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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Chasity, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. I would just like to say that BA in Pirates on the Kong platform is pants. 112 participants only, no real point in joining in. For me in the UK a 10pm start on a Saturday night is a particular waste of time, even in Def mode, I get to join in an hour or so after the start, I am dead, killed despite of my Def stance. I had 23 minutes left when I revived myself. I had 3 mobsters on my fight list even though the one that started attacking me immediately was not on that list. I am dead in a few seconds.

    Devs, can you please have a rethink on start times? enter people anyway, like you do with Davey Jones hitlists.. someting... PLEASE!
  2. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    THere are some big pirates in there who'll eat you for dinner, defense mode or not. Refreshing the pirate victim list helps, if ye only get a few on the board; that's what I also had to do to get more on me list arrrr. ;) When I die after only a few secs, I jump right in again after the unconscious timer winds down to zero (had to do that too).
  3. Chastity, this is one of my main points, I jump in and get a list of three pirates to attack, all in def mode, so I refresh and get just one instead, this too was in def mode, I can't refresh for half a minute.

    In the meantime a Pirate I couldn't see because they were not on my list suddenly attacks me like crazy, I try and retaliate, but it is all in vain. This is the bit I don't get.... They are not on my list of opponents so I shouldn't be on theirs!
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    Indeed the battle list is awful, I have the same problem you do, I suppose we all do.
  5. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    Yes, I understand & know that frustration. You should/WE should be able to receive a full page worth of pirates, instead of the smattering! Because the pirates that fit on the page (when said page is properly working) is less than total # of pirates participating, people attacking may not be on that particular small portion/page. If Kano were to use a scroll down menu of all participating pirates, keeping track of where on the page one just hit (for to go on to the next one down the line) could get confusing, since everyone is named "pirate" now. :(
  6. Participation in Battle Arena is down because:

    (1) Participation in the games is down. The games have gotten stale with almost zero new content outside of a new raidville boss every 56 days. And it is obvious with raidville that the key to success in the game is engaging in a spending contest, not skill.

    (2) Battle Arena has become near impossible to play unless you're both using automation and one of the biggest players in the game. The top player in the most recent Arena had 335 kills in an Arena where only 440 actually signed up and only 165 of those even played. It's really hard to be enthusiastic about playing when you're lucky to get a total of 10 minutes of play before a whale finds you and kills you in seconds.
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  7. Agreed, Although I only play sporadically in Pirates on the Kong platform, I have the same issue. I got 3 periods of 3 minutes play in last night only. all three occasions only 2 to 3 pirates available on the list, all three occasions I was set on by a big fish and was gone. I only scored the points I did as I was attacking said big fishes..
  8. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    A plausible reason for the player having gotten that many kills, could be because one is awarded kill stats for both the initial "go" & after reset on the same pirates killed. It is possible for the high tallying killer to "kill"/get multiple kills off the the same victim, if said victim revives him/herself during the first half of the Battle Arena.
    There is strategy involved in getting a decent score if one is not a high leveled pirate, along with some luck.
  9. And today's arena: one pirate already has 157 kills after 39 minutes with only 420 players signed up. Is it any wonder people are quitting the game?
  10. Same happened to me. I managed to join in twice and lasted less than 3 minutes each time, after that, I couldn't be bothered to try again. Save my stam for the raids.

    Oh, I finished 30th anyway, even with my paltry contribution

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