident attempted formulae ONLY

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  1. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    yet another failure

    deluxe spears, aegirs amulet, aegirs staff
  2. Jme

    Jme Member

    Deluxe spear? What is a deluxe spear? Did I miss an item?

    And we're only figuring the Aegir's Staff is part of it because the Trident is technically a spear, and well, maybe KANO decided to finally have a use for it, since it's never really been good for anything before.
  3. I don't know either.
    What is the "deluxe spear"?
  4. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Deluxe Spears
    Attack: +33
    Defense: +18

    I will try to figure out where they came from (I have 10 right now).

    Edit: It is a "special weapon" and does not come from ANY adventure up through Vingolf even though it should be limited to Aegir's Passage. In my Blacksmith page, they are grouped with my created and gift items.
    Edit: They are not Boss drops (I checked up through Niflheim) and are not gifts (could they have come from the Secret Gift? I heard the Trident items weren't gifts...) nor are they from Challenges. They are "special" and not found in the shop.
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  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    That was a combination you tried that failed? Because it does not work.

    Aegir's Staff + Aegir's Amulet + Deluxe Spears (where are they even FROM???) do not make anything.

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  6. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    The following will tell you how crafting a secret item works when it requires more than one item of a specific type:
    Lets say you craft a secret item that requires three UNIQUE items to craft. In this secret recipe the recipe requires two of one specific item... for an example let’s say one of the UNIQUE items you are required to have are two Aegir’s War Ship. You only need to put one Aegir’s War Ship in the crafting screen. If the secret recipe requires two Aegir’s War Ships and you only have one in your inventory a message will appear saying you successfully found the recipe but do not have enough Aegir’s War Ships to make the secret item. Go and get another Aegir’s War Ship so you have two and try to craft it again. You only need to place one Aegir Warship in the crafting screen but it will consume the amount that is required (two in this case).

    Here is an additional hint for Aegir’s Trident:
    One of the items that is required for the Trident is a crafted item.

    Previous Hint:
    There are three items required to make the Trident, none of them are gifts.
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  7. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    yes that was a failed attempt, which was actually the title of my most. I have no clue where i got them from, ive had them for a long time. Again just thinking of trident-like items to try, for those of you that don't deluxe spears is 2 crossed spears in the picture for it.
  8. The Viking

    The Viking New Member

    the deluxe spears come from a while back when you were allowed to buy a special item for every 3 new clan members you recruited. the item changed every few days. the deluxe spears are probably close to a year old.
  9. dlay

    dlay New Member

    Deductions regarding the hints

    If one of the items is crafted that would mean the hero warship is one of the items (since no other items are available for crafting at level 140) required leaving 2 others perhaps a drop item from bosses or challenges and one from the current location adventures, I am also guessing that the top weapon / warrior available include the Aegir Warship and the Elite hersir (level 100 plus 20 per accessible adventure - up to 140) this also based on level 220 required to reach Vanaheim I would not discount items available from clan member boss drops or the Pheonix which are limited to the Obsidian dagger and the Rune Chiseled Axe. I will try various combinations with the dagger since I do not have the axe.
  10. dlay

    dlay New Member

    x1 Aegir's Trident has been Added to your inventory.

    x2 Aegir War Ship has been Removed from your inventory.

    x1 Hero's Warship has been Removed from your inventory.

    x2 War Elephant has been Removed from your inventory.

    Crafting this item cost you 175,000,000 coins
  11. Angel

    Angel Member

    Wow, 3 ships and two elephants... this has to be a huge trident :D

    Thanks dlay for figuring out the recipe!

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  12. dnaleves

    dnaleves New Member

    good job dlay!
  13. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    more failures

    heros warship, lobsterhook whip, serpent claw blade
    heros warship, rune chiseled ax, aegirs warship
    heros warship, giant squid, aegirs staff
    heros warship, aegirs staff, aegirs amulet
    heros warship,aegirs hammer, aegirs staff
    heros warship, aegirs amulet, aegirs hammer
    heros warship, aegirs warship, aegirs amulet
    heros warship, aegirs guard, aegirs amulet
  14. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    crap guess i'm late
  15. juanmmatam

    juanmmatam Member

    plain awesome... however, there are only 4 slots for crafting and you described 5 items... so you have to play with the combinations?
    thks and congrats againnnnn
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    No, you don't. There are 4 slots. Each slot holds a UNIQUE item. You use THREE UNIQUE items, 5 in total.
    Aegir Warship is one item (two are consumed)
    Hero's Warship is one item (only one is consumed)
    War Elephant is one item (two are consumed)

    When you craft an item, whether by autofill or by dragging the ingredients, YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THE AMOUNT. Even if it is a hidden recipe, the Blacksmith will detect if you have the proper amount in your inventory.
  17. dlay

    dlay New Member

    My pleasure:D
    I could not have done it without the help from the other posts.
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  18. Jme

    Jme Member

    Awesome! Well done man!

    And a good job to everyone who posted their attempts here.
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  19. Jorgen

    Jorgen New Member

    Sweet! Thank you!
  20. Sie

    Sie Member

    ok I have all of that but it still won't open the recipe for me to make it

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