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  1. juarlita

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    I know we're not supposed to complain but all of a sudden, I now have advertisements on top of my Viking Clan app. It's been there now for 2 days, does anyone else have this annoying thing? Doesn't affect the game but it sure is annoying now when I attack, heal, then attack again and everything disappears at the bottom of the page because of advertisements and I now have to scroll down to continue my attack.
  2. myspace,facebook or hi5? which network?
  3. Red

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    Probably hi5 i would guess.
  4. juarlita

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    Playing on Facebook
  5. im also 99% sure kano doesnt control this and therefore most likely cannot help much.

    however there is a way to get just the frame which might get rid of everything else.

    try opening the game in a new FRAME.not tab not window,but FRAME.

    i know some browsers are easier than others for this.some of them just right click and that option is right there.
  6. SkylerF

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    Really? Same here and I haven't noticed anything.

    I'll keep that in mind.
  7. Wonder Woman

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    I am not able to replicate this with any browsers. As was stated previously, the adds are from Facebook and we have no control over them.

    Is anyone else seeing these adds?
  8. Eddie

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    Another solution to get rid of all advertisements (and on myspace the IM bar and the top bar) is to install Ad Block extension/add-on and do a custom block ;)
  9. AS I think you're slightly mistaken. Open the "Game Frame" in a new tab/window. Though as I recall we determined that this option didn't work too well with linux Mac or XP and Prior Windows. It could be done on them but took quite a bit of doing. on 7 using Google Chrome and FireFox the options was simple, right click anywhere on the game and either open fram in new tab or click on this frame and then click on open frame in new tab.

    However you are 100% correct in that it will remove tha ads. However it also makes posting boss/adventure help and sending gifts impossible.

    This solution works also.
  10. self

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    I don't see em either. Possibility you may have a hijack or other malware, that would be my first guess

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