Aegir's Trident attempted formulae ONLY

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  1. Jme

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    I'm starting a new Tirdent thread. Hopefully it will be followed to the titles description. Hopefully, since I'm starting it, I'll have the ability to delete off topic posts. I'm startit with the work already posted elsewhere.

  2. Jme

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    And from Dark Stratus, as posted elsewhere...

    Also, keep in mind the possibility that it may not be 3 separate items. It could also be a combination of 2 items to 1 item. And no, 3 of the same item isn't the answer...I tried that little gem out already, lol.
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  3. Thor Odinson

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    well did any of them work for you or should I say, do you have the trident???
  4. Jme

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    If someone came up with the correct formula, do you think I would be listing the attempts here?! SERIOUSLY?! Go play in traffic.
  5. SkylerF

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    I'm pretty sure the "3 items to craft" means 3 different items. Often a recipe will call for more than one (and sometimes more than 2 or 3) of one specific item. 3 items. Not 3 total pieces.
  6. SkylerF

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    Further Thoughts

    I'm assuming we need Aegir's Staff and ONE item from Aegir's Passage. This is logical: the parts often are relevant to the finished product (example being the steel sword using 3 sword/dagger items), so that's what I tried when I did my combinations (above). The bit about being from Aegir's Passage comes from the Trident requirements -
    Required Location: Aegir's Passage
    Level Unlock: Level 140

    So at least one thing needs to be from Aegir's Passage (what is the last adventure unlock at level 140?) and the Aegir Staff is likely an ingredient.

    Here are some more combinations taken from the same thread as the above quoted list:
    Aegir's Staff, Aegir Guard, Fishing Drakkar
    Aegir's Staff, Lobster Hook Whip, Aegir's Hammer
    Aegir's Staff, Aegir Guard, Aegir's Hammer
    Aegir's Staff, Aegir Guard, Lobster Hook Whip (used 5 each of staff and whip just in case multiples are needed)
    Aegir's Hammer lobsterhook whip tentacle whip (used 5 each)
    Tip - I don't think you need to specify how many should be used. I think the Blacksmith just pulls the correct number from your inventory.
    Also - the Aegir's Trident item is rumored to have 30 Attack and 41 Defense (jbumpy33 checked the stats in the Profile/Arming box).
    They're not going to have an item that sacrifices better equipment to make it.
  7. Jme

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    This is a good point, but in other recipes that require more than one of a single item, the only time the computer fills the appropriate quantity of an item, is when you select the autofill button. I tested this to be certain.

    So, we'll go on the assumption that it's 3 different items, but we still have no way to know about if there are specific quantities of each item.

    However, let's not limit ourselves to this singular theory.
    This is really becoming maddening!
  8. SkylerF

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    Now that you have explained, your theory makes sense.
    Ugh, for Pete's sake! We REALLY need a hint! "3 items, no gifts" is NOT enough at this point!
    Jme, since you brought up the "duplicate item" theory, any thoughts on ingredients? I've more or less hit a dead end.

    I still think the Aegir Staff is one of the 3. Challenge items...the Aegir Guard?
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  9. Thor Odinson

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    wasn't trying to be rude nor did I want a rude reply, was basically asking as some on other game recipes had the item and would only give clues. Play in traffic yourself
  10. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson New Member

    Aegir's Staff and 2 Nets
    Aegir's Guard and 2 nets
    neither worked
  11. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson New Member

    Also tried a theory of looking at the item in profile/view all, doesn't give any clues which I can see
  12. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    I see your items are coming from aegir's sea and not aegirs passage which is a different area with different items them you have been listing in your recipes. And from looking at the recipes that are known after a item is used in one its not used again which reduces your choices also they don't use a item that has more attack or defense then the one your making
  13. Jme

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    I'm hitting the same brick wall that you are Skylar. I've tried every one of the recipes you've tried, just adding an additional of each item. It's tedious, and eye-numbing. I'm walking away from it for a day or two at this point. Maybe when I come back to it, I'll have a fresh perspective on it.

    Hey KANO people... TIME FOR A NEW HINT! I'm running out of hair to rip out. Gonna start on my room mates next, LOL!
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  14. Jme

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    Hey Thor Odinson, sorry for the previous response, but this thing is aggravating me, and kinda making me cranky when responding. I'd have posted that I had it and wanted to watch you all squirm if I had it, but I'm not that sadistic, lol.

    I started this thread, basically cuz I'm tired of people completely derailing the topic at hand.
  15. SkylerF

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    Read the earlier posts. I KNOW I made a list of ALL items (excluding purchases and Challenge items) that come from Aegir's Passage AND Aegir's Sea. Go look at the long list of combinations I tried. You will notice every single one has Aegir's Staff. That is from the Sea, yes. THEN I picked one item that came from Passage and added another Sea. Once I tried all combinations with that Passage item, I chose a new one and used Sea items again.

    Was your post even true sentences? I *think* I see two.
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member


    I search the forums several times a day, mainly looking for Trident hints, but also for some hints in Pirate Clan. I have not seen ANY combinations or hints other than those already posted here. I will continue my hunt and post anything I find here. :cool:

    Seriously, has ANYONE smithed the Trident yet!? DarkStratus, do you know? More hints, please!
    I've more or less given up. My brain is fried, a gooey mess of scrambled egg. :(

    One last thing - are you absolutely sure you have to specify the quantity of ingredients when you use the Blacksmith (not using autofill)? :confused: Because I cannot see how you would place more than one of each type in the first place. Dragging a second X on top of the X already on the worktable does NOTHING. You know the Spear of Root Essence? Consumes 2 Alfheim Maps and 2 Magic Roots, uses 1 Iwaz Rune (not consumed)? I searched through my inventory and dragged ONE of each item (Map, Root, Iwaz) to the worktable and crafted it (Spear of Root Essence) manually. The Blacksmith still pulled the necessary quantities from my inventory.
    I could very well be wrong, but I just don't see how you can tell it how much of each item to use...
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  17. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Do you think a Warrior is used or is it all items?
  18. vader's hand

    vader's hand New Member

    Have any of you considered using the serpent claw blade? it is similarly shaped to the trident, and the background looks similar. i have been folowing and trying forever to get the trident, and the serpent claw blade is aquired early on and may be a part of the combination.
  19. seth the chef

    seth the chef Member

    Some of the combos listed were by me and I only specified the number of items I used because some recipes require multiple copies of some items. I have no idea if you need to specify how many of an item to use or not, just thought maybe we were all overlooking an obvious option that was right in front of us
  20. dnaleves

    dnaleves New Member

    why so sure the staff is part of it?

    it seems too much trouble for a 30/41 item.

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